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One of the best companies in the world of motorcycles is the protagonist of great fanaticism on the part of its users, especially in those biker gangs that comply with a certain of ritual, with a characteristic uniform and using the brand’s official items, just as if they were fans of a soccer team.

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The passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles is transmitted through fashion, and although it is a style full of leather, dark clothes and metal details, we also find some items that can be combined with other kinds of clothing, always aiming for a casual style.

Browsing the official site of the Harley Davidson dealer present in Spain, we noticed that in recent days there were not only great news, but we also found a large number of products that have been discounted, perhaps to attract more buyers than have tightened their pockets due to the financial crisis.

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The variety that Harley Davidson offers in shirts is more than anything oriented towards military-style designs, with long-sleeved and short-sleeved variants, all bearing the firm’s logo and having as options those that have pockets on their front side.

They are available in black, olive green and gray tones, preferably, although there is also the model that has attracted the most attention with a contrast of black and orange and the design of a reckless skull that gives a striking style.


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A mythical item from the firm, which has a great variety in its catalogue, but which is always defined under traditional characteristics that do not change over the years, being customized by biker groups (we remember the the Hells Angels, for example) or can simply be left as is.

In the jacket collection for this year we find some nylon models, one of them reversible, maintaining the same military design that combines perfectly with the shirts.


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We come to the items that have the most style, the boots that combine well with everything, and that bear the logo that identifies the brand, all made of leather and adapted to different styles, with a comfortable and light rubber sole and with metallic details that give it robustness.

The one that caught our attention the most is the Olimpia model, which has a rubber sole and a rather Retro look, made with high-quality leather and with the detail of its worn appearance that adds another Vintage complement to the model , ideal to combine with casual clothes.

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