Kenzo: Luxury shoes 2014

Luxury footwear not only stands out for the quality of the material used or the way it is made, it is also the careful designs that present us with a model of unique footwear.

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Kenzo’s designs are a mixture of elegance and distinction that are shown in each of the models. Kenzo has both beauty and fashion items for both men and women. For this article we have selected four models of shoes in which the sober and elegant lines are fascinating.

Not only can you find this type of design in Kenzo shoes, you will also find loafers in different shades, low wedge boots, among others.

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In this model we can see how the sober lines of the shoe are combined with a brief drawing next to the laces. We are facing a model with all the characteristics to be a classic, made of leather both inside and outside along with the sole.

For those who are looking for footwear in other colors beyond the classic black or brown in their different ranges, you can also find in the Kenzo models, a white leather shoe with the same sober and elegant lines, made of leather and with a heel low.

In the same way, you can also find this same shoe in navy blue that stands out for its combined laces in three colors.

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