The basic style manual

To date we have been analyzing all the trends in clothing, accessories and other accessories that are a reference in the world of men’s fashion. But it seems that we want you not only to wear the latest trends but also to be able to wear them with class and style, even if it is an informal look. That is why from Modallos we have wanted to make a compilation that we call “The Basic Manual of Style” and with which you will be right for any occasion.

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The basic manual of style

In this men’s fashion blog, Moda Ellos, we have always tried to impart notions of style based on the research carried out. We have answered your questions and solved any type of problem that has arisen, however small it may have been, to create our current model of Moda Ellos.

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But we want to go further and gather everything we know in a single article, creating the “Ellos Fashion Style Manual”. From the most complicated issues: How to choose a suit, choosing a shirt, choosing a tie and tying it, etc. Even the most basic and current as they can be: The basics in a man’s closet, getting a casual look, …

The men’s fashion sector needs, to begin with, to know how and with what to combine the garments, something that they, women, already have more than re-known, hence women can be more creative. That security of knowing is what gives you the confidence that what you are wearing is well worn.

All the points that we will talk about you will no longer have to search for on Google, because we have gathered them all in a single article so that you can continue cultivating your style and end up completing the wardrobe of the perfect man.

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But also pay attention to everything that we explain below, which will allow you to be a man with a lot of style.

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I. The suit

Choosing a suit can be the easiest thing in the world or, on the contrary, it can become an ordeal. Not only do we have to know what colors are in fashion, or what designs are in fashion, but we also have to find the suit that suits us without having to be made to measure (something that not all budgets can afford).

Basic will be the suits in black, gray and this year in navy blue, but you can also try something printed (although make sure that the drawing is consistent with the seams) and above all see that it fits well with your body.

To know if a suit fits you well or not, it is essential to know several things: first, that the shoulder pads and the armhole are perfectly at the height where your shoulders end, second that it does not make wrinkles in your back, third that it fastens without you seeing that the shoulders rise and fourth that the length of the pants reaches where the heel of the shoe begins.

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II. The formal style

Choosing a formal style does not always require a suit. Today we can resort to styles such as “casual” or “smart” to select garments that we can consider formal or that are perfect for special occasions.

Among these garments you cannot miss, for example, shirts, which it is better to buy in neutral tones or at most with a checkered or striped print, as well as dress pants and of course, chinos, which are usually get out of trouble when you have an important appointment and you don’t know what to wear.

Blazers are also a point in your favor of formal style, since they will make you look elegant even if you are wearing jeans and a shirt. Actually the clothes are not everything, the attitude and how you combine it goes a long way.

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III. Casual style

In this section, surely many of you dominate a lot since it is basically the type of style that all men wear on a daily basis. Some jeans, a t-shirt or shirt, a jacket and hit the streets, but the truth is that going casual is something else.

Jeans are basic in this style, but you can also choose to combine a shirt with joggers, which, even if you don’t think so, can make your informal look earn points in a matter of seconds.

On the other hand, we must not forget that this style is also usually combined with sports shoes, although it will not hurt to choose a more varied type of footwear, such as boots or ankle boots.

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And as for jackets, this year the most “informal” guys wear bomber jackets, which are currently sweeping.

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III. Footwear

As for footwear, I have already told you in the previous section. Wearing sneakers is comfortable and, of course, a trend, but they are not always required. As much as fashion firms are increasingly committed to presenting suits with sneakers, it is better that you continue choosing the elegant shoes of a lifetime for these.

In addition, ankle boots have burst into the lives of many men and with this, they have made them look the most stylish and if you want to be one of them, there is nothing like betting on a Chelsea boot like the one you see above.

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IV. Hair and beard

As for hair, we have many articles with the latest trends but before going to your stylist and asking for a shave or leaving your hair with bangs, it is always necessary to know what type of cut or hairstyle suits your face the most and with that I’m sure you’re right.

As for beards, it’s better to wear them a little shorter than what has been seen so far. In recent years, men have embraced growing their beards and goatees out a lot, but trust me the days are numbered for the trend.

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V. Men’s care

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Finally something that is important and in fact should be mandatory for all men. Take care of your skin, your face and take care of your body, only then can you be a man with true style, because you’ll look better, you’ll look handsome and with it your ego will grow and so you can be a top man.

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