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Although when talking about fashion it seems that we always look at the latest trends in clothing, footwear is also important so it will not hurt to review everything that currently in fashion when it comes to men’s shoes.

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Shoes for men can be truly varied and in fact, although sneakers seem to be currently the main protagonists among men’s footwear, even when worn with dress pants, we have to say that every occasion deserves its own shoe, so let’s see now what models exist.

Models or types of shoes for men

There are many types of shoes for men, although we can reduce them to the following list so that you know which shoe to wear for each occasion.

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Dress shoes

Or the shoes that men use when putting on a suit. They are usually closed or with laces, although there are also some with buckles. Made of leather and with a leather sole, perhaps we have the great “variety” of this type of shoes in the finish or in the tip, since they can vary, being round, oval, square, fine, etc…

On the other hand, sometimes they can be presented with different engraved details or with braided leather, adding more elegance to any masculine “look”.

Moccasin shoes

This is a type of shoe that surely many of you have worn as children and that by the way combine perfectly with tight jeans (Look at the style of Michael Jackson). They are usually in dark colors like black or brown and the truth is that they are very comfortable. As for the shape, they are usually smooth, although some models show off two tassels or a bow that hangs in the central part as a detail.

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In recent years they have become trending footwear thanks to the influence of “retro” style fashion, so don’t hesitate, and bet on them.

Oxford shoes

The “oxford” shoe is a very elegant type of footwear and ideal to wear with a suit. Its origin is due to the Oxonian, a kind of booty that was used in Oxford in the 19th century. It is characterized by having laces and joining by means of a seam on the front, both the tongue (internally) and the sides.

Nautical Shoes

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Do not confuse them with loafers because although they are similar in style and shape, the truth is that these are more “sporty” and also have a kind of lace on the sides. The sole can be made of esparto grass, although it is usually made of rubber. They are perfect for children and also to wear with shorts in summer.


Boots have ended up becoming in their own right the basic footwear for many men who want to always hit the right foot with their footwear. Nothing like choosing the leather ones, which are the most elegant, combining with all kinds of “looks”,

These that we have just seen are basically the shoes that we should all have to be able to match our footwear at all times, although from these we have other variations such as models that combine colors (such as white or black), or boots. In fact, boots deserve special mention in this post dedicated to men’s shoes, taking into account that they are one of the 2018-2019 trends in men’s footwear, as we see below in the next point.

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Shoe trends for 2018-2019

From the styles and types of shoes that we have seen, we can find several trends that will prevail in the coming months of Autumn Winter 2018-2019:

Casual shoes

Recreating the style of the most classic shoes, but with a modern touch thanks to the presence of suede, the casual shoe is one of the great trends in current men’s footwear. We can wear them in brown, black or navy blue, they are comfortable and they are also useful for all kinds of occasions since they combine with jeans, chino pants or a suit.

Velvet loafer

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On the other hand, the suede or velvet moccasin is another of the trends that will be most popular in the 2018-2019 season. A style of shoe that in recent years is being seen more and more, combined with dress pants or why not with jeans.

Leather boots

Leather boots, like these that we see in the image and with a certain aged effect, are also a trend for this new season. You can wear them in colors such as brown or black, combined above all with casual style “looks” such as a shirt and jeans, although they will also combine well with chino pants.

Sports boots

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We have already mentioned how ankle boots have ended up becoming an essential type of shoe within the proposals for men’s footwear, but we also have to talk to you about the trend for the “sport” model that is characterized by having with a rubber band on the sides, as “Chelsea” boots usually have, although made of suede or velvet. A perfect type of footwear to wear with tight jeans or skinny jeans.

Blucher shoes

The blucher is another classic shoe style that, although they are basic in current women’s fashion, had been left a bit out of the way when it comes to men’s shoes that you cannot miss, but it seems that for this 2018-2019, they return from new so that you can bet on them in their most classic version: black and with laces.

“Driver” loafer

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Finally, among the men’s footwear trends for 2018-2019 we also have to talk about the “driver” moccasins, a style of moccasin created in Italy that returned a long time ago and has become a trend again, betting on wear it in colors that are striking like the blue or red that we see above.

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