The best small tattoos for men 2023

Do you like tattoos? If so, you may have thought about getting one or maybe you already have several tattoos and wish you could find new designs. Generally, for men it is usually thought that they only like large tattoos or those that occupy, for example, the entire arm or tattoos for the back, but the truth is that you also like small tattoos a lot, so we want to present you below best small tattoos for men 2023.

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Tattoos that are varied and can be truly inspiring. They are also designs that you can make on any part of your body or perhaps carry them hidden, in the event that the design you choose is something more particular. In any case, we want to inspire you with the designs that we are going to show you below.

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Male tattoos tend to be a little bigger, but it’s not a general rule, far from it. There are those who are more discreet and who opt for tattoos for small men, designs strategically placed on different parts of the body, symbolic or not, which gives them that sensual point that they usually like so much.

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The best small tattoos

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This year 2023 the trends of last year are maintained, even though trends such as Old School, Blackwork or 3D tattoos are expected to consolidate. Small tattoos for men 2022 will be marked by these trends, in addition to the growing trend of tattooing the side and continuing to bet on men and arms, an area widely used and ideal for showing off a nice tattoo.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos seem to be rising from the ashes. Fashion from a few years ago, returns with force this 2023, and it is that the tribal tattoo is not only about signs and lines. Each type of tribal tattoo has its very special meaning, each line and sign in a tribal tattoo has its meaning. What is most impressive about tribal tattoos is that each tattoo is unique.

You can wear something authentic. This type of tattoo is usually a bit larger but if you prefer a small tribal tattoo you can get really special designs. You can choose to tattoo the wrist or the inner part of the shoulder. The most popular types of tribal tattoos are Maori, Samoan and Hawaiian tattoos. They seem the same but in reality they are very different and each one has its meaning. Some are made for protection, others to give strength.

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Japanese tribal tattoos are one of the most impressive and brilliant tattoo ideas, and one that never goes out of style. For a small tattoo for men it looks just great.

However, an increasingly fashionable option that looks wonderful is to fill the hand, fingers, knuckles and whatever you dare with individual and small tribal symbols. Whether or not it has meaning for you, on an aesthetic level it’s amazing.

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Geometric tattoos

Geometric and linework tattoos are the latest styles and one of the highest rate tattoos in 2023, we all know that being trendy costs its price. The geometric style has come to replace some of the most popular styles, well, actually, with the help of geometric style and linework from animal tattoos to zodiac sign tattoos, everything can be turned into a linework tattoo.

The main idea here is the combination of fine geometric lines with other details. On the other hand it can be only a geometric figure. Each figure, be it a circle or a triangle, carries a meaning of a particular symbol.

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This style is one of the most appreciated to turn it into a small tattoo for men since it adapts to any size and place on the body. You don’t have to worry about its dimensions, it will fit you regardless if you go for hand or leg.

What not everyone knows is that the origin of these geometric tattoos is related to alchemy. It is a legendary practice in which astrology, religion, esotericism and mysticism were combined.

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This practice advocated that it was possible to turn any element into gold. For this, it was necessary a philosopher’s stone that, in the middle of the Renaissance, was sought by millions of people.

In addition, alchemy tried to respond to natural phenomena that seemed to be of divine origin. Obviously, the magical nature of alchemy gave rise to a symbology that, curiously, has now been recovered.

Blackwork Tattoos

Blackwork tattoo is one of the boldest styles of tattoos for 2023. The idea of ​​this type of tattoo is to cover a large area with a tattoo totally, or almost totally. The Blackwork tattoo is most often combined with geometric and linework styles. Blackwork is heavily influenced by tribal tattoos even though it carries clear details of New School tattoo styles.

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Of course you can start with smaller tattoos and combine it with the dotwork, which will give your tattoo the gradually fading look of blackwork dotwork. They are quite impressive tattoos and they promise to reach the top this year. Surely you’ve seen him on legs like Lionel Messi’s.

Letter tattoos

Letter tattoos are also appropriate within small tattoos for men 2023, and specifically, there are many men who bet on this type of tattoo on their fingers.

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On the other hand, the letters that we can choose for our small tattoos for men 2022, can be accompanied by symbols that have a special meaning. This is the case of the tattoo that we see below, in which a single letter is combined with a crown.

With symbols

The small tattoos for men 2023, also happen to be tattoos that have various symbols, which together or united, can then form a great tattoo. This is the way of proceeding for many men who choose to get different small tattoos and thus cover areas of the body such as the entire arm, as we see in this photo below:

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We can also opt for tattoos that represent our zodiac sign. A small tattoo also perfect for men, which we can do in any area of ​​the body such as the arm.

Tattoos that have a lot of meaning

In recent years, small and simple tattoos have become more and more popular. Fine lines, subtle details and simple design are the hallmarks of small tattoos, aspects that make them just as striking as large tattoos (remember what you need to know about the engraving process

Created after the tattoo, such as expected duration, care… ..). There are many reasons that make men choose a small tattoo, especially if it is their first tattoo, because the small design is a good way to try this art.

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It is also easy to place on almost any part of the body: wrist, hand, chest, arms, leg… you name it. But the best thing about small tattoos is that they are more of a whisper than a scream: when people see them, they notice them, but they can also be easily disguised.

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Small tattoos with phrases

A man’s body has many different parts to tattoo. However, to consider these sexy tattoos for men, it is essential to choose a good place. Next, the best areas of the body to get tattooed:

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  • Chest: This part is very sexy for men who want to get tattooed. However, the ones that look best are the animals that cover the most area. Although it may look childish, there are guys who get a superhero logo tattooed on them, but if you have an artistic touch, it will look amazing.
  • Arms and Legs: Both ends are perfect for filling in tattoos of sexy men and landscape themes. With natural elements covering a large part of the arms and legs or at least a good part of those areas.
  • Side – For men, side tattoos can be sexy, depending on what is going on there. It can be text, small details like a signature, or an addition to the graphic below.
  • Neck: Neck tattoos for men are more attractive than for women. However, it can be an interesting tattoo for men if it is small and does not take up much space. A creative thing to represent them, the neck is the place to get a tattoo.

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Small tattoos on the hand

As for the areas in which we can choose for our small tattoos, we have to tell you that one of the best places to make a small tattoo for men is the hand. A classic.

You can choose a small design and use it anywhere on your hand. It can be a tribal style tattoo, flowers, rings, feathers, hearts, crowns, letters and so on. The knuckles are the hot part and if you tattoo more than one you will earn the status of super cool “baddie”. It is a romantic and meaningful place.

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We can also choose to get a small tattoo on our hand, shared with that special person. Take a look at the design below, a tattoo on the hand that has the shape or symbol of a cage, while your partner can sport a cute bird.

This other design shows two small anchors, one of the small tattoos that have become fashionable among many couples.

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Of course, let’s never forget the endless options that the Star Wars universe offers. Not only its characters or symbols but, as in this case, a montage of two cherubs with a Stormtrooper helmet. If your partner is also a fan, don’t hesitate: joint tattoo.

And what about the vines? Well, they have evolved from the legendary designs that turned the arm around and little else to much more elaborate, original and fun drawings. This has facilitated the arrival of vines in previously inaccessible areas such as fingers.

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According to your preferences, you can opt for neutral color designs or the opposite, for a colored tattoo. There are impossibly small tattoo designs that are barely visible and very delicate.

Tiny size tattoos on the arm

Small tattoos for men on the arm are a great choice because if what you are looking for is discretion, this is a site that you can easily “hide”. From the shoulder to the wrist, any place is good to tattoo something beautiful and small, a comfortable space for tattoo artists and that will give you more freedom when choosing a drawing.

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You can also get all kinds of tattoos of letters, initials or symbols, like the graphics that we have mentioned before, or of course, words that have an important meaning as we see in the tattoo above with the word “Alive” .

Tattoos on the leg that are small

Getting a small tattoo on the leg is also a good idea. It is a part of the body that is covered most of the year, a place reserved and beautiful for tattoos for men. You can opt for more abstract drawings or opt for styles as fashionable as linework or blackwork. Small phrases, symbols or geometric shapes will look great on the thigh or even on the foot.

You can also choose this area to get that tattoo that you have always wanted to wear because it has a special meaning but that you do not want to share with anyone. In this way, you will be able to show off a small tattoo for yourself that will undoubtedly be the most special of all.

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If none of these sites convinces you to get a small tattoo, there are other parts of the body and styles that you can resort to. You can never fail if you opt for places like the nape, neck, behind the ear, back, side, chest to get tattooed, you just have to remember that a tattoo will remain on your skin forever, so it is important to think a lot and be calm down when doing it.

Small tattoos for men are ideal for “newbies” in this world, a good experience is the path to a relationship that never ends and to which many become addicted.

Small tattoos worn by celebrities

Finally, we do not want to stop showing you tattoos that are small and that are famous. In this way you can be inspired by some of the small designs such as the heart tattoo that singer Harry Styles has on his chest, the anchor he wears on one arm or the letter A that he tattooed in tribute to his mother: Anne.

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And from one One Direction, to another. In this case, Zayn Malik who combines tattoos of all sizes on his body. For starters, Harry Styles’ black heart, which they made together to symbolize their friendship. He also has the occasional word in Arabic, in honor of his father, who professes that religion. And surely some tattoo will fall from his son with Gigi Hadid.

Another of the celebrities who bets on wearing tattoos that have a small design, or a design that is not excessively large like those worn by David Beckham or Justin Bieber, for example, is Agent 007, Daniel Craig, of whom little Everyone knows that he has a “nazca” style tattoo, a type of Inca tattoo that has a lot of symbology.

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Although if we talk about small tattoos, we have to talk about Ed Sheeran. The singer’s body is a tremendous catalog of small tattoos. He himself has acknowledged that he has accumulated more than 60 tattoos all over his anatomy and that he has no intention of stopping.

The singer Maluma is another of the celebrities who bets on small tattoos. In his case, like many other celebrities, he sports countless tattoos all over his body, many of them large, but he also has small designs like this crown that he wears on his neck and which contrasts with the maxi tattoo on his arm and the chest.

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In Spain we also have many celebrities who bet on small tattoos, this is the case of the actor Mario Casas, who over the years has been adding tattoos all over his body, almost all of them small, although without a doubt the best known or recognized by all is this of a “smiley” in the chest area.

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