Assisted lifting to remove a double chin in men

Plastic surgery has always been associated with the beauty of women, but the truth is that men too they undergo aesthetic treatments and one of the most recurring is the elimination of the double chin that usually appears over the years. For this, and in order to achieve good results, the assisted facelift to remove double chin in men is perhaps the best treatment of all.

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Men take care of their appearance as much or more than women and for this reason, they increasingly undergo all kinds of treatments in order to try to alleviate the signs of aging or also correct the weight changes that they may suffer at over the years. In the case of the face and neck, it seems that both defining the jaw and correcting the double chin are two of the treatments that they consider the most and we want to talk about the latter in detail.

Assisted lifting to remove double chin in men

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Because male skin is thicker and heavier, older men with significant double chins often need a neck lift in the form of a facelift, which is not really complete but rather a so-called “neolifting” and specifically , the assisted facelift.

The slightest degrees of double chin in young men can be adequately treated with laser liposuction but a double chin already formed for years and also thick will need the aforementioned treatment. In addition, due to the greater thickness of the skin dermis and elastin, the elasticity of the male neck is stronger than that of women, so the assisted facelift can produce effective skin tightening when treating male double chin. .

How is double chin eliminated in men?

The elimination of the double chin in most men is achieved with this type of lifting, which is quite new (in fact, it is not yet applied in all aesthetic clinics, so it is important to know what it consists of and always trust a professional who proves that he knows what he is doing.

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The assisted facelift to remove the double chin in men requires a series of small entry points well hidden under the chin and the use of cold laser to make the incisions avoiding the dreaded scarring, excessive bleeding and also inflammation be too big.

This type of treatment or intervention usually lasts between 2.5 and 3.5 hours and its benefit is that, in addition to eliminating fat, it provides skin stretching. The new assisted lifting technique represents a significant advance in the treatment of male double chin. Older liposuction techniques with larger cannulas could not be used on the chin and neck. The small amount of instrumentation used with this type of lift makes it an ideal application for the neck.

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To carry it out, the patient undergoes local anesthesia and then undergoes the intervention that, as we say, never usually exceeds 3.5 hours. To intervene on the patient, work is done on all facial planes so that the double chin can be eliminated well. In fact, we usually work deeply at the level of the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system), which has to do with all the deep structures and also the superficial planes, among which is the skin and, at the same time, the vascular system is protected. and lymphatic so that recovery can be as quick as possible.

Why do men choose to have their double chin removed?

Feeling good with oneself is the main reason why men undergo this type of intervention and all the other aesthetic operations to which they undergo, but mainly the reasons why most men undergo double chin removal are usually:

  • Because a double chin makes a man feel he looks fat
  • Because neck laxity is an early sign of facial aging, many patients feel that double chins make them look old.
  • People with weak chins and double chins want to have a longer square jaw

How is the recovery after double chin removal in men?

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Recovery can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days to even two weeks for the bruises to disappear. You will need to wear a compression chin strap for the first week, which for many patients is a nuisance. However, the compression garment helps to tighten the skin and prevent the accumulation of fluid under the skin of the neck. It is a very important part of your post-operative recovery.

How will I take care of myself after the removal of the male double chin?

There is a significant improvement immediately after surgery. However, you will be wearing a compression garment, so it will be difficult for you to see initially. However, effective fat removal and skin tightening after a double chin lift produces dramatic results that you will see when you remove your facial compression garment. Skin tightening continues for up to 6 months.

Is double chin removal painful?

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Patients do not complain of pain after double chin removal with this type of lifting. The discomfort is associated with the fact that you have to wear the compression bandage for the head. You will be given pain relievers to control any discomfort you have and you may also need to apply cold to the treated area to relieve swelling and possible discomfort.

Is the removal of a double chin safe with the assisted facelift?

Yes, if performed by a certified plastic surgeon with experience in the assisted facelift technique.

How much does double chin removal cost?

The assisted facelift in the neck and chin costs between 5,000 and 7,500 euros, depending on various factors, including the clinic, the duration of the intervention and even if more anesthesia is required or if instead of local it ends up being total.

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Who should do my double chin removal?

As we have already mentioned, you should find a certified plastic surgeon with experience in the assisted facelift technique.

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