The best haircuts for men 2022

The trends in haircuts are renewed every year and although in the case of men it seems that they are less With respect to women’s cuts, the truth is that we have some news that we find most interesting.

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Let’s know then now the best men’s haircuts 2022.

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The best haircuts for men 2022

If you like to change your “look” on a regular basis, it is important that you know what the latest trends in haircuts are, but also if you are one of those who changes little or has spent years with the same cut, perhaps the time has come to try something new and bet on new cuts, such as the faded haircut for short hair that we see in the photo above or also the cuts that we are presenting to you now and that are the ones that will be most popular throughout this year .

Haircuts for men 2022: short hair with lock

Among the men’s haircuts 2022, cuts that are short hair but with a long lock in sight are imposed. In many variations, either with the hair shaved on the sides, with designs or geometric shapes, with a sharp line or short ombre.

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The important thing is that the hair is longer on the top of the head, so that you can style your hair according to the mood of the day: either backwards, up or to the side. A suitable type of cut for both those with straight and wavy hair.

Haircuts for men 2022: The “messy look”

A haircut with references to the pop stars of the 90s, with medium-length hair and a “messy” effect that was one of the most fashionable cuts a decade ago, but that returns this 2022 very hard.

You can thus imitate the style of long and disheveled hair that singer Shawn Mendes currently wears (above) or also, opt for a “messy” or disheveled effect cut, like the one you see below.

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It is a particular type of cut, it is good for those with a square face and it has the particularity of not requiring excessive care, because the hairstyle should be disheveled and clear. The effect you should have is that of getting out of bed after a “good night”.

Men’s Haircuts 2022: Short Shaded Hair

Another trend that is prevailing among the men’s hair trends of this 2022, is short and shaded hair or as it is also called “sfumato”, a very modern cut style, which is quite similar to the trend of Degraded cut that has made celebrities like David Beckam fashionable (in his case, he also opted for very short hair).

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A type of cut that can also be worn with a slight fade to the sides but longer at the top, which can be left natural or sculpted with wax and gel, depending on your needs.

To make this look even more special, you can add a side parting to achieve a more elegant hairstyle. A cut that can also be combined with a beard, not too long but very neat.

Haircuts for men 2022: Cut with bangs and very short

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The cut known as “Marco Antonio”, became very fashionable in the 90s and it seems that it is a trend again. A type of cut for men that is characterized by being straight and also with marked bangs.

A style that for this 2022, is also worn with the sides and back shaved or with a degraded effect while the rest of the hair is worn very short and is also combed forward.

Haircuts for men 2022: Cuts for curly hair

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What haircuts are trending now for curly hair? The 2022 men’s haircuts propose a short style at the nape but longer at the top, with a lock that can almost become bangs. This look is particularly suitable for those with a high hairline or even those with little hair.

We can also bet on leaving the curls softer or shorter, combined with a lower shave, as another option to be fashionable without sacrificing practicality.

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And for those who are tired of their curls always looking the same, they can opt for a “bowl” or “bowl” cut, suitable for those with a pointy face.

Haircuts for men 2022: long haircuts

Throughout 2020, shorter haircuts were the big trend, especially those with a military style or “look”, but for this 2022, long hair returns with great force. Specifically, the “long bob” is going to be popular, which is also in fashion for women’s haircuts, and which is a suitable type of cut for long faces.

Equal or scaled where necessary, this type of cut gives a “wild” touch perfect for the summer season. This cut should be thinned frequently and the hair should be well-groomed and smooth.

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Haircuts for men 2022: Short and highly styled hair

Is the messy, tousled look too cheeky and young for you? Then you can opt for a men’s haircut that is short, neat, even and without frills: a timeless look, perfect for those who want to always be in place with little effort and without using styling products.

The only concession: a light tone, on the sides of the head. A classic cut, suitable for any occasion.

Haircuts for men 2022: the Pompadour cut

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The Pompadour cut, reminiscent of the 50s, is easily worn by famous people and continues to be one of the trending men’s haircuts in 2022. Of course, the “modern” version consists of cutting hair with the machine in the area of ​​the temples and the neck, leaving it much longer and modeled in the upper part.

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