The best shirts to go to the office

Started a new season, you may want to be able to find those “looks” that are the best option to go to work . In the case, in addition to working in an office, surely you have to go with a suit or at least with a shirt and pants that look formal. Let’s see then a series of proposals that you are going to love since we have compiled for you, the best shirts to go to the office.

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The best shirts to go to the office

In a previous entry we already saw the importance of dressing well for a job interview, and this time we want to talk about “looks” that are the best in the case of having to go to work in an office, and specifically looking at the best shirts.

White poplin shirt + suit pants

The first of the proposals that we want to show you is the white poplin shirt. An elegant shirt style with a fitted cut as set by the latest trends. The design that we show you is a white shirt, combined with Zara dress pants. A fairly classic “look” but with which you make sure you’re going to hit the mark.

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Black shirt+dress pants

In the same way, you can also opt for this other model of shirt, again from Zara, in black, combined with suit pants just like the previous one. An elegant “total look” that will help you hit any type of office, but especially when you want to look really formal.

Gray “slim” shirt with tie + dress pants

On the other hand, we can choose a classic “look” for every man who works in an office. A “slim” cut shirt that is much more fitted than the previous ones, which is also worn with a tie. Our recommendation is that you choose the color gray for the shirts, since this is a trend tone. Also, nothing like wearing it with dress pants as well. The “look” that we show you is from the new H&M collection.

Tailored shirt with tie + dress pants

With a style quite similar to what we have just seen with the H&M proposal, we can also opt for this other shirt, of the “tailored” type that you will find among the new from Mango. A style of shirt that is in fact a classic among men who work in the office, since it is usually the one that best combines with a suit.

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However, we present it to you in white and with a tie with a polka dot print, combined with dress pants, but without a blazer, so that a classic “look” becomes a more current one .

Microcorduroy shirt + chino pants

For those of you who can dress in a more “casual” style when going to the office, there is nothing like opting for a microcorduroy shirt, since these are now a trend. The “look” that we show you below, which is from Massimo Dutti, has this type of shirt also combined with cotton, in brown, and also presented with chino pants in a similar tone. A “look” that seems very modern to us, but also very appropriate to go to work in an office during this season.

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Checked printed shirt + chino pants

For those of you who want a “look” that is not so extremely formal, but that can also be used to go to the office, we suggest this checkered micro print shirt, as set by the latest trends, also combined with some “Chinese” style pants similar to the ones we saw earlier. If you like it, the “look” that you can see below is from H&M.

Flannel shirt + dress pants

On the other hand, we also have to talk about flannel shirts, but don’t think that we are referring to the checkered ones that are usually worn a lot in winter. We bet on them with a model like this one that you can see below, from Massimo Dutti, with 100% cotton of Italian origin and also with a design that stands out for its two pockets. The firm also combines it with beautiful navy blue dress pants. A very elegant “look” to go to the office, but at the same time very modern and somehow, striking.

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Striped printed shirt + chino pants

We have already shown you before the bet for a checkered print shirt to go to the office, and also of course, we can opt for striped print shirts, like this pink and white model from Mango, Combined with chino pants and also on top with sports shoes. A fresh style that is also appropriate or successful for certain offices, since not all of them require wearing a suit or a shirt and tie.

Striped printed shirt with mandarin collar + chino pants

Another quite informal “look” but also very appropriate to go to the office this season, is the one we show you below, from the new Pedro del Hierro collection, with a striped print, in blue and white, but standing out especially for the detail of having a mandarin collar.

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A shirt that is also combined with gray or neutral chino pants, and that you can also wear with sneakers.

Pink shirt + dress pants

The pink shirt is another type of shirt that you can bet on to go to the office this season. A classic shirt, which we also present to you combined with dress pants. A sober “look”, although with that small color detail, which will help you to dress something more modern when going to work. If you like this “look” you can find it among the new Emidio Tucci proposals that are sold in El Corte Inglés.

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