What am I wearing today – 10 tips to choose the right clothes

The alarm clock rings, one of many that you have worn to get up in the morning, and you postpone it. It rings again after 5 minutes… and you postpone it again. So until you wake up from bed as if your body were made of lead, have breakfast, take a shower and… you want to leave the house handsome but you don’t have time to choose your clothes carefully or stop to think about how to dress… What do you think? I put today? you ask yourself, and the clock forces you to leave the house with the first thing you catch. It’s over, you’re not the first man to ask this question (nor the last). Some efficiency professionals, like Steve Jobs for example, have their own 10 tips and tricks, and in this article we show them to you.

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What do I wear today?

Clothing is very important as it speaks about oneself, gives information about the person and those around them judge (inadvertently and without bad intentions) the appearance. The clothes we wear can emphasize our personality, can reveal our state of mind (happy or sad), our intentions (formal or mischievous), etc. With which, it is not a trivial decision, we must take care of our appearance in detail, we must choose our clothes well, not to appear to be someone we are not, but to reinforce our strengths and thus show the best version of ourselves.

Habits to save time when choosing clothes

As we live so limited by time nowadays, we don’t have all day to think about how to dress, so we provide you with 10 tips to choose clothes well.

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What’s the weather like

It is the first question we should ask ourselves before choosing clothes. A good habit is, as soon as we wake up, to look at our mobile what the weather is going to be like during the day. It is horrible to leave the house with shorts and cloth slippers to come back soaked. Depending on the weather, we can have the closet divided in two; clothes for good weather and clothes for bad weather. In the clothing section for good weather we will have colorful clothing (we will talk about colors later) and fine fabrics, while in the clothing section for bad weather, slightly darker colors and thick fabrics will prevail.

Where do I have to go

Once focused on the part of the closet where we have clothes according to the weather of the day, we have to ask ourselves where we are going, what we have to do during the day. What do I wear? It is not the same to dress to go to play sports, take a walk around the neighborhood or go for a walk with colleagues in the park, than to dress to go to work, to a meal, to take a walk around the center or go out party. Within the section of good weather and bad weather we should have a subsection of more elegant clothes and more clothes for “walking around the house”. Having these predetermined questions will help us choose clothes faster, since by asking just two questions we discard 75% of the wardrobe to focus on the 25% that interests us.

What image do I want to give

Very important. With the clothes we wear we are sending a message to our environment, a message that those around us capture just by taking a look at us. Do you want to show your tough guy side? jean jacket, do you want to show your most “sloppy” side? a tracksuit (be careful! the ones that are in style, not the one your father wore in the 80s, we’ll talk about this later).

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In Hollywood movies you can see very clearly how they work on the characterization of the character by playing with their clothing. Think about what image you want to give and try to bring to mind which actor plays the role you want to play, and just try to imitate their look with what you have on hand in your closet.

Watch out for colors

It’s very cool to wear bright colors, especially in summer and when the weather is good, but there are combinations that have always been prohibited, such as red with orange, or any of the previous two with pink, dark brown with the black etc Although nowadays, in this crazy world, everything tends to be mixed up and this forbidden combinations thing may change over the years. In any case, it is a good advice to discard combinations of clothes.


The best advice to choose your clothes well is not to get involved. Caps, necklaces… unless it is something you always wear, it is better to opt for other types of permanent accessories, such as a certain type of hairstyle or a modern beard. Another option is to be clear that with a certain set of clothes there is an accessory that fits well, but it is not worth getting too involved with the theme.

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Dress vintage, not outdated

Very important to have a moderately updated wardrobe. Today the theme of wearing old or old-style clothes is very fashionable; eighties to go casual or from the 20s and 50s to go elegant, but this should not be confused with dressing against the grain of fashion. When you see that the clothes you are wearing are out of date, there are two options: get rid of them (sell them on an app like Chicfy or give them to charity) or keep them (and wait for them to be back in style in 20 years). But having out-of-date clothes in the closet only hinders our decision of what to wear today? and also makes us run the risk of being horribly dressed.

The method of the 6 shirts

A method widely used by men who have to wear a suit to work, but easily extrapolated to other situations. It’s about having 6 sets of clothes, knowing which 6 top and bottom combinations work, and always wearing the same ones. Why 6? Because this way we will never repeat the same clothes within the week (business days) and we will not wear the same clothes every Monday, or every Tuesday, etc. (if you wear something this Monday, you’ll repeat it on Tuesday of next week, long enough for people to forget and not notice your trick)

The Steve Jobs method

It is a rather radical method, also known as the “cartoon method”. Steve Jobs thought it was silly to waste time every morning choosing clothes, so he spent some time deciding which was the ideal look taking into account his needs. He deduced that the ideal thing was to wear a long-sleeved t-shirt with a turtleneck, which gives him a touch of elegance within the informal, and that would protect him from the sun and the air conditioning, he also decided that the ideal thing was to wear comfortable jeans, since which are more formal than a tracksuit and are resistant and comfortable at the same time, and on the feet sneakers (Americans give much less importance to clothing, comfort prevails above all). So, he bought a stack of identical shirts, pants, and sneakers, so he didn’t have to spend time making a decision. As we have said, it is a very extreme method, but something more enjoyable can be done by using different colored shirts, etc. Angela Merkel uses this trick.

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Clothing Calendar

It’s about making a calendar of outfits that we know work, and adhering to it, so every day when we wake up we don’t have to choose clothes, we just have to execute what we planned, without wasting time making decisions. If it turns out that the weather or the circumstance of the day does not allow us to wear the clothes we had planned, we just have to look at which of the clothes we had planned for the next few days fits us well and advance it.

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