The 25 best Costumes for Couples Halloween 2022 | Photos with Ideas to Copy

The night of the dead is coming, or what is the same, Halloween is already here! Who is going to miss it? Nobody! It is an event that has more and more followers and where people also work more and more, and it is that, as we all know, you cannot go to a Halloween party in any way… For this reason, we get down to it Let’s get to work and we offer you the best costumes for Halloween 2022. First tip: if you want everyone to really gasp, dress up as a couple!

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Steve and Robin from Stranger Things

Steve and Robin are two of the most beloved characters of Stranger Things and we can go as them on Halloween if we choose a costume like the costume they wore in the third season since they both worked in the same ice cream parlor. We need a blue t-shirt, another striped one, the sailor scarf and blue shorts and skirts, long socks, sports shoes and a sailor hat.

Cruella de Vil and Dalmatian dog

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You can buy or make it. To be Cruella de Vil, a black dress is enough, a coat with a sewn fabric that has a Dalmatian print and paint your hair black and white. For the dog costume, we can buy a white jumpsuit and fill it with black dots.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

They have many outfits but few are as iconic on a couple level as the one they wore in the “Apeshit” video that you can check on YouTube, but it basically consists of two jacket suits, one in pink and one in green without wearing anything else below.

Wifi signal and low battery

An original costume that we can get just by painting or decorating two black t-shirts. One that is the Wi-Fi signal and the other that of a low battery.

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The Walking Dead

There are many couples that have emerged in The Walking Dead but one of the most beloved was the one formed by Rick and Michonne. To be them, you will need a denim shirt and black jeans for Rick, gray pants and a beige tank top to be Michonne. We must also stain the clothes to make it look dirty, and add backpacks, a gun for each one, a katana for Michonne and of course her dreadlocks that you can get with a wig. To be Rick you will also need a beard and slightly wet hair.

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In the same series, another couple that I really like is the one formed by Carol and Daryl. Clothes are easy to come by, but the key is to get them dirty enough and to get the bow and arrows that Daryl carries.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

One of the most famous couples in music. John Lennon and Yoko Ono for which you don’t need both the clothes and the accessories. You can look at photos of the two of them and copy their style, but if you want to be them, you need to have long hair and glasses, round for John or sun-shaded for Yoko, who also used to wear big hats like the one you see in the picture. photo.

Barbie and Ken

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If you want to be Barbie and Ken dolls, you can take their dolls and copy some of their looks. We propose you this one that a nice couple imitated from how they appeared in the Toy Story movie. To be Barbie we can choose a blue jumpsuit and a sporty look. A blue printed shirt and matching shorts are enough to be Ken.

Doc and Marty McFly

If you want to be Doc and Marty McFly from the movie Back to the Future, you’ll need a white coat for Doc as well as jeans, a blue shirt and jacket, and a red vest to be Marty McFly.

Harley Quinn and the Joker

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A perfect costume for couples on Halloween is also this Joker and Harley Quinn costume. If you want to imitate the style of the photo, you need a suit and makeup from Joker in Suicide Squad, while to be Harley Quinn you can choose a sweatshirt or t-shirt, very short shorts and fishnet stockings. Don’t forget to add a baseball bat.

The Paper House

The La Casa de Papel costume is suitable for both couples and groups. It is also relatively easy to get. It is enough to have a red jumpsuit, with a hood, a Dalí mask and buy or make submachine guns with cardboard or eva foam.

Shrek and Fiona

To be Shrek and Fiona on Halloween, the key is to paint your face green and have a white t-shirt and plaid pants (which can be pajamas) for him, also padding to make the belly, and a dress green for her.

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Twins from the movie The Shining

Terrifying Halloween costume that you can get with a dress that is blue, of the “baby doll” type. You can buy it or make it in case you have notions of sewing. You will also need long hair and makeup in which you will mark dark circles above all.

Oreo Cookie

You can also try to be some delicious Oreo cookies. To do this, nothing like dividing the cookie in two. With a bit of cardboard or felt you can make this costume in black and white and of course, writing the name of Oreo.

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Chuck and Wilson from the movie Castaway

If you want to recreate the movie Castaway, starring Tom Hanks, it’s easy. You can choose an old shirt and shorts that you have around the house and cut them to look like you’ve been living on a desert island. Your partner can be your “buddy”, the Wilson ball. To recreate it, all you have to do is take papier-mâché and make a big ball, paint it and hang it with some ribbons or with the help of elastic bands.

Breaking Bad

If for Halloween you want to be the protagonists of Breaking Bad, you can do the following. Take two yellow jumpsuits or paint them this color, and also add a gas mask that you can buy or make as we explained here, when we saw how to make a costume from the Chernobyl series.

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Slash and Axl Rose

If you like 80’s and 90’s rock, there’s nothing like dressing up as two of the members of one of the most famous bands of the Guns n’Roses era. All you have to do is choose some tight jeans, sports shoes, rock t-shirts, chains and, of course, recreate Slash’s style with his top hat and long curly hair and Axl Rose’s with his red scarf and aviator-style glasses. .

Batman and Robin

O Robin and Batman, a classic that never dies and of which you have surely seen someone in disguise at some time in your life, but you and your friend can always improve it. You can choose the classic version from 1989, any later remake or something more your own with a personal touch, but never forget the tight leggings, the mask and the wonderful cape. A very easy Halloween costume to make yourself, because the really complicated thing would be to paint yourself like a “joker”!


Danny Zuko, a mythical character from Hollywood and also from Halloween, why not? He and his band T-Birds are very easy to imitate, at least in terms of styling… Tight jeans, white shirt, leather jacket and hair gel, lots of hair gel! If you want to complicate this costume a bit more, all you have to do is go to YouTube and rehearse “Greased Lightning”. This is guaranteed success at any party.

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Mario and Luigi

Surely you or one of your friends has that geeky side that, as soon as the opportunity arises, suggests dressing up as your favorite character from a video game. Well, that time has come! No one imagines Mario without Luigi, so all you have to do is find or buy a blue dungarees, a shirt and a red and a green cap. Stick the initials of M and L on the caps and show off a big mustache. If you are a boy and you want to show off your homemade mustache, you have to start to stop shaving!

Important note! Do not forget to take with you a mushroom (not from the field) and Yoshy, they are the top accessories of this costume.

Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Past the easy level in terms of working on the costume, now it’s time to work a little more, especially if you see this photo and decide that yes or yes you want to go dressed up with your friend or partner from Jack and Sally, from “Nightmare Before Christmas”, this Halloween 2022. We know that it is not an easy costume, but it is very cool, so we propose some ideas such as wearing Jack’s mask painted instead of being a real mask. Jack’s suit is also very complex so you can include just the striped jacket and the plain black pants. You can even test how a dark suit you have from an important event like a wedding looks on you.

As for Sally, things get complicated and we can only tell you that if you’re a sewing handyman, go toe-to-toe with the sewing machine, and cheers!

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Frankenstein and his girlfriend

Here the wedding suit we talked about before is worth it! If you want to dress up as one of the most terrifying characters in movie history, all you need is a completely black suit. Just like to go as the bride of Frankenstein, you only need a long white dress and long gloves, also gray.

The really complicated thing about this costume is the face and hair. Since the dress up is super easy, you have to put all your attention on making your friends scared with the makeup. In the case of Frankenstein, you need a pale makeup that marks the monster’s wounds and scars very well. I’m sure you can find a tutorial on Youtube. If you’re in a last-minute rush, I’m sure you can get a skin of this character.

As for his girlfriend, the makeup is simple, but the hair is not! If you have long brown hair, you can try doing her amazing hairstyle with a little white spray and many liters of hairspray. Otherwise, you will always have the safe option of getting the wig.

Mickey and Minnie

Who said Disney’s most adorable couple can’t go out for a walk on Halloween? Surely more than one of your friends has proposed it to you and you have discarded it the first time, but think about it, you can surprise everyone dressed as cute and adorable characters, and thus get all the candies. It’s not all scares on Halloween!

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Woody and Jessie from Toy Story

Continuing with the adorable Disney couples, we love this one a lot! Woody and Jessie are already part of our story, as much as Micky and Minnie, and thinking of them for Halloween is a good idea.
Their jean styling is not complicated at all, but we suggest that if you want to represent them well, you should at least buy Jessie’s pants and Woody’s vest! The rest, such as the shirt, belt or boots we allow you to be your own clothing. Important: don’t forget your hat, cowboys!

Game of Thrones couples costumes

To go to the last one, we have it quite clear: you have to dress up as the characters from Game of Thrones!

Jon Snow and Daenerys

Oh, Jon Snow and Daenerys, oh how much they make us suffer! If you are a real fan, you have to represent them well and for that, guys, you have to buy the costume with Jon’s swashbuckling and Danerys’ wig, at the very least. And we have nothing more to add.

Robb and Sansa

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If you have Game of Thrones in mind for this Halloween and you don’t want to coincide with another Jon and another Daenerys at your party, you will always have Robb and Sansa, also essential characters in the series. If you want to get into her skin, we’re afraid you’ll have to buy the costume too.

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