The best tracksuits for 2021

Sport is in fashion. It has been for a long time. Since you are going to practice it, why not go fashionable? And it is that in sportswear, trends hit just as strongly as in other areas. We show you by compiling the best tracksuits for 2021.

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Of course, it is convenient not to get carried away by design, but by necessity. And it is that according to the use that we are going to give it, there will be one that suits us better than another. To take into account, for example, if we want it tight, if we will use it outdoors or the material it is made of. Obviously, the price also matters. Be that as it may, these are the best tracksuits for 2021.

The best tracksuits for 2021: Nike

We begin our review of the best tracksuits for 2021 with Nike, the world’s leading sports brand. His urban, modern and current designs continue to be a reference at all levels.

Nike Repel

The first of the tracksuits is already a super seller. This is the two-piece Nike Repel model, whose upper part is a sports anorak that also comes with a bag to store when you take it off. Ideal for uncontrolled weather conditions, it not only prevents you from the cold, but also protects you from the rain. The price of the anorak is 75 euros.

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For its part, the sweatpants are the ideal complement. Its technology capillaries sweat and keeps the garment breathable and dry so you can use it for as long as you need. It has reflective elements, both to be seen and to stand out. It is designed for intense training. Now, it is a garment that everyone will want. A basic for your wardrobe. The pants are priced at 95 euros. That is, the complete tracksuit is worth 170 euros.

Nike Sportswear Swoosh

Another innovative and striking design in yellow, blue and white. This Nike Sportswear Swoosh Tracksuit features a loose-fit (hence the Swoosh) windbreaker with integrated logo, size XL, full-length. Groundbreaking and hypnotic, its price is 100 euros.

For its part, the pants are the bottom accessory that, like the windbreaker, has the logo spread between both legs, at knee height. In this case, the pants cost 80 euros. The set of both pieces would rise to 180 euros.

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The best tracksuits for 2021: Adidas

And from the American Nike, to the best tracksuits for 2021 from the German Adidas. The brand with the three stripes chooses to maintain, rightly, the classic touch to its designs.

Adidas 3ST

This tracksuit, clearly inspired by skater, is a hit among athletes of all ages. Its design is practical, groundbreaking and current. The windbreaker has a hood, a zip up to the neck and the cuffs are adjustable. The front pocket gives the distinctive point to this 3ST model. The price is 109.95 euros

As for the pants, combine the modern point with a tremendous retro air. Several pockets, an adjustable elasticated waist and the three brand stripes are presented obliquely. The goal is to be as comfortable as possible on the board. The price is 79.95 euros. The complete set is 189.90 euros.

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Adidas Badge of Sport

In this case, we find a classic Adidas tracksuit. The Badge of Sport model is an indivisible two-piece set, ideal for playing basketball. It is a two-piece set, with a fitted jacket and pants, made of soft fleece and a shiny touch. It is available in two colors and the price of the set is 79.95 euros.

The best tracksuits for 2021: Under Armour

The third brand we bring is Under Armour. Little by little, it has risen to the top and it already coughs up big names like Nike and Adidas. These are the best tracksuits for 2021 from Under Armour

Under Armor Storm Gore-Tex

A classic cut tracksuit but with the latest Under Armor Storm technology that repels water but maintains breathability. The Gore-Tex fabric is warm, waterproof and very comfortable. In addition, it offers resistance to wind and cold, thanks to its sealed fabric with two layers. It is made of 74% nylon, 19% EPTFE and 7% elastane. The price of the jacket is 250 euros.

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The matching pants are made of the same materials. Ideal for practicing sports in adverse weather conditions. For example, a golf game in the rain. The pants are priced at 250 euros. In other words, the set costs 500 euros.

Under Armor Vanish Woven

Full-zip jacket, close to the body but not too tight. It is also water repellent but breathes wonderfully. Its four-way construction allows greater mobility. The price of this Under Armor jacket is 90 euros. If we want the matching pants, we will have to pay 75 euros more, so the set costs 165 euros.

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The best tracksuits for 2021: other brands

To finish, we bring you two of the best tracksuits for 2021 from other brands. Specifically, two firms that are breaking through with their surprising and fun designs

Criminal Damage

A classic but alternative sports outfit, with a hypnotic color. This light blue tracksuit from Criminal Damage is a marvel that you have available for a total price of 132.98 euros.

In this case, 69.99 euros for the sweatshirt and 62.99 euros for the pants. A sweatshirt with a half zip to the chest, a high neck and a wide fit. For their part, the joggers are tight, with an adjustable drawstring and a lower elastic band to fit the leg. Comfortable like few others.

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Good For Nothing

And if what you want is the most fashionable tracksuit, the sure choice is this set from Good For Nothing. Available in black, its side stripe with the brand’s logo is what has been sweeping for some time.

The set is available for 123.98 euros. The price of the sweatshirt is 64.99 euros and the pants cost 58.99 euros. Hood, laces and a lot of vibes have this tracksuit from Good For Nothing.

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