Suicide Squad Joker Costume

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The Suicide Squad movie has been quite a surprise, because one of the characters that we have seen and that has caught our attention and, certainly, was the most striking due to its colors, is that of the Joker , it is a very psychotic and very unstable version. And since he is a character who is constantly evolving, we can’t stop watching him.

As Halloween arrives, it is normal for more than one person to consider dressing up as the Joker. It is not about dyeing your hair green and then going out into the street. This character is somewhat more complicated and without a doubt, we cannot leave it aside if what we want is to achieve an incredible effect. So at Modaellos, we will show you how you can get the Joker costume in Suicide Squad.

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Joker costume in Suicide Squad

If what you want is an original costume, dress up as the Joker. Few could achieve the look that I feel is the most striking and colorful look. But it’s not just the clothes, but the accessories and makeup. We’ll show you everything you need.

Suicide Squad Joker Costume – Green Hair

Green hair is a must. You can get a green wig and trim and style it like the Joker’s hair, but there’s nothing like your own hair to dress up like that.

But you can also dye it with hairspray. If you have light brown or blonde hair, a couple of passes through your hair will get you the color you want, but if you have darker hair, it might not hurt to lighten your hair a bit or use a more intense hairspray. . In this way, you can have the intense green hair of the Joker.

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If you think it’s going to be very aggressive, don’t worry, because those sprays wash off and even if it leaves it a bit green at first, it will go away. As for rinsing, you can do it naturally using chamomile, so you don’t have to go to any hairdresser to get it clarified.

Suicide Squad Joker Costume – Pale Body

We will not take white paint and dye ourselves white. The Joker is not that he is white. The first versions may have been very white, but this version of the Joker is only pale. Too pale and for that, you only need a fluid foundation three shades lighter than your skin. Apply to body, face, neck and hands, Easily removed with baby wipes or makeup remover.

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Joker Costume in Suicide Squad – Body Tattoos

As the Joker goes with his coat open, you will have noticed more than once that he has some of the most striking tattoos. He has laughter, skulls, his name… Of course, we won’t ask you to tattoo them, but we will ask you to paint them so you can get the effect you really want on the Joker’s body.

With the help of a brush or a pencil for the body, much better, you will be able to draw all the marks on the skin. Some are very precise and need a good hand, so if you have someone who has that good hand and can draw, don’t hesitate to ask them to get what you want from the Joker..

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Remember that he also has marks on his face, so you must not forget to draw them. He has a J on his cheek and the word “Damaged” on his forehead.

Joker Costume in Suicide Squad – Face Makeup

To make everything look perfect, you just have to color the eyes, the lips and retouch everything with a good contour makeup that will help you achieve that scrawny Joker look.

If you want to see how the Joker’s face is properly made up, follow the following link, because you will discover how makeup is not that complicated.

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Joker Costume in Suicide Squad – Clothing

To complete the Joker’s look, you need the clothes. You can go in the versions that you liked the most, because in the Suicide Squad movie it has been presented in various ways. You can go with that beautiful aubergine-colored suit, with the white shirt from the opera…

Although the most striking thing was that look with the purple coat, open with a naked torso, so that the tattoos could be seen. The pants were blue in color and they were like tracksuits.

Depending on how cold it is, you can choose one look or another, but surely with any, with the details that we have shown you leagues, you will see the Joker from the Suicide Squad.

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Joker Costume in Suicide Squad – Details

And finally, if you want to give it the last touch, don’t forget the details of the Joker. In any look, the details are what complete it and give it personality, and the same thing happens in costumes. Therefore, you should not leave out the details of the Joker.

  • The purple cane from the movie
  • The purple glove that is put on
  • Large gold chains
  • Baseball bat
  • Iron dental guard
  • White or very light blue contact lenses…

The Joker costume in the Suicide Squad can be a real challenge. But if you put in and put effort into getting the details that it boasts, you will get a Joker from the movie the Suicide Squad, worthy of fear.

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Don’t forget to tell us if you liked the costume and if you would wear it for this Halloween. In Moda ellos, we await your answers.

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