The best jackets for between-seasons

It has happened to all of us at this time of year. You go out into the street thinking that it is hot and cool. You go back for a coat and the sun comes out. Impossible to hit. Even more so since autumn and spring are just memories of the past. So that it does not happen to you again, we bring you the best jackets for halftime

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The best jackets for halftime

With the best jackets for halftime, you will not only hit the mark whenever the weather is undecided, but you will save yourself compromised moments. For example, being with your jacket in your hand all the time or asking someone for a sweater because you freeze. Take a look at the best jackets for between seasons and avoid complications.

What’s more, we leave you the links to each and every one of them, just in case you decide to buy it, you don’t have to search too much. In each of the best halftime jackets you will find how to get them with just one click.

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Best demi-season jackets: Zara

We begin the review of the best jackets for halftime with the brand name: Zara. The leading firm of the Inditex Group is presented with a straight-cut shearling corduroy jacket with a lapel collar and buttoned sleeves. It was clear that Zara was not going to miss a segment as sweet as the demi-season jackets.

Lined with sheepskin to match the corduroy, it also has pockets on the chest and hips. Ideal for changing temperatures and for those strange days that nobody knows where they are going to go. The price of this Zara jacket is 49.95 euros. It is available in tan and green.

Best demi-season jackets: Pro-Tech

In this review of the best jackets for mid-season, a Bomber jacket could not be missing. In this case, it is Pro-Tech, presenting a padded bomber jacket with polyester padding and a waterproof finish. It not only protects from the cold, but also from the rain.

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The price of this Pro-Tech bomber is 37 euros and it is available in black, olive green and blue.

Best Demi-Seasons Jackets: Brooks Brothers

At Privalia, we will not only find some of the best jackets for halftime, but also clothes of all kinds with tremendous discounts. In this case, a padded jacket from the luxury brand Brooks Brothers. Features a concealed hood, stand-up collar, and zip closure.

Light, warm and very fashionable jacket. It is the trend-setting design in recent months and many firms have jumped on this trend. Also, in Privalia you can find this jacket for 99.99 euros, when it usually costs 350 euros.

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Best demi-season jackets: Ellesse

Among the best jackets for mid-season we also bring more sporty and casual models. Without going any further, this Lombardy padded jacket from Ellese. Finished in plain weave with polyester padding and quilted finish. Ideal to wear with sportswear or jeans. Perfect for halftime.

The ellesse jacket has a hood, stand-up collar and zip closure. The ellesse signature logo presides over the chest of the garment on one side and the name on the other. The price of this jacket is 79.99 euros and you can find it in these conditions on the Asos website.

Best demi-season jackets: Schott

A Schott model could not be missing from the best halftime jackets either. In this case, the semi-long Field jacket from the house. A classic 3/4 with high neck and zip closure. Made of 100% polyamide, it is available in black and navy blue.

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It has an inner lining, ideal for colder days and is available up to XXXL size. Its usual price is 209 euros, although it can be found on several web pages with significant discounts, for example, La Redoute, where it is 30% less: 146 euros.

Best demi-season jackets: Helly Hansen

A Helly Hansen model could not be missing from the best halftime jackets either. A firm that has been doing things very well for some time and that represents the brand with this Crew Midlayer Jacket. Not only is it available in 10 colors, but it is also one of the most complete garments on this list.

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The fabric of the jacket is waterproof, breathable and windproof. To all this is added an elegant and sporty design, a trademark of the house. It has fleece lining in the neck and pockets and its weight remains at only 625 grams, making it light and comfortable. The price of the Helly Hansen Crew Midlayer Jacker jacket is 150 euros.

Best demi-season jackets: North Sails

North Sails is the next in this review of the best jackets for halftime. It comes with a fitted bomber jacket that reinvents the bomber concept. It does so with a model made of durable, waterproof Teflon-coated nylon.

Obviously, the jacket features the legendary North Sails logo on the chest, for a long bomber length. This North Sails bomber jacket is available in two colors: Blue and black. As for its price, the usual one is 179 euros, but it can have occasional discounts like the current one that leaves it at 107 euros.

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Best demi-season jackets: Uniqlo

The Japanese firm Uniqlo puts the finishing touch to this list of the best jackets for halftime. He does it in an ultralight down jacket for men. Classic cut jacket, mainstream design and ideal for halftime. Ideal because it is filled with down and feathers, while the exterior and interior lining are made of nylon.

The versatility of this down jacket allows Uniqlo to market it in up to six colors. Well, and the price. As usual in Uniqlo, the prices are more than adjusted. What’s more, this pen, which is usually worth 69.99 euros, is worth 59.99 euros these days. A great opportunity for the days that are still missing for the cold. That there will be few.

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