The best tricks to dress and look thinner

Being thin is a constant struggle for many of us. Hours in the gym and on the road, whether running or cycling. But we all know very well that it is not easy. Do not get depressed or stay at home because you have not reached your ideal weight since there are different tricks that can help you look much more stylish and I want to explain them to you below. Let’s see next, what are the best tricks to dress and look thinner.

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You can look very good and in a stylized way with these simple tricks that I give you. Take note of the best tips.

The best tricks to dress and look thinner

There is no magic garment that you wear that allows you to appear thinner, but it is true that there are certain ways when it comes to dressing that help us hide those extra kilos a bit.

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From the simple use of a belt to the fact of choosing garments in sober tones (not sad), with these tricks that we are giving you now we are going to make you look thinner.

Use a belt in your looks

The belt becomes an accessory that stylizes the figure, as well as marking it. Choose the belts that are wider and wear them at the waist, in such a way that you distinguish the upper part from the lower part, creating a stylized silhouette. Take the test!

Many men no longer use a belt and the truth is that it is a mistake when they have a few extra kilos or they are concentrated in the abdomen area. If you wear pants even if they are your size, they may end up below the belly and with this you will only mark the hated “love handles” more. Adjust the pants to your waist with the help of a good belt and you will be surprised how something so simple can work almost the miracle of making you look thinner.

The volumes

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Play with the volumes, you must bet on garments that have different volumes. For example, I recommend tight pants combined with a blazer. To hide the most prominent parts of your body, for example, the belly.

The “slim fit” style jeans are now in fashion and although it may not seem like it, they even stylize men who are more plump. Also do the test with a jacket or jacket of the same style, you will see how the result is almost incredible. The key will be to know if you prefer to hide the abdomen area or to show too much leg. If, on the other hand, you want everything to look more stylized, choose the “slim fit” size for the top part and the “straight” one for the bottom part, you will see how the combination will be a success.

Wear clothes of your size

Along with what has been said about the volumes, it is important to understand that the best way to look thinner is to always wear clothes that are your size. If you dress tighter than normal, you will begin to notice how the “girls” stand out everywhere. If you dress wider than normal, a very common mistake for men who want to hide their weight, the only thing you will achieve is look much wider.

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Use pants that do not have a very low waist

The use of pants with a low waist, which many men have become fond of, will not help you look thinner at all, but will actually achieve the opposite effect to the desired one.

With low-rise pants, you won’t cover the hips and waist well, and even if you’re not too fat, it will be easier for those anti-aesthetic love handles to show up or be seen.

Use vertical stripes

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When you have to wear patterns, always choose stripes that are vertical as they will help you look slimmer. On the contrary, avoid garments with horizontal stripes that will make you appear wider, as well as garments with large prints.

The color black

It is your best ally in this war against fat and thus hide the extra kilos, the color black. Very elegant, practical and above all it is ideal, stylizing and refining the figure. Preferably accepted at night, but not out of place during the day. Tip: Don’t wear all black, you’re not a Batman either.

The color military green

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In the same way that black stylizes, with military green you can achieve a similar effect, although without making you look so “off”. Also, if you choose a “total look” in this tone, you will see yourself much thinner.

Try dressing with dark jeans and a military green sweater, you’ll see how you don’t look as thick as with a navy blue one for example.

One color

Another technique that you can use to hide love handles is to opt for garments of a single color. Pants and shirt of the same color. What it will do is unify and stylize your silhouette automatically.

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And you, what trick do you use to look thinner? Tell us

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