The different types of dress shoes and when to wear each one

Do you know how many types of men’s shoes there are? It is not a trick question, it is a reality that many men are unaware of and that, on occasions, leads to stylistic attacks of the first magnitude. So that this does not happen to you, we review the different types of dress shoes and when to use each one

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The different types of dress shoes and when to wear each one

Now you can wear a perfect suit, ideal hair and exclusive accessories, but if your shoes don’t fit with your outfit, you’ll ruin your look at the first opportunity. Not only should you know the different types of shoes to wear and when to wear each one, but you should apply this premise to your day to day to give a quality leap in your appearance.

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The best thing to do is to have a variety of shoes in our closet. If it can’t be much, let it be less, but always be able to have alternatives to combine. Which ones should you have? We tell you about the different types of shoes to dress and when to use each one and you choose.

Types of dress shoes: Loafers

Loafers are the shoes we know as everyday. We are talking about comfortable models that combine just as well with a jean as with a chino, even if one day we have to go something more dressed up, they are also worth it.

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It is a shoe of Nordic origin that, despite the cold, leaves the ankles in the air, which speeds up the work of taking them off and putting them on. An easy way to tell them apart from other types of dress shoes is that loafers never have laces. In fact, it is common to confuse loafers with loafers and laces, even if they are only decorative, are a good way to differentiate one from the other.

On the other hand, loafers are always made of leather and can have a heel, while loafers always opt for a flat sole. When choosing a color, dark tones such as navy blue, brown or black are usual, but also camel or beige.

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Loafers work best with jeans, although they can also be worn with a day suit.

Types of dress shoes: Monk

Monk dress shoes are the models that have a buckle. Obviously, such a risky bet requires that the rest of the look be attached to the shoe. Thus, we must make sure that the pants do not cover the shoe and allow the design with the buckles to be seen. By the way, we prevent the bass from getting caught on them and breaking. This obviously rules out the morning suit to match it.

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The name Monk comes from the fact that the English monks used sandals with a similar closure and that’s where the idea came from. It has endured over time because it has the advantage of being adjustable and adapting to the foot. It falls somewhere between loafers and Oxfords, being more elegant than the former but less so than the latter.

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However, our recommendation is that you never miss a pair of Monk shoes in your closet, since you can combine it with a casual look of jeans and a shirt, as well as with a more formal suit. The most common are black, but we can also find them in blue, brown or green, among other colors.

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Types of dress shoes: Oxford

The Oxford shoe is the elegant shoe par excellence. We are talking about a formal and very classic design made of black leather, whose minimum accompaniment is the suit, but it can even be combined with the morning suit. In fact, it is the recommended model for your wedding, and since you have shoes, all you have to do is look for the groom’s suit at El Corte Inglés.

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Of Scottish inspiration, the classic model is smooth, black and with laces. The name originates in the 19th century, when students at the University of Oxford popularized the use of this model. In addition, it has the advantage of being timeless and never going out of style, making it a safe investment.

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On the other hand, Irish farmers created the die-cut version of the Oxford shoe. Of course, in his case they made the holes so that the shoe took less time to dry than when it was closed.

Types of dress shoes: Slippers

Slippers are the last to hit the market. A type of shoe that began as casual and carefree to be around the house, hence its name, has become, over time, a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

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The usual material for slippers is velvet and suede, so they are supposed to be comfortable. They arose in the 19th century when the British upper class began to use them to be at home without losing elegance.

The predominant color of the slippers is black that can be accompanied by other tones, even striking designs

Types of dress shoes: Nautical

They are comfortable, they are simple, they are recognizable and they have been a success for decades. The perfect shoes for day to day or a casual meeting have laces that run all the way around, grooved rubber sole and are fresh like few others.

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In principle, boat shoes were designed for water sports, from which they got their name and which explains the non-slip sole. In fact, it was a millionaire who was passionate about sailing, Paul Sperry, in 1935, the first to make boat shoes.

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The idea came to him when he saw a dog standing on the ice and without slipping, so he looked for footwear that could do the same. He got it.

Types of dress shoes: Sneakers

Sneakers dress shoes are shoes that emulate sports shoes and, therefore, can be used every day. What started timidly, has become a permanent trend with more and more fans

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The most notable characteristic of the Sneakers is their comfort and the fact that they can be attached to any outfit. On the other hand, the platform that surrounds the sole helps to stylize the leg, making you gain some very valuable centimeters.

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