The essential garments that every man should have

In every man’s wardrobe there must always be, at least, the essential garments. But… what are these? Here at Moda Ellos we will give you advice on the clothes that yes or yes you have to have, always.

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The essential clothes that every man should have

As I’m sure you already know, we all have a wardrobe that we like to have as complete as possible to cover all our needs, but the truth is that there are some essential items that every man should have. Let’s see them:

Round neck sweater

Why have a round neck sweater? Because we can wear it 365 days a year. Either with a t-shirt underneath, with a shirt or tied at the waist. Plus, it goes with everything. If you care about color, always dark blue.

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Basic T-shirt

Never has such an economic garment given so much play. The basic T-shirt looks just as good under clothing as it does as a main item. It is convenient to have more than one always on hand. The white ones are the most helpful. Of course, change them often and don’t wait for them to turn yellow from washing.

Converse All Star

The Converse All Star Chuck Taylor never go out of style. They have been a trend for 40 years and they will be another 40 more, at least. You can wear them with jeans, with chinos, with a suit, with shorts… In addition, they are accepted in all social ranks, so you won’t have any problems. A safe investment.

Adidas Stan Smith

Exactly the same example as the Converse All Star. The Adidas Stan Smith is one of the most recognizable Adidas models. Telling you that the first pair was released in 1965 gives you an idea of ​​how long they’ve been killing it.

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Beige chinos

Talking about Chinese is talking about Dockers. And talking about chinos is talking about the best alternative to jeans and a suit. A medium term that also combines with any garment above. That is precisely why we bet on beige, the color that goes with everything.

Denim jacket

The denim jacket par excellence, canonical, has been, is and will be Levi’s. It is the wild card to turn to in between seasons and a garment that can last you decades, if you maintain your figure. Looks great with a hoodie underneath and the hood off.

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The suit

The suit can be a basic, black, dark blue or gray color. You can use this suit in special, important meetings, weddings, funerals, etc. You can never miss a suit in your wardrobe. If you have to choose only one color, bet on blue. You will not fail.

Ray-Ban glasses

The accessory that Tom Cruise made fashionable more than 35 years ago and they are still at the top. Glasses raise your self-esteem several points. The glasses that everyone wants but only a few have. The glasses you should order as soon as you finish reading this article. By the way, Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Price: 142 euros.

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Analog Clock

Yes, it’s an analog clock. By hands. It has no apps. It does not have a heart rate monitor. It doesn’t even vibrate when notifications arrive. Now, it has elegance, poise and presence. Even if you don’t look at the time all day, it is a complement that everyone will notice. Of course, try to make it minimally admirable. Don’t take your grandfather’s.

White dress shirt

A unique garment, combinable with many things, and that will get you out of trouble on more than one occasion. The white shirt is the basic of basics in any man’s wardrobe. You can wear it alone or, better, with a suit or with the round neck sweater from the beginning on top. Of course, we recommend that you buy a quality one, that is soft cotton and keeps the ironing.

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Beige trench coat

The beige trench coat will even match your pajamas. It is a garment that makes any look elegant. In fact, it is one of the great allies of French men’s fashion. The model, the length or the shape does not matter. Let it be beige, yes. It never goes out of style.

Solid Color Tie

It will match the shirt and you can wear it with the suit. You can have more, of course, but make sure the basic one is a solid color and easy to combine.

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Coat or blazer

With a sport wave and classic color, such as dark blue. You can use it to go to work.

Pants to do activities

It can be a more or less classic one, depending on the style you like.


You always have to have at least one pair or more. Jeans are versatile pants, ideal for many different situations.

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Polo shirt or casual t-shirt

Garments that you will use together with the pants or a pair of jeans and the jacket or classic coat.


The classic with a V-neck, can be used in any season, together with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans or pants.


A pair of pants and a sports shirt, for times when you do not need to be formally dressed, such as at home, or doing some outdoor activity.

Other essentials

There are other garments that are also essential and should not be missing from your closet. Some of these items are underwear, socks, and t-shirts. Also, you always have to have a black and brown belt, dress shoes, and sneakers. These usually go with almost all the clothes you have and you will always look your best.

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