The Adidas Catalog for men Spring Summer 2022

Adidas is perhaps one of the essential firms when it comes to dressing the latest in sports fashion. Surely you already wear sweatshirts or tracksuits from this brand and, of course, their sneakers, but they also have other proposals for the new season that will undoubtedly surprise you. Here at Modaellos, we present the new Adidas Men’s Spring Summer 2022 Catalog.

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Adidas Spring Summer 2022 catalogue: t-shirts

If we are going to start seeing the Adidas catalog for spring summer 2022, it is best to start by looking at some of the t-shirts. The first thing to note is that if you like some of these designs, you can find them in other colors. This first option in the catalog shows a simple t-shirt, with the clover logo on the front and a pair of rays in the lower area of ​​the t-shirt.

Continuing with simple yet striking designs, you can get this pink t-shirt with the Adidas logo shown on the front.

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And don’t think that brands like Adidas don’t collaborate with other big brands, just look at this black t-shirt with the famous Disney mouse ears, the great Mickey Mouse.

And the cut of oversize t-shirts has also reached Adidas, there are simple but beautiful designs like this brown t-shirt.

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And the classic and basic t-shirts can never be missing, it was not going to be less within the Adidas catalog for spring summer 2022; where you can see this shirt with the traditional stripes along the sleeves.

Adidas Spring Summer 2022 Catalogue: pants

If you want shorts to enjoy the summer, the Adidas spring summer 2022 catalog has many models, of various colors and styles. The first of these examples is this extra-short red trousers, with details in black and white; a winning combination.

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The extra short pants are a guaranteed garment, not only because of their designs, but because they are more comfortable than the traditional ones; you can get some models like this one that is very simple and has breathable materials.

But you can get baggy and looser pants, if they are more your style, like these blue pants.

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And you can also get cargo type pants, with more technical and specific materials to avoid suffering from the heat.

And you will also be able to find in the catalog some pants that specialize in sports, like these gray running ones, with a cut on the side to be more comfortable.

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Adidas Spring Summer 2022 catalogue: accessories

In the Adidas spring summer 2022 catalog, you will find many accessories and many types. One of the most important are socks, like these blue ones, which are specialized for sports, thanks to their fit; although you can see them of all types and colors.

A good quality backpack is always a good accessory, in this case we have an Adidas backpack with several compartments, perfect both for sports and for your day to day.

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If you like to wear striking and different clothes, surely this hat with flowers and plants in blue color is a good option for you.

But don’t worry if it’s too much for you, as there are also classic caps like these and in many colors.

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If you are looking for a cover for your mobile that has color and is not simple, in Adidas you can see many options.

You may like to go for a run or a walk, but you don’t like to carry things in your pockets, for this you can find products like this fanny pack in the Adidas spring summer 2022 catalog.

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Adidas Spring Summer 2022 catalogue: sneakers

But if we are going to talk about the Adidas spring summer 2022 catalog, we cannot ignore the brand’s footwear, one of its top-quality star products, like this new model, the Adidas Ozelia, which is available in many colors and which has a very similar look to Yeezy, the luxury brand of Adidas.

And you can also get the Adidas Forum, a model that has a double closure, between laces and velcro; that brings a classic silhouette with new materials and with some modern adjustments.

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There are some sneakers that, despite being made for a purpose, their aesthetics and comfort, have turned them into sneakers that are not only used for day to day, but also because they have so many colors you can adapt them to various events, we talked about the famous and comfortable Adidas Ultraboost,

And if you are a lover of aesthetics and you like extravagant designs, the Adidas Adizero, shoes made for professional runners; they are seen more and more every day.

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What kind of footwear cannot be missing in an Adidas catalog for spring summer 2022? Of course, high-quality flip-flops like these, perfect for you to take your walks near the beach.

Adidas Fall Winter 2022 2023 Catalog

One more year Adidas surprises us again with its new collection of men’s clothing, always with sports overtones, how could it be otherwise. It is a catalog where t-shirts, both long and short pants, jackets, camisoles, sweatshirts and jackets are the true protagonists.

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Polo shirts and t-shirts in the most current colors, always cheerful and alive without forgetting the classic black and gray. Polo shirts with details on the collars and cuffs and always with the firm’s anagram, as the house brand and hallmark of quality product.

The most current and fun tracksuits, windbreakers or garments with reflective markings that will provide us with greater security when we do sports at night or in poorly lit areas. The application of the latest in sports technology at our fingertips.

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The Adidas signature shirts are shirts with sports overtones, they are comfortable garments, pleasant to the touch, comfortable and above all shirts that allow us to move freely.

Original Adidas designs with details such as embroidered shields on the sleeves, as we can see in the shirt in the image above. A straight-cut, classic shirt with details such as two large pockets on the chest, one with a button and the other without for greater ease of access.

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The Adidas firm cannot escape the rigors of fashion and within its shirts, it has also released a special design for a camouflage print, where greens, blacks and earths are combined in perfect harmony, to create a shirt fun, sporty and very special for days off.

The pants that Adidas does not present in its new Autumn Winter 2022 2023 catalog try to dress men in a sporty way, but without losing that air of sophistication. Sports pants are a comfortable way to dress, especially at a certain age in which we are still not very clear about our style. You can play sports with them or simply use them to go to the gym or go out with our people to have a good time.

As we can see in this classic adidas design, with side slits with hooks and available in both blue and black, which is the one in the image. Some designs that we can find in the new Adidas Autumn Winter 2022 2023 catalog.

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But if we want to get out of the classic and go psychedelic, what do you think of these warm, comfortable sports pants, made of cotton and polyester, but with a spectacular design, only thought for men who dare with everything and that we can also find in the new adidas catalogue.

Multicolored pants, which will allow us to run in an elegant, fun and, of course, very original way. A design that seems to imitate the skin of the fiercest animals, a very spectacular design that will undoubtedly turn more than one eye.

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Within the new Autumn Winter 2022 2023 catalog, we find a universe of outerwear, from technical jackets, windbreakers, padded jackets, vests, down jackets, raincoats, coats, bomber jackets, anoraks, parkas or reversible garments.

We will find feather jackets like the one in this image, an outdoor jacket, filled with warm down that will keep your body heat at a suitable temperature. A seamless jacket to prevent heat leaks and with a special treatment thanks to its nylon fibers that will protect you from both water and wind.

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This year the padding also has a special position within the new Adidas catalog and it is that it will be one of the garments that young people wear the most this season, its lightness, the joy of its colors, its designs and the option of padding synthetic or down, make this garment an essential to spend the coldest days. Quilts that we can find both in down and with a comfortable and warm filling.

Incredible raincoats like this white one with a hood, very much in the 90s and it is a decade that returns with great force this year in the world of fashion in general. A design that we can find in the new Adidas Autumn Winter 2022 2023 catalog, in white like the one in the image or in navy blue.

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Its design is straight and sober, adorned by the 3 characteristic bands of the representative brand of the Equipment saga. The fabric of the raincoat is rubberized, closed at the front with a zipper and a hood lined in the color of the stripes.

Training jackets like the one that appears in this image with a pleasant texture and made of cotton, which provides extra warmth as well as elegance, which will add color to cold afternoons.

Sweatshirts are a basic that cannot be missing from our wardrobe, whether or not we dedicate ourselves to sports, since it is a comfortable, beautiful piece that also gives us warmth and this year also, in the new Adidas Autumn catalog Winter 2022 2023, we can find sweatshirts as interesting as the ones we show you now.

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A beautiful navy blue sweatshirt, although we can also find it in white and with the labels in black, contrary to what we see in this blue model. An original model that keeps the essence of the first models, made of cotton with a round neck and in this case without a hood.

What can we say about this other design with an incredible touch and available in such attractive colors with this beautiful pink, blue, grey, red and white. A garment that we can use both to go to training and to go out for a drink with friends.

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But if what you like are jackets, what can you tell me about this black cotton jacket, with a porous textured fabric with 3 stripes, hallmarks of the firm. A beautiful jacket with a warm hood that we can also find in the new Adidas Autumn Winter 2022 2023 catalogue, both as a jacket and as a closed sweatshirt.

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