Shirts that do not wrinkle

Although in Modaellos we already saw how we can iron shirts so that they fit us perfectly, there are those who prefer to skip the ironing moment. For them, there are several models of shirts on the market that never wrinkle, although in most cases we are the ones who apply certain products to achieve this effect.

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There are usually no shirts that are always smooth. Even after washing, since most of them have cotton in their composition, which is a fabric that tends to wrinkle when it gets wet. Another option is that to ensure that our shirts are always perfect we can apply some “tricks”.

Tricks to ensure that shirts do not wrinkle

If you hate ironing, you’ll love knowing how to make shirts wrinkle-free. With these tricks, not only will you be a brush, but you will never use the iron again. Take note and learn how to make shirts wrinkle free:

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  • Softener for detergent – ​​When you wash shirts, change the detergent to fabric softener. You will prevent them from being so stiff
  • No dryer – If you have a dryer, the best option is to avoid it.
  • Hanger – The best thing so that the shirts do not wrinkle, is to hang them on a hanger and let them air dry. You may not completely avoid wrinkles, but there will be no tweezer marks and the fabric will be more stretched.
  • Wardrobe placed – Having clothes well organized is key so that shirts and other clothes are smooth and wrinkle-free. When hanging them, it is better to do it individually. It takes up more space but is more productive if we want it smooth.
  • Blow Dryer – If you’re anti iron but don’t mind picking up other gadgets, you can always use a blow dryer with a shirt. It will remove 95% of the wrinkles from your shirt. For the remaining 5%, you can use a hair straightener.
  • Water spray – A spray filled with water, you place it half a meter from the shirt and pour water into the wrinkles. That easy. When dry, the area you wet will be smooth
  • Water steam – Bring water to a boil, and when it does, steam the small folds. You will see for yourself how everything smoothes out. If you don’t have time to heat the water, you can apply this same trick in the shower. Close the door and let the steam work for you.

On the other hand, it should be added that some time ago a company called CasaModa launched a collection of a few shirts on the market whose main characteristic was that they never wrinkled. These shirts incorporated in their composition an elastic fabric that prevented them from wrinkling, not even when washing in a washing machine.

How are the shirts that do not wrinkle

What nobody thought years ago is now a reality. But, how are the shirts that do not wrinkle? Well, in the case of Sepiia, they are their own designs manufactured in a sustainable and transparent way. This Spanish company, supported by important R+D+i work, has managed to develop a type of shirt that does not wrinkle. Not only that, it also doesn’t stain or smell bad.

  • Quick-drying micro-fiber – Each thread of these shirts is made up of 47 micro threads. Thus, the shirt has micro-channels that allow moisture to escape and allow quick drying
  • Antibacterial nanoparticles – Inside the fibers, silver nanoparticles appear that repel bad odor. A treatment approved by laboratories and with an effectiveness that is close to 100%
  • 3D knit fabric – The 3D structure offers breathability and quick drying. This allows some stretch to the fabric, without the need to add elastane, so the shirt dries barely wrinkle free
  • Stain resistant – The fabric receives a treatment that makes liquids slip and does not stain. It is achieved by removing the surface tension of the fabric that acts as if it were plastic.

Another alternative for shirts that do not wrinkle is, in this case, the Apposta brand.

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  • 100% cotton – Elegant, professional designs but with the added bonus of always being immaculate.
  • Softness – They are very resistant to the touch but with great durability.
  • Body temperature – The finish of the shirt makes the body temperature and humidity of the organism serve to keep the fibers smooth and the shirt wrinkle-free.
  • Suitcase – Even when packed in a suitcase while traveling, these shirts won’t wrinkle

On the other hand, shirts that do not wrinkle are also being manufactured outside of Spain. In this case, the element used is the already famous Dow XLA.

  • Dow XLA – This wrinkle-free shirt component used primarily in swimwear as well as jeans.
  • Resistance – It is a fabric that is highly resistant to chlorine as well as other chemical substances used in finishing processes.
  • No ironing – In addition, it is not necessary to iron them since they have a perfect finish that never wrinkles.
  • Top brands – Little by little and although it is still not widely used, there are several firms that have incorporated this Dow XLA into the composition of their shirts, such as Calvin Klein, Burberry or Tommy Hilfiger.

Although we have the remedy at our fingertips, I repeat that the best option is to keep all the shirts hanging one by one, especially when they are recently bought because if they go in a bag they can easily get wrinkles.

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