Discounts on men’s footwear for this winter 2014

The winter sales have already begun, so in addition to coats, sweaters and other garments that We can buy at prices with different discounts. We can also think about buying men’s shoes on sale and in this way go to the latest footwear and with the best prices during this season. Here at Modaellos, we will talk about the best sales on men’s footwear for this winter 2014.

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Sales on men’s footwear for this winter 2014

If you are looking for footwear that is a trend and that also allows you to save some money after all the Christmas expenses, perhaps the best option is to look at the shoe sales for this winter of 2014 and among which we highlight models such as the one you see in the photo above.

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It is a booty model and it is a type of footwear that is now a trend. It belongs to the firm I love shoes and it is the model called Sagamore, in black color and with a detail that I love and that is that you can fold the part of the tongue so that it looks like a much more appropriate and warm shoe for the winter. It is now on sale for just over 34 euros so I would not miss the opportunity to buy it.

Another model that I think is especially recommended to buy now in the men’s footwear sales for this winter 2014 is the Saint Malo Chukka shoe from Le Coq Sportif. We know that sports shoes are currently a trend so you cannot miss the opportunity to buy ones that you can wear with the “denim” style or with a daily “casual”.

A model that we also find in “plomb”, black or “ginger bread” with a rubber sole and synthetic leather exterior and that we find with a 20% discount at 64 euros. It is a narrow trainer so it is ideal if you have thin feet.

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And finally I propose another model of ankle boots, this time something more elegant and that will undoubtedly look great on you with a “casual” style. It is the Grana Tube Twist Chelsea model from the firm Royal Republic and they sell it in black or brown.

Model made of leather with a rubber sole and interior also in leather that we can buy with a 40% discount and for only 132 euros. It is wide so it is recommended to buy it in a number less than usual.

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