The best tips and tricks for a good shave: Step by step

Surely all the men who are reading this will remember when the the first time they shaved, probably with our father giving us the directions. Despite the years, many of us still shave automatically, without taking into account that a good shave can make all the difference in a face. Here we show you the best tips and tricks for a good shave, step by step.

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You will agree with me that when we talk about the subject of personal care, if we know how to do things correctly, with the different tricks, recommendations and rabbits, they are done much better and this shows, for the better, in the result. Whether you suck at shaving or not, follow our tips and tricks for a great men’s shave. Are you really bad at shaving?

Well don’t worry. If you are still one of those like Homer Simpson, who every time they shave they have to cover their faces with little pieces of paper and who jump because of the aftershave, surely you will be interested in taking a look at the tips that we show you in this article .

Why should I shave?

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At present the beard has acquired a lot of prominence (removing men who have the need to shave for their work). We have left, myself, total shaving for other occasions that do require it: job interviews, meetings,… in short, more formal occasions that require much more seriousness. Leaving aside the total shave in my day to day.

But you must keep one thing in mind, from time to time you must take care of your skin and let it breathe a little. So it’s time to shave.

In addition, nowadays the beard is not an element that is worn carelessly, on the contrary, there are many ways to wear a beard or goatee, and to be up to date we must always keep our beard healthy, trimming it periodically and cutting it when it grows too long. And it is that beards are one of the great stars of the season among the masculine look, so now shaving no longer only means removing the beard, but also fixing it and leaving it to the last.

But you can also do it not out of obligation or for the care of our skin, you are going to do it for yourselves. Because one day you wake up and want to change your look to raise our mood. Come on, do you shave?

A good shave step by step

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  • First Step

One piece of advice, take it as an appointment, choose both the day and the exact time you want to shave. The moment is important, when I started shaving I did it before taking a shower, and with how bad things were, you will understand why I opted for a look with a beard. But doing so is a mistake. Why?

It is vitally important to shave right after the shower. Since with this simple step (shower before shaving) you will avoid skin irritation and suffering for your pores, which must be open and with very humid skin. In addition, we will soften the hair of our beard, which will make shaving much easier.

If you are going to do it at another time of the day, another piece of advice that I give you is to take a towel moistened with hot water and massage your face to moisten your face and soften your hair as well as open the pores.

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  • Second Step

When I was younger, I “think” I still am, I was quite amused to see my father when he shaved. Since I used the typical shaving brushes, but I confess that in the long run I have finished using them. It is very important that you get the necessary humidity since it is a key element in shaving. That’s why I ended up using the shaving brushes that made me so funny. I recommend them.

Shaving brushes will never stop being funny because knowing that they are made with wild boar hair, badger,… One thing is clear, those that are synthetic are not very good at conserving water since they have plastic and this one is not perform this function. Obvious right? Surely I have surprised more than one of them.

Once we know the above, we apply the foam or gel and let it act for a few minutes, 2 will be enough, for it to act properly. After this, forget about the pulling and that rough feeling, because if you have listened to everything I have been telling you so far, everything will go smoothly. Now grab your machine and jump in.

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  • Third Step

You’re about to start the action. As a general rule, the electric razor will make your life much easier and you will have to pamper it in the preliminaries of the action and in the relaxed one, after the battle so that it works in perfect conditions.

When the moment of shaving arrives, you exert a slight pressure on your face with the razor and you will go making circles. You don’t have to worry about irritation, it’s totally smooth and you’ll notice it from the beginning.

  • Fourth step

Everything has an end. When we see ourselves completely shaved, do not forget to clean the face in its entirety with water, as cold as possible. If at the beginning of the shave you wanted to open your pores, to finish you must close the pores. This is very important because open pores accumulate dirt, which can cause annoying acne.

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Dry your face with a towel and “little taps”, then apply your favorite after save and you’re ready.

Other factors to take into account

You should also take into account another series of factors when shaving, for example the type of skin you have. There are people who have drier skin, and who will need to apply some moisturizing cream to avoid the appearance of the typical white marks caused by dry skin.

On the other hand, there are also those who have the most sensitive skin. In this case, each one must know the force that must be applied to their skin for the shave to be effective. In this sense, it is also necessary to take into account the type of beard that each one has, since there are few beards and smooth and straight hair, while others are very populated, with strong and curly hair.

It is essential to have all shaving materials in perfect condition, whether we use blades or an electric razor. That all are clean, well kept, ordered and ready to be used. If you use the traditional method with foam, make sure it is of good quality. And of course, never use a razor or razor blade that has been used by someone else.

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It is also worth mentioning that there are people who have too soft and sensitive skin, or who can react negatively to shaving with electric razors, which can lead to the appearance of marks and rashes. If this is your case, we recommend that you opt for manual shaving and that you take your time to do it delicately.

I hope our tips and tricks have served you. If you have any more do not hesitate to expose it. To finish, we leave you with a video and some links that you might find interesting to complement the information in the article.

Explanatory video on how to shave

In this video you can see some more tips on the correct ways to shave.

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