The exclusive link between the Sun and your glasses: CARRERA 6000

The new CARRERA eyewear collection is dedicated to those who like to go for “ the overtaking lane”, without ever stopping, taking advantage of each moment as if it were the only one, having fun, facing new challenges, meeting new people and experiencing unique sensations. They are designed for the young people of the “CAREER generation”: dynamic, determined and willing to make their dreams and goals come true, to be able to always say: “AFTER ALL, NO REGRETS”.

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Among all this new collection, the CARRERA 6000 sunglasses have caught our attention, inspired by the 90s. Their name refers to the temperature of the photosphere, the atmosphere that surrounds the sun, whose rays reach the earth, making it possible to life in it. This immense energy has been the inspiration that has led to the creation of an exclusive link between the sun and these glasses that reinterpret a model that takes us back to the stylistic heritage of the brand, in a contemporary key.

It’s easy to be captivated by the vintage and irresistible style of CARRERA 6000. The quality and the exclusive colors of Optyl and the characteristic design of the temples, with their original profiling destined to become a new iconic motif of the brand,

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Carrera 6000 is a unisex model available in 14 different colors with an innovative soft touch effect. It is ideal for all lovers of life, original and sure of their style, who can choose between a sporty version, for a fresh and dynamic look, and a more sophisticated version, with vintage colors selected by the hippest trendsetters.

Look for yours, surely there are some CARRERA 6000 made for you.

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