The fashion colors for Spring Summer 2022

Living in the visual society in which we live, color plays a fundamental role since it has many meanings and with them we express ourselves, we identify ourselves politically, for example, we distinguish one product from another… and fashion could not be left behind, with color we communicate many things that we are going to see in this article. That is why if you want to know the latest in the colors for what you are going to wear in the coming months, we advise you not to miss this special on the fashion colors for Spring Summer 2022.

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The trendy colors for Spring Summer 2022

Colors such as navy blue, brown, gray and black, tend to return as it gets cold, during the season of the coolest periods, so surely those are going to be the colors that are going to be worn the most during the new fashion season, although they are not the only ones.

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The fashion of the catwalks, and that of the “low cost” firms already show us that Spring Summer 2022 is going to be a season full of sobriety in terms of the color palette, although with small “brushstrokes” that they give way to softer tones, and even to some other, more striking.

The trendy colors for Spring Summer 2022 | Pale Pink

A new generation of more open-minded men chooses to ignore the stigmas that the color pink is only for girls and we can find more and more men’s clothes in pink.

First of all, we’re not talking about the gum that covers your 12-year-old sister’s bedroom wall. Dusty pink is a more subtle color—think peach, pink, and salmon. For everyday wear, go for earthy, pastel pinks instead of bold colors. Then pair them with olive greens, warm light browns and browns and throw on lightly washed jeans or a jean jacket for long lasting,

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One of the biggest advantages of pink is its versatility. A light sweater or shirt is easy to pair with black or blue jeans, sand or navy shorts, or even green chinos. Although you’ll want to go for the pure white style unless you’re deliberately following towie style guidelines. As with any powder lighter, you should assess your skin tone before trying it out. People with darker skin tones can wear most blushes, but those with lighter skin tones should choose a darker shade to avoid fading.

The trendy colors for Spring Summer 2022 | Red

According to color theories, red is associated with energy, strength and power. This is enough to put it front and center in your summer wardrobe. But if you think that it is a very striking color for you, you can start with some colors like yellow or with clothes that contain red inside

Like a true teen from a movie, try wearing a red school jacket with lightly washed jeans and a simple white crew neck t-shirt. Or pair a red t-shirt with classic beige chinos or custom shorts to wow your friends. Of course, red also means danger. In men’s clothing, this means red pants. Red jeans, red hoodies, and red shorts may look trendy, but unless you’ve been wearing red for a long time, we don’t recommend overdoing it.

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The trendy colors for Spring Summer 2022 | purple

Purple is one of the most overlooked colors in men’s fashion, which is not surprising, especially considering the Disney villain, fairy tale, and ’90s gothic implications. But also there is a prince Follow in the footsteps of the latest fashion designers and instead of rocking a glamorous outfit, try lilac this summer. If nothing else, you’ll earn points for originality.

It is a fantastic color for that time, so we recommend that you use it on garments such as shirts or chino pants.

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A key component to giving your wardrobe a touch of purple is to essentially strip everything else out. This hue is known for its ease of pairing with others, so make it your calling card (e.g. swim shorts, short-sleeved shirt or blazer) and keep accessories black, grey, sand, beige or white .

The trendy colors for Spring Summer 2022 | Military Green

It is clear that one of the most fashionable tones for this Spring Summer 2022 that will begin shortly, will be military green. It has arrived as the tone that will be a hit throughout the end of the year, so you cannot stop buying a sweater like this one that you see above Mango Man.

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A tone that is also perfect for jackets, but since you may be tired of seeing them, we also suggest it for your shirts for the new season.

And along with the military green, you cannot miss the “camo” or camouflage print that will be very popular, in combination with the main color of Spring Summer 2022. In the image above you have a jacket from the latest from Zara.

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The trendy colors for Spring Summer 2022 | camel

If you are looking for a color that is elegant and that is going to be worn especially for coats, do not settle for the eternal black and give Camel a chance, a color similar to brown, although softer, that will be a success in coats like this one, from Zara.

This is, as I say, a really stylish color and we don’t only have it for coats, since shirts like this one from Mango Man know how to take advantage of it.

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The trendy colors for Spring Summer 2022 | Grey

Grey is another tone that you will not be able to resist in the new autumn season since you will find it everywhere. In this way, not only will you have the possibility of wearing gray suits, like the one you see above from Asos, but the influence of styles such as sportswear makes this color the protagonist.

So, surely many of you will not be able to say “no” to the “jogger” pants like the ones you see here from Zara, and which are presented in that gray color that we are talking about.

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And being this the time of sweaters, nothing like choosing one that is gray, and with which to be able to look trendy.

The trendy colors for Spring Summer 2022 | Navy Blue

I reserve navy blue for myself as a color that will be a hit in the coming months, thanks to the clear commitment that all fashion firms make to it, when it comes to the latest in suit proposals. In this way, we come across models as essential as this one, by Massimo Dutti.

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After seeing what the fashionable colors will be for Spring Summer 2022, we want you to see below those that you can still take advantage of, even if they were shades worn during Spring Summer 2022 that we are about to finish. Colors that were determined by Pantone, as we explain below.

Pantone and Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Colors

As every year, the Pantone company, provider of color standards in the design industry, in the latest edition of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, has announced the colors of the Spring Summer 2022 season.

This season’s colors transcend bright colors to emotion and optimism but with soft colors from the palette. This year’s men’s and women’s collections are no big color distinctions, both focus on the desire to breathe, reflect and then play.

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Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman puts it best, “The colors for the upcoming Spring Summer 2022 season transcend gender and cultural norms. Bright colors give way to excitement and optimism in a base color palette that conveys stability and calm. Influenced by the world of the arts, the opening of new international doors and the desire to disconnect from technology and bet on a relaxed atmosphere, this season the designers have turned towards an eminently relaxing palette. In a clear tribute to the beauty of natural resources, the colors present in the Spring Summer 2022 collections are vehicles that transport to calmer and more conscious landscapes that invite relaxation first and then curiosity and exploration.” .

The goal of using these colors is to transport us to a happier and sunnier place where we feel free to express the funniest version of our authentic selves.

The star color of this season is going to be Pantone 13-1520 Rose Quartz, above all it is going to be the main color of this Spring Summer 2022. It is a soft color with a relaxing nature.

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Men Spring Summer 2022 Collections

PANTONE 16-1548 Peach Echo

Orange has many shades but in this case we focus on peach orange because we are going to see it a lot, it is fashionable and it transmits joy and fun. Discover more in this section.

PANTONE 15-3919 Serenity

This blue is a color that transmits tranquility and peace, it is perfect for complicated moments, so this Spring Summer 2022 wear this color and feel better.

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PANTONE 19-4049 Snorkel Blue

Sailor blue never goes out of style and favors everyone, no matter the time of year, but now in Summer 2021 it is worn with a happier context, with energy. Just with the name you are transported to vacations, you relax and you are encouraged to think about a getaway.

You can see how the colors from the Pantone palette are also adapted for men’s fashion. Although the big firms sign up to follow its guidelines, these color trends can also be applied to “low cost” fashion or that which is more affordable for all budgets. In addition, firms such as Zara, Mango or H&M not only pay attention to these colors but also add others that we will also show you below.

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The trendy colors for Spring Summer 2022 | Low cost fashion


We begin by seeing which colors, along with those indicated by the fashion catwalks, are imposed in “low cost” fashion for this Spring Summer 2022. The first one we want to highlight will be the khaki color that is imposed especially for pants like this one you see above Zara.

Army Green

Along with Khaki, military green is and will be another of the shades for the Spring Summer 2022 season. Again at Zara we find the color in fashion and for all kinds of bomber-type jackets, and other models like this one Saharan style that you can combine with your best “denim” style.

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Pastel Orange

Another of the tones of the season. We have seen before how pastel colors are going to prevail during all these months, and although pink or peach are among the most popular tones, we cannot go through something that is ideal on t-shirts, as well as sweatshirts and even polo shirts, which is perhaps the essential item of Spring Summer 2022. In the photo you can see a recent H&M model.

Limoncello or Lemon Yellow

Limoncello or Lemon Yellow is another of the colors that is sweeping and will be sweeping during this Spring Summer 2022 season. In Mango, photo above, we can find t-shirts of this color and they are ideal for you to enjoy more of fashion these holidays. Models like this one, which also has a light striped print, can look great with pastel yellow shorts, for example, or white or black pants.

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Ecru tones are also currently essential so you cannot miss, for example, some beige bermuda shorts like these that we see from Mango Man and its new Spring Summer 2022 collection. This type of bermuda shorts can be combined with t-shirts , brightly colored shirts or polo shirts or those that are softer tones.


Finally, we show you the shade of blue that is sweeping for “low cost” brands. From the pantel palette we see how the more intense serenity blue or the snorkel are essential, but to these we can add the Indigo, something more subdued. A color that you can wear with polo shirts like the one above (from Zara), long jackets, chino pants or shorts.

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