Handsome men use moisturizers!

Evidently not. We’ve allowed ourselves a little license, as there’s no direct relationship between moisturizers and handsome men, but you don’t know how good using these moisturizers does for your skin! And it is that beauty is not only in perfect features, but also in showing off firm, smooth and hydrated skin. Take a look at our male actors and models, an absolute aesthetic reference. Those that we admire so much on the catwalks and the big screen also have their beauty tricks, and yes, they involve using a good moisturizer.

A growing market

If 30 years ago we had been told that most men would use men’s cosmetics, we might not have believed it. Culturally, this world of cosmetics and creams was associated with female skin, when the truth is that the needs of men’s skin are also very demanding; and we all do it to grow old.

This has already changed for years and there are many men who buy their beauty treatments monthly. In 2019 we could see specific data through a study carried out by Kantar, a consultancy specialized in consumer behavior. Through this study, we saw that already in 2019, 23% of those interviewed (22,000 men between the ages of 11 and 74 in 8 different countries) were completely up to date with fashion and personal care trends.

This survey was quite interesting for the Spanish market; and it is that Spain stood out for being one of the countries in which men take much more care of themselves with a percentage of 34%.

It is not surprising that being already in 2022 these data are much higher right now. In addition, we have spent a lot of time at home, a time when those who had not realized the needs of their skin had more time to pay attention to them and find solutions.

Products for men and male referents

We said that there are many male references who take care of themselves. It is not necessary to talk about great Hollywood actors like Brad Pitt, in our country there are endless actors and models who use these products and are even the image of many important firms.

Cosmetics are no longer an exclusive market for women. In this way, it is already possible (for years) to find products that adjust to the needs of men’s skin; and it is that, and this is important, there are small nuances that differentiate male skin from female skin.

How are male skins

We might think that a priori the needs are the same. In the end, when the skin is dehydrated and begins to stop producing collagen and elastin, the consequences are exactly the same. However, the characteristics of men’s skin mean that the needs of their skin are different and, therefore, also the moisturizing creams.

For example, we find ourselves with much thicker skin mainly due to the action of testosterone. Although the thickness of the skin decreases in both genders with age, in men this decrease takes longer.

Man’s skin is also much more oily. This makes it much more hydrated, although this also causes other associated problems such as acne.

Finally, regarding collagen and elastin, those substances that help us maintain youthful skin, we find more in men. This means that the signs of aging, in principle, take longer to arrive. However, when flaccidity and wrinkles arrive, in the case of men it can be very abrupt and more marked.

Different moisturizers

If we observe the nuances between skins, we can realize the importance of looking for a cosmetic adapted to male skin. Does it mean that a man cannot use women’s cosmetics? No, it means that men’s cosmetics are formulated to meet the exact needs of men’s skin. What’s more, in addition to these differences, you also have to look for creams that fit each skin type; and it is that as it happens with women, not all men have the same characteristics in their dermis, regardless of their gender.

We can look for anti-wrinkle creams for men that are formulated with extracts of caviar, blackberry, caffeine or hyaluronic acid. Creams enriched with vitamin C or even single-use facial masks (those that are so popular today) enriched with various vitamins and specific for a man’s skin.

Where to buy male moisturizers

It is important to always buy creams in safe stores. We cannot go to suspicious businesses without any type of guarantee of quality and safety in their products; and it is that this is still cosmetic and is still in contact with our skin.

The good news is that today it is very easy and comfortable to buy these types of products from home. We do not need to go to a pharmacy, as there are online pharmacies like this one. In these virtual businesses they can advise us and we can find a wide range of products that will fit any of our needs.

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