The best looks to be comfortable and elegant at home

Being confined at home either out of obligation, or out of caution in the face of an active threat of the coronavirus, implies being able to dress in the most comfortable way possible, but what if we also have to be elegant for work reasons? Let’s see below, the best looks to be comfortable and elegant at home.

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You may have to telework at home, and you may have to be connected to your office, holding various meetings via chat or video calls, so it may not only be a matter of comfort, but also of elegance. Let’s see then several looks both for those who want to be comfortable at home, and those who have to look more formal and elegant.

The best looks to be comfortable at home

Being comfortable at home is always essential, so apart from betting on pajamas that can be a great “look” on those days when you don’t feel like changing clothes when you wake up, you can also choose one of the comfortable “looks” that we are now listing.

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Like this “look” that you see above Zara. A simple basic t-shirt and a gray tracksuit is perhaps the best outfit of all to be at home, but also one of the most recommended in the event that you may have to go out to buy food or to walk the dog.

T-shirt+cargo pants

Similar to the “look” that we have proposed as the first option, we also have the “look” of a t-shirt together with cargo pants so that you can dress really comfortable inside the house. Cargo-style pants, which are usually quite loose and baggy, will allow you to be really comfortable either while you cook, watch a movie lying on the sofa, or also while you spend a few hours working on the computer. The outfit that we show you above belongs to the firm Zara.


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We can also bet on this other “look” that we have also taken from Zara. It consists of wearing a simple sweatshirt, which we can also replace with a t-shirt. combined with a “jogger” type bermuda shorts that are more comfortable and loose. Perfect to be cool at home, and also a “look” that, as we have mentioned before, can be used for a specific moment in which you have to leave the house.

Shirt+bermuda shorts

In the same way that we can choose to wear a sweatshirt with shorts at home, in Zara you can also find this other comfortable “look” to be comfortable at home, which consists of simply wearing a shirt that can be knitted like this one , or also a simple cotton or linen shirt combined with sports shorts.


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The tracksuit is also one of the best choices we can make when it comes to dressing comfortably inside the house. The truth is that the options are many, and although you may choose a tracksuit from a specific brand or firm, you can also opt for one that stands out for having a loose design, as is the case of the tracksuit that you see above, belonging to to the new Zara 2020 summer collection.


Can we be at home with a swimsuit? Well, without a doubt, yes, taking into account that this type of pants is perhaps one of the best to be at home even if we do not plan to go to the beach (or we do not have an option due to confinement). Also, think that if you are lucky enough to have a pool at home, this is perhaps one of the best and most appropriate “looks” to spend the day at home. By the way, the “look” that you see above is also from the new Zara collection for summer 2020.

T-shirt+jeans or jeans

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It is perhaps not the most comfortable “look” of all, but if you choose loose-fitting jeans and you also opt for a wide T-shirt, you can be comfortable at home, and also ready in case you have to go out home for any reason. This “look” that we show you with a printed t-shirt and navy blue jeans is also from Zara.

The best looks to be elegant at home

Once we have seen some of the best “looks” with which we can be comfortable at home, it is time to see what other outfits we have at our disposal to be able to dress while at home, but in this case to look elegant now be it for work reasons, or because we simply want to look pretty at home.


Polo shirts are perhaps one of the most popular garments this season, and in a way, it is always associated with formal “looks”, so if you have an online work meeting or a video call with a colleague from the office, you can always opt for choosing a polo shirt like this one you see from Zara, in a neutral color, combined with comfortable jeans that will also allow you to look trendy, even indoors.

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Printed shirt+dress pants

This is perhaps not the most comfortable “look” of all when we are at home, but what if we have to work and we must wear a “look” that is really formal just in case? Well, nothing like opting for an “oxford” type shirt like this one that we show you, from Zara, also combined with dress pants.

Jersey+chinese pants

Something more comfortable, and without losing elegance, could be this other “look” that we show you, which consists of combining a simple fine-knit sweater, which is perfect for being warm and at the same time, not getting hot at home , and that you can combine with chino pants. A really appropriate “look” in case you want to be elegant or formal in your home, which you can find again, in Zara.

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In the same way as the previous “look”, if you bet on a fine sweater you can look elegant at home but also to be cooler, nothing like choosing to combine it with “oxford” type bermuda shorts like the bermuda shorts that we show you in the image, from Zara.

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