The easiest costumes to make for Halloween 2022

Honestly, I’m not much for dressing up. I think it’s fun but it takes a bit of work. What can I dress up as? What do I have for the costume? Once I have the costume, do it and make it look good on you… There are many things, that’s why, until today, I didn’t really like dressing up. But that has changed, today I will teach you how to dress up in a fun way without having to make an effort. Halloween 2022 is coming so don’t miss the chance to be the most original of all this year, with simple ideas.

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Don’t be the dull one in your group of friends and dress up too. With my advice you will not spend a single euro and you will take advantage of the old clothes that hang in your closet that had no use for you. You won’t need much, just 10 minutes of your time and the desire to have a good time. Come on, don’t be bland and sign up for this Halloween 2022 What do you say?

We can give you ideas of all kinds from series characters, cartoon characters or even the most recent and popular ones in the movies. Along with this we see how to make other costumes that are original and fun. Let’s get to it!.

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Walter White costume from “Breaking Bad”

“Breaking Bad” has become a cult series and one of the most popular on television, so you’re in luck if you choose one of its characters for your Halloween costume. You can then choose to be Walter White for a day.

You’ll need a bald head (if you’re bald all that stuff you’ve got), a mustache, glasses, a yellow plastic jumpsuit and a gas mask. Ready to get into your caravan-laboratory to make the best methamphetamine as in television fiction.

You can buy the jumpsuit, or in fact, if you have a yellow raincoat, it could work for you. For the gas mask you can make it with a bottle of water, as explained in this simple video. Amazing!

Homer Simpson Costume

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It may seem complicated to you, but the truth is that there is no simpler costume in the world that, at the same time, is more fun. You can be Homer Simpson for a day, with a bit of yellow makeup all over your face, a bald spot, or you do your hair just like this character, a simple white shirt or a short-sleeved polo shirt, and brown pants or jeans . You can not miss a beer and some donuts, the favorite food of this character.

Also, don’t forget that next to the yellow makeup, you can draw the outline of the mouth in brown as if it were the character’s mouth, which usually has those two tones. Although you can’t see it in the photo we show you, you can also choose to paint the eyes with a white base so that the detail of these can be seen as in the cartoon.

Star Wars Kylo Ren Costume

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Another idea that we give you, and also for a costume that surely more than one will want to wear will be that of Kylo Ren, a new character that we have met in the last movie of the Star Wars saga, and that surely more than one will want to carry.

Although it may seem like a complicated costume to you, it is not so much if we think that it actually consists of a black “look” with a large cape and a good belt. Let’s see the image of someone who has done it at home and who has achieved it by sewing a black sheet or cloth, with which they have also made the hood and the body of the costume.

I’m not saying it’s easy to pull off this costume either, but if you have a black t-shirt and pants, you can share or sew a piece of fabric to be your hooded cloak. Then you will need, of course, a good belt and the mask of the character that they sell in Disney stores or make it yourself.

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Here you can see the helmet in the shop, next to the sword. You can buy it as I tell you or try to do it, although it is somewhat complicated if we take into account that the one for sale has a voice distorter and everything.

Thief Costume

The thief costume is not the most original costume, but one of the simplest. Surely in your house you have black clothes and any bag, even the garbage bag is worth it, which will help you make a good loot if you paint the dollar symbol on it.

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Social Network Costume

The social network costume, like this one above from Facebook, is very fashionable and the best thing is that it is easy to do. All you need to do is take a piece of cardboard, or cardboard, and recreate the cover of this social network, leaving a hole to put your head in as if it were your profile photo.

Banksy Graffitti Costume

I am sure that on more than one occasion you have seen a graffiti in which you saw the scene of a young arsonist. One of the best known works of the famous Banksy and that can come to life with your costume this Halloween. All you need is a backwards cap that covers half of your face, a jacket and jeans and all in black or blue tones combined with white. This way you can look like you’ve just been “graffitoed” on the wall.

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Clark Kent Costume – Superman

Many of us dreamed of being superheroes when we were little, and this costume allows you to be. The trick lies in going as Clark Kent, he wears Nerd glasses, a white shirt and his hair combed with gel. A Superman shirt stops appearing underneath as you can see in the image and you won’t need anything else. Everyone will know what you’re wearing instantly.

Son of Man Costume

For the “smarter”, nothing like an artistic costume. To go from Magritte’s painting “The Son of Man”. You will only need a suit, red tie and a bowler hat. Then print a reproduction of the painting, cut out the apple, and glue it to the hat so that it fits in front of your face. Don’t be stupid and leave some field of vision! That’s why the stumbling blocks and blows. You can even paint the apple on your face but the truth is that with printing, as we see in the photo, it looks much better.

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Men’s costume gift

The best thing about this costume is that the less attractive you are, the more grotesque it will be so much more fun. Just a few bows will be enough to make you the life of the party, but etiquette is essential. Take the example of the image.

Man without costume costume

If you are insipid like me since dressing up horrifies you, but this time you don’t want to be the boring one in the group, you can “pimp” a white t-shirt on which you report that “Costumes not found”.

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I love the last one, I think it will be my choice for this Halloween. And you, which one do you prefer?

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