The best easy-to-comb-and-cut haircuts

Every time we go to the hairdresser, the same question arises: do I get the usual or change of look? On the one hand, betting on something new requires knowing how to comb it. On the other hand, the usual is already boring. To encourage you to change your style, today we bring you the best haircuts that are easy to style and cut

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The best haircuts that are easy to style and cut

Be careful, collecting the best haircuts that are easy to style and cut does not mean that they are simple or not in trend. On the contrary, we are going to show you the looks that are most popular and that will not take more than a minute to leave them impeccable.

Also, it never hurts to try something new with your hair, especially when you can do it. When you realize it, it may have fallen for many reasons, so the time to experiment is when you have it, not when the decision is whether to shave it to zero or always wear a cap.

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That being the case, these are the best haircuts that are easy to style and cut

Shaved hair

If we talk about the best haircuts that are easy to style and cut, few of us will find it as simple as shaved hair. A look that has been universalized for years, when it seemed to be something exclusive to the military. To this day, it is not only a recurring haircut and easy to care for, but in many cases it looks great.

In this case, we have two options. The first is to shave all the hair uniformly, with the same extension and without complications. The second alternative is to leave the lower area a little shorter, about a mm difference, and thus give the cut a somewhat more modern touch.

In addition, the current hairdressers are also magnificent barbers, so in many cases the finishes can be outlined in luxury, especially on the forehead. On the other hand, if you want to save money, you also have the option of cutting it yourself. It is enough to review the cut once a week to take it as new.

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Among the advantages of having shaved hair, find the time you will save on combing your hair. Plus, it’s a much cleaner cut and holds up longer without washing. But of course, if you only want it for one season, it may be long until it grows again. As data, he calculates that hair grows one centimeter per month.

Ombre hair

Fade hair is one of the best easy to style and cut haircuts and a trend that has been going on for years.

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The best thing about opting for degraded hair is the number of alternatives it offers us. Not only from the length that we apply to the lower zone, which can go from 0 to 3 without problems, but from how we want the upper part. From very short and dyed, to something longer and combed with gel, going through loose hair, toupee or with a well-marked part, among many other options.

Of course, for your faded, undercut or the option you choose to look perfect, you must touch up the lower area two or three times a month. Obviously, if you have been drawn in the area, the frequency will be even higher.

Of course, it is one of the best haircuts that is easy to comb and cut because it takes nothing and less to clean it, hence its great success among men of all ages and from all over the world.

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Long hair

Jared Leto was the one who pioneered this new wave of manly hair. Now, it has been Jason Momoa who has established long hair among the best haircuts that are easy to style and cut

If you are looking for a rebellious look, different from 99% of men and, above all, extremely sexy, don’t hesitate, long hair is for you. And be careful, when we talk about long hair for men, we do not refer to loose or with a ponytail. Far from it.

From a flattering updo, to a ponytail that leaves part of the bangs loose, going through the spectacular Californian highlights that thousands of men around the world already wear.

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Of course, the fact that the long hair is one of the best haircuts that is easy to comb and cut does not imply that it does not require sacrifices. Among others, more common and specific care, drying when you get out of the shower and daily combing up to two times. Also, you will notice that it takes almost longer to grow than shorter hair. You’ll always want it longer.

While it grows and doesn’t grow, don’t forget to hydrate and nourish it specifically. Apply masks, softeners or, better yet, try the Dalire sulfate-free shampoo that will save you steps and products, giving you a surprising result. Best for long hair, but also for short hair.

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That’s right, you’re not going to look like Jason Momoa, but you’re not Jason Momoa either.

Medium long hair

Since Brad Pitt decided to go back to the medium length, the world of men’s hair has been revolutionized. Keanu Reeves and Harry Styles have helped the Oscar-winning actor turn medium length hair once again into one of the best easy-to-style-cut haircuts

In this case, if you have a long face, the medium length is for you. And if you cut it in layers, in addition to combing it more easily, you will notice how the effect is that your face is rounded.

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The advantage of the medium length, far from what many people think, is that it adapts to all types of hair. It is enough that you take minimal care so that, simply with its fall, you already wear it perfectly.

And if you don’t know how to take care of it, here are the best sulfate-free shampoos for men. Using any of these shampoos, you will not only avoid using masks or conditioner, but you will also recover the shine and strength of your hair, as well as softness and volume, essential if you decide to go for medium length hair.

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