The best haircuts for round faces

Do you have a balloon-shaped face? No problem. We are going to show you the best haircuts for round faces and you will be ideal. And it is that the face of bread that is said, does not have to be a problem to be perfect. Not much less. In fact, knowing how to enhance benefits and play with your hair, the best haircuts for round faces will make you a perfect gentleman.

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The best haircuts for round faces

The best haircuts for round faces only require one thing: a round face. If in the 21st century, aesthetics has not achieved a haircut that enhances the beauty of a circular face, turn off and let’s go. Of course, before facing the best haircuts for round faces, we must know the morphological characteristics of such a face.

And it is that a round face is not a ball on shoulders and running. A circular face has a particularly marked width in the area of ​​the cheeks. However, the curvature of the forehead and chin round out his features, forming an almost perfect circle. Interestingly, this type of face is as long as it is wide.

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For this reason, the best haircuts for round faces seek to refine those features, giving the appearance of greater length. You have to create an illusion so that whoever looks sees a more elongated face. And although it sounds like magic, it is more than bearable.

Curls and toupee

If your face is round and your hair is curly, you have a lot of cattle. Ask Richard Madden what he has made of his look, a personal brand. Hers is one of the best haircuts for a round face. The reason is that the round face is elongated by the endless quiff that crowns the hairstyle.

To achieve this, lacquer, wax or foam. And we accompany it with a manual undercut, which can also be cut with scissors, if we don’t want it so short.

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Classic cut

Who says that the classics do not work with round faces? Adam Scott is proof that yes. Her face is an almost perfect circle, but she knows how to get a lot out of every look she wears. In this case, going for a classic scissor cut, parted on one side and sideburns to the end of the ear.

The half-falling bangs hide the upper roundness of the face. The line diverts attention. And the sideburns sharpen the face. Breaking the circularity by three points. Without a doubt, one of the best haircuts for a round face

Full Shaved

Why not? We don’t ask that you have a face like Brad Pitt’s. It is impossible. But one of the best haircuts for round faces is, oddly enough, the simplest. The head shaved completely, let’s say at 2, and you will notice how the circularity of your face vanishes.

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The reason is that wearing hair so short greatly enhances the square shape of a masculine face. Mark the corners and give round faces another feel.

Undercut with highlights

The Undercut is one of the best haircuts for round faces. With the sides cut with a razor and the upper part of the head longer, we can play to give it the shape we want. In this case, Zac Efron opts for a parting on one side, an impossible quiff and everything based on wax to achieve a perfect hairstyle that blends with the line of the face.

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The differential point of this actor’s look are the highlights. Elegant enough not to attract attention. Colorful enough to be seen. The Undercut with highlights is ideal for the brave, especially in summer.

Classic cut and beard

If in the second of the best haircuts for round faces we showed a classic cut, now we repeat but with one more complement: the beard. In this case, Zach Galifianakis opts for a bushy, close, bushy beard.

On the one hand, the classic cut has the aforementioned advantages. On the other, the beard lengthens the length of the face until it changes the circular into an ovoid. If we finish off with some glasses, we will add a rectangular element to the look. Even without graduating, if we don’t need them.

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Short and disheveled senior

We present this look in two phases. senior and junior. The reason is that short, tousled hair looks good on round faces of all ages. The first example is Gerard Butler, the mythical Leonidas, whose face is rounder than a clock.

Short, disheveled hair rejuvenates you, stretches your features above and gives you a clueless air, ideal for someone with a serious look. It is one of the best haircuts for round faces because it is simple and can be done with scissors, for those who are allergic to clippers.

Short and disheveled junior

Chace Crawford, who was the protagonist of Gossip Girl, will give us the second proof that the short and tousled look is a wild card among the best haircuts for round faces. In her case it’s easy, because she has a round face but perfect features and eyes that divert attention from everything. Despite this, he knows how to enhance his benefits and virtues.

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She does it with a scissor cut, somewhat shorter but not too much on the sides, and a small crest at the top that helps elongate the face, breaking the circularity. To enhance the removal of facial roundness, stubble makes the face appear more angular, breaking the roundness of its initial shape.

Undercut (or high peak)

Whoever says you can’t wear long hair with a round face is lying. One of the best haircuts for round faces and one of the most fashionable is the undercut, in all its expressions. The fact that it is a cut that has been sweeping the world for years, especially among the youngest, is a sample of its versatility.

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The cut is as simple as shaving the sides very short and leaving the upper part, well pointing to the sky, well combed back. The goal is that, one way or another, the head gains in volume and loses its round shape thanks to that volume. The face seems much longer than it is, and the look works for short hair as well as long hair.

Layered cut

Talk about layered haircuts, it doesn’t always mean long hair. Not much less. One of the best haircuts for a round face is precisely with rather short hair and perfectly layered.

Matt Lanter is one of the actors with the roundest facial features in Hollywood. Despite this, each change of look he makes suits him better than the last. The last one she has done is this layered cut, ideal for traveling back in time. As simple as parting to one side, slightly raising the bangs and showing off the upper part, while the sides remain clear. The result is a sharper and longer face with a most classic cut, but with a groundbreaking point.

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On point and paraded

The most radical version of the best haircuts for round faces is spiky hair all around the head. A look that, although it hides the round shape of a face, does entail a tremendous risk because not everyone looks good on it. And Taylor Lautner is the example.

The protagonist of the Twilight saga has straight and very fine hair, so he must parade it so that it stands on end and with some shape. The problem with his hairstyle is that, having so much hair, it seems that he is wearing a helmet. It doesn’t suit her, although she achieves her goal, that her round face stops being round.

Medium length

Yes, Kit Harington, better known as Jon Snow, has the face of bread. But with one of the best haircuts for a round face, he knows how to counteract it and has achieved a look that, in addition to being iconic on television, favors him greatly.

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The King of Winterfell opts for medium length hair that, resting on his curly hair, he combs back to give the sensation of a rectangle to his face. The look is completed with a thick beard that makes the face wider if it fits. How effective will it be that many people are surprised to see the protagonist of Game of Thrones on this type of list.

Long hair

Getting to have the muscles of Chris Hemsworth is almost impossible. Sharing your look is somewhat more affordable. His bob in Thor is one of the best round face haircuts Hollywood has ever seen.

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You just have to let your hair grow to the shoulders and then play with it. Stripe to one side or stripe in the middle, it is the same. The advantage is that with long hair, the feeling of the face is elongated, not round. Flattering beyond belief, it also looks great with a ponytail or bun.

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