How to be Emo |10 steps

Making a small attempt to analyze and understand today’s society I am going to give you the steps to follow to be Emo. One of many urban groups that we see so much on the streets of our cities. What are Emo trends? What you need to know? What kind of music do they listen to? What attitude and philosophy do they have of life? I am going to tell you about all this and more in today’s article. How to be Emo in 10 steps.

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Let’s see 10 steps you need to follow to become Emo. To belong to this urban group you cannot miss the following steps:

1. Information

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Information is vital and you should know that an “Emo is not made, it is born”. An Emo person is modern, dresses in a certain way, listens to specific music, has a different way of thinking,… but it is something that cannot be forced but must come out of yourself. If you force it, it can turn you into a “Pseudo-Emo”.

2. How to dress

Being Emo or at least the clothes that characterize them, I’m going to be totally honest, it’s expensive. If you’re going to tell your parents you’re Emo, also tell them to prepare some money.

  • Dress in black clothes. You can mix some color but black must always be present (stripes, diamonds or squares)
  • Skinny pants.
  • Let the underpants be seen.
  • Use simple t-shirts with prints of music groups, extravagant drawings, …

3. Accessories

The accessories are an important part of the Emo style and its clothing. Some of the most important are:

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  • Black frame glasses.
  • Star tattoos.
  • Bracelets.

4. Slippers

With the shoes is where you will spend the most money. In your Emo closet you shouldn’t miss some Vans, Converse, Victorias,… that’s right, once you buy them you must dirty them to be able to show them to your friends.

5. Haircuts and makeup

Haircut is an important part of an Emo’s style. Let your bangs grow to unknown limits. This combined with a black makeup, it does not matter if you are a boy or a girl. A black eyeliner and dark eyeshadow.

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6. Attitude and philosophy

Emo’s attitude and philosophy of life is pessimistic. They give a lot of importance to personal feelings such as pain, anger or dissatisfaction with the current world around them.

7. music

What music does an Emo listen to? Look, above all, for Emo groups. Boy Bands like One Direction or The Wanted are totally prohibited in the Emo world. Blink, Evanescence, My Chemical, Jimmy Eat World, … are a few groups that you can start listening to.

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8. money

No matter how much money your “dads” or you have, in the eyes of others it should not be noticed. The Emo are characterized by not giving priority to the material.

9. Social Networks

A good Emo is updated in terms of social networks.

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10. Photos

The Emo person is obsessed with photos. Showing her wardrobe, hairstyle, …

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