The best color combinations for Spring

Quarantines are not forever, it is a fact. There comes a time when they run out and it’s time to return to the day-to-day routine. Of course, on this occasion, you can do it wearing a current, fashionable and captivating look. All thanks to the best color combinations for Spring

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The best color combinations for Spring

They say that spring alters blood. And they do not lack reason. But what also alters is the winter wardrobe that goes into hibernation for several months, giving way to fresher, more colorful and fun clothes. Obviously, when we wear less clothes on us, we have to take more care of the chosen outfits, because they look better. Hence the importance of knowing the best color combinations for Spring

In this case, the best color combinations for Spring have come to us from the catwalks that have been announcing what the color trends for this spring would be.

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A spring in which the elegant but casual man again wears, self-confident, neutral colors and, yes, some small accessories that will give your look a touch of life. In addition, all the trends that we are going to show you are available in the usual stores (Zara, Bershka, H&M, Mango…). In other words, you don’t need to wear signature clothes to show off the best color combinations for Spring

Best Color Combinations for Spring: Navy

We begin our review of the best color combinations for Spring with the season’s mainstream tone: navy. We have already commented that elegance is going to be a constant of the season and, in this case, marine tones find it quickly.

The nautical-inspired looks make the ensemble reach the perfect point between sophistication and freshness. We are talking about blues, we are talking about greens and we are talking about a wide range of dark tones, with classic and discreet designs, combined with some differential element that brings freshness to the outfit.

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Within this trendy color range, we cannot miss the opportunity to make the quintessential classic combination: dark blue and brown. The perfect mix for the look we are looking for this spring. We are talking about classic striped blue shirts, we are talking about navy blue hunting jackets with a brown collar or we are even talking about brown berets. Absolute trend

As for pants, it’s better to choose brown than navy blue. The same goes for shoes. The return of the nautical is a fact. However, dark brown ankle boots or half boots are once again an ideal option to complete your urban hunter look.

If we want something more casual, the choice is clear: classic jeans, brown boots, a white t-shirt and a sweater that can be navy blue or light brown over it. The options are varied and very recognizable. Without a doubt, the best color combinations for Spring are suitable for anyone who wants to show them off.

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Best Color Combinations for Spring: Neutrals

Among the best color combinations for Spring, Swiss fashion also sneaks in, that is, neutral tones that are suitable for any occasion. Mushroom and light brown are especially trendy, in this case, looking for a complicated but effective one color look

The objective of this monochrome fashion is to give relevance to the technological and futuristic fabrics that are going to gain relevance during this season. Loose-fitting garments made of unusual materials and outfits not suitable for all audiences, but increasingly common.

The gradients are going to be the option to vary the color somewhat or, in this case, take other combinative ways that this spring season offers. For example, mustard tones, in combination with light blue.

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In this case, we opted for blue on top, with a plain shirt or, at most, fine white stripes, and classic mustard-colored chino pants. The essential accessories for this look are the glasses and the belt. Essential.

If we want something more sober, the option is a dark brown at the bottom, repeating chinos or with an option of fine corduroy, and boots to match the pants. Meanwhile, we reserve the upper part for a maroon or wine red sweater or jacket, a color that is going to be a hit this spring and that threatens to remain in the top-selling men’s list for a long time at all levels.

Best Color Combinations for Spring: Pastel

We finish the best color combinations for Spring with the most surprising but also stimulating shade of those that are sweeping this season: pastel. Specifically, the rosés that are rising above all to be the ones that take the lead this spring in menswear.

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To combine them, nothing better than soft grays and browns that will shade the first impact of pink. The objective of this fashion is clear, to derive men’s fashion to a neutral gender in which the colors no longer imply a specific gender. It’s not a fashion, it’s a way of understanding society and making it mainstream.

If, at the moment, opting for pastel tones seems too risky, the alternative comes hand in hand with blood red for our afterwork looks. A loud and striking red jacket, nuanced with neutral tones that relax the outfit. We are talking about a beige checkered shirt, a brown tie, with a matching handkerchief. We are talking about a classic chino in khaki color and, of course, watch, belt and sunglasses.

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And it is that the accessories, as we have already mentioned, are going to be key this season. If we want to show off the best color combinations for Spring, we must go for the complete pack. Leaving the look of the moment unfinished is like ordering an Oreo cookie shake and not pouring cream on top.

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