Japanese and Korean haircuts for men Fall Winter 2022 2023

Asian style haircuts are very popular fashion so we want to show you now the best styles for this type of hair, which you can already wear even as a Westerner, although depending on whether it is a Japanese cut or a Korean one, we can find some other difference that we also detail, so that you can make a good choice for this season. Good proposals that can even help you find the perfect cut for this season. Below are Japanese and Korean men’s haircuts Fall Winter 2022 2023.

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Japanese and Korean haircuts for men Fall Winter 2022 2023

Asian style cuts are distinguished mainly by being hairstyles in which very straight hair is the protagonist, although many women practice what is known as Japanese straightening, in order to achieve fine, straight hair and especially smooth, men will also need it if they want to wear some of the hairstyles that we see now.

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The trend for Japanese or Asian hair

In recent years, the Japanese or Asian hair style has become very fashionable. The reason is because normally, they have very current styles in which bangs, straightened hair and above all, trying to wear hair as natural as possible, are the key.

Adapting Japanese cuts to the current trend

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In addition, Japanese-style haircuts, being very fashionable, can be adapted to any type of hair and in fact we are going to see examples in which even curly hair appears, as we see in the image above.

Although the Japanese and Korean style cuts are similar, they have some differences, and for this reason we divide them into these two sections in which you have some interesting proposals for the new Autumn Winter 2022 2023 season.

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Japanese style haircuts for men Fall Winter 2022 2023

Japanese cut curly hair

In the first of our examples we already see curly hair. This, we can say, is an ideal type of haircut for boys who go to school or teenagers, for example, since bangs are a type of hairstyle that younger men like a lot.

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As we can see, it is characterized by having hair on the face and with a slight upper volume that occurs naturally when the hair falls on the face.

For this type of hairstyles and others that we are going to see, we have to say that it is always important that you use a little hairspray or wax, since in this way you will be able to “master” the hairstyle without problems.

Japanese hair with bangs

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The bangs are without a doubt the “strong point” of this style of haircut and hairstyle and although it has always been very popular in Japan, in recent years it has become very popular in the United States and other countries thanks to the fact that singer Justin Bieber made it fashionable years ago.

In any case, the style has evolved a lot and also in Japanese or Korean haircuts we see how the bangs are now worn “parade” or with small layers and also adding some color if you want.

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Japanese hair with bangs and tousled

Along with that colored bangs, we also want to show you the slightly disheveled hairstyle with bangs. It is what is known as a “messy” cut, since it consists of showing off very thick bangs, although with a certain disheveled style. This cut is current and very youthful.

Japanese hair with side bangs

Also within the latest Japanese hair trends for Fall Winter 2022 2023, we find that of wearing hair with bangs but on the side. Thus, we can have a current and light hairstyle, ideal for day to day.

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To this hairstyle is also added the trend for disheveled hair that we already saw before and that makes it an increasingly popular cut.

Japanese hair with toupee

The influence of western haircuts, as I will mention later, also reaches Japanese hairstyles.

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We are inspired by Japanese cuts for the latest trends, and they do the same but in reverse.

The result is a commitment to cuts like this, with a slight rocker style, imitating toupees and lowering the sides when betting on shaved heads.

Japanese hair with color

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The truth is that lately we find ourselves with Japanese and Korean hairstyles that bet a lot on color dyes like red, or lilac for example and that many men wear.

A way of changing a very popular style and that is undoubtedly very original. The natural color of the Japanese is brown, although the latest trends for Autumn Winter 2022 2023 mark that they wear it in somewhat lighter tones such as chestnut or even copper or the most recent option that will be to have highlights or mix the color. natural tone with dyed strands.

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Spiky and disheveled Japanese hair

Another type of Japanese cut, perhaps for more mature men, is a type of cut that is characterized by having quite open ends and playing with the disheveled effect that in fact was so fashionable in the West last year for a long time and that saves sweeps for the Fall Winter 2022 2023 season.

You can imitate this type of hairstyle in a simple way. It’s a matter of raising it up (with the help of a little wax) and then passing your fingers so that you have the effect that you are not wearing your hair.

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Crested Japanese Hair

For those of you who are looking for a modern style, and which is also popular in Japan these days, we can recommend crests like the one you see above. They are currently a trend there as they were here last year, although with the odd variation.

The Japanese style is somewhat more “radical”, with much more shaved sides and also with three levels of hair. The center is pointed, while the sides are cut in two different levels.

Japanese college style hair

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From the pointy hairstyles, and the choice for shaved heads that continue to be a hit this year, and will do so in Autumn Winter 2022 2023, we can also show you another style that is popular in Japan, but also we are seeing it as a trend in the West.

I mean the “college” style cut that we see in the image above. A cut that we can already see as a trend among the cuts and hairstyles of Autumn Winter 2022 2023.

A style that is characterized by being combed to one side, but also having the sides completely shaved. The parting is very marked, and with a good amount of hair in the center.

Long Japanese hair

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And for those of you who like long hair, we also have proposals like this among the latest Japanese-style haircut trends for Autumn Winter 2022 2023.

The key is to wear the hair in a very natural style and letting the hair fall on the sides. A very 90s “look” that returns as a trend.

Japanese hair western influence

Finally, the clearest bet for Fall Winter 2022 2023 for Japanese and Korean style hairstyles.

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In previous years, Korean hairstyles and, above all, Japanese ones, were much more classic, with the hair lowered and, as I have already mentioned, practically glued to the face, something that set a trend and became very fashionable in countries all over the world.

Now it seems that the trend is in reverse. Although high hairstyles have been popular in the West, with toupees and disheveled bangs, we can say that in Japan currently hairstyles like the one you see above are sweeping, with high bangs and marking a certain rocker air that is most successful.

Korean style haircuts for men Fall Winter 2022 2023

Now let’s see the Korean haircut. This is a haircut that is somewhat different, it is very similar to the Japanese haircut that we have seen first, but the biggest difference is that the straight is not so evident, it is not so intense, but it just falls on the face and with many more points, since in the Japanese hairstyle we saw that everything was much more formed and even.

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For this reason, Korean hairstyles are quite specific and unique, since their particular and atypical texture allows Koreans to adopt original, fresh and fun hairstyles.

We can, for example, cite the kpop hairstyle that has an unusual look and cut, but is very popular among Asian youth. To achieve this type of cut, we used a really unreal and atypical hairstyle since the top part is divided into two blocks. But the result is there and beautiful hair is obtained. The reason is that the hair of a Korean has a very flexible and very soft texture that allows it to be worked in various ways and that, very easily.

Anyway, if you like these cuts or want a style similar to Korean cuts, you can try the styles that we now offer you, although you should keep in mind that in this case, the hair lengths are usually longer .

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The bet for slightly longer hair

Korean haircuts and hairstyles generally require slightly longer hair, it can even reach the shoulders, and in this way it can look very Korean-style, which if it is characterized by something, is that it likes long hair and also quite volume, something essential for the Autumn Winter 2022 2023 season in which styles like the one you see above will be in fashion.

Another point to consider is that this haircut is not entirely symmetrical, but on the sides it adds a bit of volume and the ends reappear again.

To get inspired, there is nothing like choosing some of the styles that we now offer:

Straight Korean style cut with side bangs

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A Korean’s hair is very soft. As in this model, we have a very straight hair with a very current and very fresh finish where the coloring and the presence of the bangs put a highlight in the final result.

We can notice the medium length top and the very short side. We also make sure that the bangs are swept to the side and have plenty of volume.

This cut with hair that is the same height across the entire surface of the head helps to bring out the soft texture of the hair.

Everything has been colored quite a bright red, the bangs are combed and parted slightly on one side. At the temple, the wick is particularly thick and well-proportioned.

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Korean style pompadour haircut

The bangs are an integral part of short hairstyles, but the truth is that with the type of hair that Koreans have, anything that is raised also plays in their favor. In the pompadour or toupee style, a Korean can have many ideas. Here, the model has adopted a light faux hawk look with platinum blonde hair.

The upper part is therefore very long, raised and arranged towards the back of the head to the nape of the neck. The sides are very short. Thanks to this cut you can also achieve a very fresh style.

Korean style cut and disheveled

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As in the hairstyle of a woman with short hair, the style here is a bit messy, but very elegant. We still have bangs, typical of Asian hairstyles.

However, the model keeps her natural brown hair color, with a very thick, medium length top part and a side fade from the top, but keeping the medium height.

The bangs, on the other hand, are styled on one side of the forehead, the other part goes to the other side. To maintain the texture, it is necessary to run a special wax with your fingers through the hair.

Korean style cut with long bangs

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In the category of medium length hair. For this model, the length of the hair is the same on the top, sides, nape and even for the bangs so the bangs are quite long. The finish adopted is a haircut that goes all the way down and slightly arranged to leave it to one side.

Korean style cut back and shaved sides

In the undercut style, the cut here allows for a rather long and slippery top back. When applying a product to slick the hair back, we run our fingers to have this volume and not flatten the hair. For the sides, they are very short. The top and bottom are separated by a very lightly drawn line.

Uploaded Korean Style Haircut

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The updo cut in a Korean can be accompanied by a blonde hair dye or another type of color. Just like this model, Koreans like their hair to be long in length even when they go up. The sides are here, very short, but the same length.

Korean style cut with parting on the side and shaved head

Another very fun Korean style is to have the top very sharp to one side and the sides shaved completely. Here the gradient starts very high on the surface of the head and is separated from the top by a very thick line.

Classic Korean Style Cut

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Asian youth and Korean youth also enjoy the most classic and ancient hairstyle like in this photo. This style is perfect for fairly long hair that is even in length throughout the head. We gather the hair behind the head to make a bun.

Korean Style Messy Cut

For fairly short hair, this slightly messy style shows off the model’s platinum blonde hue and bangs that extend slightly past her eyebrows. The sides are also very short.

Korean hair toupee and disheveled style

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Another Korean-style cut is this one that we see in the photo above, which can even be considered as a kind of toupee. Once again, the influence of western cuts is noticeable, as we saw in the previous example for Japanese-style cuts and hairstyles.

Still, we will say that a hairstyle like this for Korean men, and for those who wish to follow its influence, is also quite different from the more traditional Japanese cuts.

In this cut, the hair is not worn as straight as in their hairstyles, we can also say that if this style is characterized by something, it is the large amount of hair worn by the young man who wears it.

At the same time, it “dares” to give it a disheveled air and without falling into the habit of putting on bangs, as we see in the vast majority of Asian hairstyles.

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In addition, the sideburns that have been left stand out, with a pointed finish (how women usually wear them) and leaving the hair behind a little longer than normal.

Long Korean hair

In this other photo we see again how the back wear is repeated somewhat longer than in the Japanese style, while the sides and the central part are somewhat shorter.

The sideburns that I have already mentioned above stand out, although in this image they are even much longer.

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It is a style that was popular in the 90s, but it is coming back with force since Korean hairstyles also opt for the “retro” trend.

Korean hair with bangs

For those of you who want to be inspired by the Korean style, but with a slightly shorter haircut, you can always choose examples like the one we see here.

A style without having too long hair, although you can see that it does have a lot of hair.

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It also highlights the bangs, which are combed to the side so that they have also been cut to form an asymmetry that is ideal for younger men.

This is a type of cut and hairstyle that has been in use for a long time in Korea and we can even say that from cuts like this, in the West they have opted to imitate it with other versions that include cuts with shaved heads.

Korean hair with long bangs

To finish another Korean Asian cut style that will be in fashion during Autumn Winter 2022 2023 since it has the essential bangs but we also have to say that it stands out for the volume of the hairstyle, to one side, and above all for the commitment of Parade cut that seems to prevail for this type of hairstyle.

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If you want to look like this, you will have to resort to the help of a professional who will cut your hair like this and also comb your hair with a little wax.

Korean hair asymmetrical bangs

We can also bet on bangs that are asymmetrical and that also follow the western trend.

Asymmetric cuts are in fashion whatever your nationality, so if you like them and you also have bangs, nothing like imitating this style.

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Asymmetrical Korean Hair

This other cut that we show you for the Korean style cuts for men Fall Winter 2022 2023 repeats the trend that I have mentioned.

With a cut like this you can follow the latest trend since the asymmetry between very long hair in the central part, and those lowered sides makes your hair look trendy.

Korean hipster style hair

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And knowing that the “hipster” style is also very fashionable in this new Autumn Winter 2022 2023 season, nothing like giving it a Korean touch as we see above.

A cut similar to the one that many of you probably already have, but smoothing your hair much more.

Korean k-pop style hair

As we have already mentioned before, K-pop, that musical style that has taken Korea by storm and in much of the world, also leaves its mark on the hairstyles worn by young Koreans, and although we have already seen hairstyles with bangs and hair very smooth, we advise you that if you like this type of cut, it is better that you imitate the way in which they present it for the boys who follow K-Pop.

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The cut itself brings the hair forward although with bangs almost to the side, and also hollowing out the hair as much as possible.

Unruly Korean Hair

The “rebellious” style also comes to us from Korean haircuts and styles.

In the photo above we have an image of the music star, Kim Sung-Kyu, who is a style reference, with his hair combed forward, with bangs, but also with that double shave that allows him to show off a very modern, and increasingly imitated.

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korean hair with mane

For those of you who want to wear long hair, we can also look at Korean hair styles. In the image above we see what the “samurai” style hairstyle is like, with a ponytail that is also reminiscent of the “hipster” style and that has a very relaxed “look”. The ponytail is worn almost loose and is also quite short, although the rest of the hair is somewhat longer.

These are the best Japanese and Asian haircuts for men and for Fall Winter 2022 2023, but if you want to see more, we leave you a photo gallery, although we also want to recommend this other post that will surely be of interest to you:

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Photogallery of different Asian and Korean cuts for men for Fall Winter 2022 2023


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