How To Shave Geralts Beard


Geralt of Rivia, the beloved protagonist of the popular video game series The Witcher, is known for his signature white hair and beard. While many people admire Geralt’s look, some may want to try and replicate it. If you’re looking to shave Geralt’s beard, here are some tips that will help you achieve the perfect look.

7 Tips To Shaving Geralt’s Beard

1. Gather All the Necessary Supplies: To shave Geralt’s beard, you’ll need a good quality razor, shaving cream, aftershave, and a brush or comb.

2. Prepare the Skin: Before shaving, make sure to wash your face with warm water and soap. This will help to soften the beard and make it easier to shave.

3. Start with the Sideburns: Begin by shaving the sideburns and working your way down to the chin. Make sure to use short, light strokes.

4. Use a Razor: Using a razor will help give you a smoother shave and will help reduce the risk of cuts or nicks.

5. Don’t Forget the Neck: When shaving the neck, make sure to go with the grain to avoid irritation.

6. Finish with Aftershave: After you’ve finished shaving, use a good quality aftershave to help soothe the skin and reduce irritation.

7. Style the Beard: Once you’ve finished shaving, use a brush or comb to style the beard and give it the desired shape.


Shaving Geralt’s beard is a great way to replicate the look of the beloved character. By following the tips outlined above, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect look. Remember to take your time, be patient, and use the right tools and products.

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