The 5 best online winter sales 2014

Some firms or online stores have already started their winter sales 2014. “Low cost” firms and major brands have put all their merchandise on sale and every so often it comes to my email to tell me. It’s what you have to be subscribed to. As I am a “geek” of sales, I wanted to prepare for you which, so far, are the 5 best Online sales that you should take into account when buying.

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Don’t think that, even if my inbox is flooded with emails with winter sales offers, I don’t checkout to see what they offer us. If I’m honest, we’re already starting to see thousands of offers that greatly reduce the price of those clothes that you like so much and we even consider buying at a more or less “normal” price if it wasn’t because someone has to pay the bills.

I am one of those who thinks that patience is rewarded and in the field of sales, I move like a fish in water. I wait for the best moment to buy those garments that were out of my monthly budget and that receive a 60% discount. Like I told you before, I’m a “geek”.

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That is why we must wait for the best opportunities to claim victory. For this reason, I leave you here the 5 best sales of online stores so that you can buy your shoes, suits, ties, t-shirts, … from your favorite stores at a bargain price. Paying a lot less than when you first saw it on the Internet.

1. Zara can not miss

The store par excellence for many of us, Zara, will start its sales soon. Surely you have already noticed one of their leather jackets, fitted suits or some special shirt that, surely, you will acquire at a reduced price if you are quick and pay attention.

2. Take advantage of the sale of Blanco

Blanco closes its stores in Spain, we already told you and it doesn’t surprise you. Therefore, you should take advantage of the liquidation of the garments that will be at rock-bottom prices.

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3. Hollister, for those male surfers

The Online store now has its discounts of up to 50% available. Find that denim shirt that you love at the best price or that straight jean that you have always wanted and that, due to the high price, you could not get. Sale at Hollister.

4. Topman

Topman sales are loaded with freshness and daring. If you are a dynamic and daring person, do not miss this opportunity.

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5. H&M

H&M has already started its winter sales since June 14. Winter trends come at incredible prices thanks to this firm that have up to 60% discount. Are you going to miss it?

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