Citizen watches and their “Eco-Drive” to take care of the environment

Unlike other watches, the Citizen have a great design that is not It seems to him in the market and a great quality in its materials, going beyond just the material. The Japanese brand provides every man who buys these watches with a guarantee of elegance.

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Every self-respecting man, with class, needs a complement to his wardrobe that is up to the task. Citizen watches are world leaders in style and technology.

Citizen created its first watches 80 years ago, both for adults and for the youngest. This is where its name Citizen came from, which translated into Spanish means “Citizen”, turning the world of men’s watches upside down, becoming one of the best-known brands in the world.

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Made in different shapes and colors, Citizen watches have the best revolutionary technology, Eco-Drive. A modern watch that looks to the future and is characterized by using the natural energy of the sun. Citizen models transform light energy into electricity for proper operation, so it is not necessary to use the battery for its operation. A very expensive item in waterproof watches.

In addition, they reduce environmental pollution by saving on batteries and time, since you will not have to go to the watch store to change them, keeping the accessory always hermetic, prolonging the age of the watch.

Can you ask for more than one watch?

It should be noted that any Citizen model is suitable for submersion in water (up to 200 meters), guaranteeing resistance to the pressure exerted by water. Great resistance to shock, antimagnetic properties, resists thermal changes and with anti-condensation technology. It also has a resistance to helium gas, salt water and a pre-selectable for time.

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