The different styles of urban men’s clothing

Urban fashion, originally created to break with the stipulations and mark their own and personal styles, has become the trend with capital letters. Of course, each person continues to apply their distinctive point to preserve that indie air that it had in its origins. However, it is convenient to know the different styles of men’s urban clothing to know where to go.

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Today, urban clothing is used to go to work, to go out, to events. The universalization of this trend has democratized fashion, making it available to everyone. Thus, we can combine outfits of all kinds and adapt them to our personal style. Of course, always being aware of the different styles of men’s urban clothing

The different styles of men’s urban clothing

And it is that knowing the different styles of men’s urban clothing can help locate someone who does not know in which group he moves. It is the good thing about urban clothing, which covers all possible ages, social strata and cultures. These are the different styles of men’s urban clothing

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Urban clothing styles: Streetwear

The name itself indicates where the urban Streetwear style comes from. It is a fashion of street influences that emerged in the United States at the beginning of the 90s. Under the influence of hip-hop, graffiti or skater street culture, combined with a punk rock point, even grunge, the objective of this style urban is comfort.

Thus, we find hoodies as fetish garments of this style, to which are added ripped jeans, caps and the classic Vans Old Skool sneakers.

Urban clothing styles: Urban Chic

The urban chic style is here to stay. For years, it has been a booming trend with millions of followers. Its base is the combination of garments with a clear objective: originality, the differentiating element and the most current. Thus, the urban chic style is perfect for an afterwork, a work meeting, even for a night out. It is a versatile and handy look.

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Among the garments that we find in the style of urban clothing, there are two essential ones such as shirts and polo shirts. From these two garments we will build the whole look. In addition, in both cases, we will try to make them plain garments of a single color. To combine it, nothing like skinny jeans and a plain belt.

And what about the slippers? Well, following the trend of the outfit, we will look for something in a single color and, in this case, nothing like Reebok Classic, Adidas Superstar or Nike Air Jordan 1. In simplicity there is the good taste of urban chic, yes, always sporty to be comfortable.

The good thing about the urban chic style is that you can find it in the usual stores that everyone knows. It is not an excessively expensive style and it is easy to find, both in a physical store and online.

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Urban clothing styles: Skate

The skate trend emerged in California, back in the 60s, but it was in the late 90s, early 21st century when it reached its maximum expression.

More than half a century later, the proposal of urban skate clothing has been democratized, ceasing to be the private preserve of young people. Now, someone over 40 can also wear a skate outfit and be groundbreaking.

Obviously, we must remember that this urban fashion looks for comfort to be able to skate, so the clothes must adjust to those movements. Thus, it is common to see skaters with shorts below the knees or wide and flexible jeans that allow jumping with the skate.

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The t-shirts, hoodies and kangaroos will be large in size and with bright, strident colors and prints. Nor can you miss accessories such as the cap, the wristband or the scarf.

When it comes to sneakers, it goes without saying that Vans are above any other brand, in any of its versions. Non-negotiable. Of course, we warn you that skate clothes, although it is hard to believe, can be the most expensive of the urban styles that we have presented to you.

Urban clothing styles: Rocker Style

Are you still in love with 80’s fashion? Do you still listen to vinyl and do you have your Walkman as the greatest of your treasures? Then the Rocker Style is your ideal urban clothing style.

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Obviously, the essential garment in the rocker style is the leather jacket, better known as a zipper jacket. From there, we built an elegant badass outfit. To do so, we can opt for a plain polo shirt in a dark tone, better if it is black, or for a thin round neck sweater.

The pants, obviously, always jeans, they can be torn or not, but they must be skinny. The auction is given with the Dr. Martens-style high boots that we will wear, like a good rocker, untied and with the tongue forward. If you don’t look comfortable in the boots, you have the option of black sneakers.

Urban clothing styles: Casual

The style of casual clothing is the one that fits, really, to what I’ve put on the first thing I’ve caught. That is to say, it is a style without norms, without rules in which everyone wears what they want. Obviously, it is an outfit that we wear to go shopping, to stay at home with friends or go for a walk

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To define the casual style, neutral colors are essential. For example, a basic white t-shirt, dark blue pirate-style pants and classic white trainers. Casual, informal but stylish. If it’s cold, a sweatshirt as simple as possible. Light gray is the ideal color.

In the style of casual urban clothing, it lends itself, yes, to all kinds of accessories. Thus, a cap, glasses, a leather bracelet or a hat, fit perfectly with the outfit of this urban style. And yes, you can also grab a fanny pack.

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