The best hairstyles of Tom Hardy 2021

Tom Hardy has become one of the most famous Hollywood actors and although of British origin, he sweeps every movie or series that premieres, thanks to his performances, but also to a style when it comes to showing off on screen (and off it) that makes him a role model for many men who copy his hairstyles and haircuts. Let’s see then what are the best Tom Hardy hairstyles 2021.

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Tom Hardy’s Best Hairstyles

Tom Hardy, 40, has quickly become one of the essential actors when we want to know how to dress with style, how to comb our hair or how to wear a mustache and beard, something he is a regular at.

For those who don’t know him well, we have to say that he became known as a result of his participation in the film Bronson (2009) that would lead him to work in Star Trek: Nemesis or Inception, as well as prominent roles in Warrior , Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and Mad Max: Fury Road.

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In 2010 he won the BAFTA for Best Rising Star and from there, he began his rise to being the antagonist of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, a film for which he received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 2016. We have also seen him in series like Peaky Blinders and as the protagonist of Taboo.

Tom Hardy is undoubtedly an actor who never ceases to amaze us, but if we focus on his hair, it is clear that he is not averse to changing his cut or hairstyle, either because he has to change his appearance for a movie or for personal reasons, but we also have to say that she normally wears her hair very short and combed back or to the side.

Let’s see now what are the best Tom Hardy hairstyles so you can look like him, this 2021.

Tom Hardy Hairstyles | shaved style

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The shaved cut is one of the most fashionable haircuts today, but it is also a style that Tom Hardy dominates in a particular way. The actor has a face with very marked features, so this cut is ideal for him since it gives his face more prominence and more when combined with a goatee or a beard.

In addition, Hardy usually wears his hair shaved, always leaving a longer part or with light streaks to give him a more modern style.

Tom Hardy Hairstyles | Relaxed Beard Style

The “laid back” hairstyle is something that this actor also dominates. For a current “look”, you can combine a hairstyle with this slightly disheveled effect, although combed to the side, with a bushy but well-groomed beard. Copy this style and you’re sure to rock this year.

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Tom Hardy Hairstyles | Undercut Style

The “undercut” style hairstyle is another of the hairstyles or haircuts that Tom Hardy has worn and that, in some way, have marked his style. His way of wearing his hair back, with very shaved sides, has caused many to copy him last year when he appeared (photo) at the Dunkirk premiere, with this cut that undoubtedly represents him perfectly.

On the other hand, she has also worn the “undercut” cut, leaving the central hair very short and glued, so that she achieves a really fresh and appropriate style for this summer. If you want to copy this hairstyle, ask to have it cut to the side, you’ll see how much more flattering it looks on you.

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Tom Hardy Hairstyles | Spiky style

The very fashionable “spiky” hairstyle is another one that Tom Hardy has worn years ago, and he seems to like it if we take into account that he resorts to it every time he feels like wearing a fresh and youthful hairstyle. For a style like this you should cut the hair, leaving the sides shorter and use a little wax or hair gel to comb it up.

Tom Hardy Hairstyles | Hipster style

On the other hand, for many, Tom Hardy represents the style of a current hipster, so that all those who want to follow that current, copy him in hairstyles like this one that you see above. Very similar to others that we have already shown you, this cut is worn to the side, with a slightly tousled effect and with razor cut sides. The beard, of course, is an essential element, although we can see how the actor wears it quite low.

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Tom Hardy Hairstyles | “casual” style

Or we can look at how the “casual” and relaxed style that many men currently wear for their haircut also looks like. The hair is further cut, hollowed out, and styled with a drop of wax.

Tom Hardy Hairstyles | classic style

From time to time, we have been able to see how the most classic hairstyles also look good on this charismatic actor. Now we may always see him shaved or with the “undercut” style mentioned above, but at the beginning of his career he participated in some films where he looked much more “modest”. We can see how she has also worn her hairstyle with a side part all her life, which, on the other hand, suited her very well.

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Tom Hardy Hairstyles | Long Style

Although Tom Hardy seems to prefer very short or shaved hair as we have seen, he has also occasionally sported longer hair than normal. It is because of this type of hairstyle that we realize that the actor’s hair is actually slightly wavy and that is why cuts with a tousled or very short effect look so good on him (since it has a slight natural volume that gives it freshness).

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