Sale for men Stradivarius 2021

The sales for men Stradivarius 2021 will not arrive at any time. The Inditex Group has decided to cancel the Stradivarius men’s line and, from the beginning of 2021, it will only bring out fashion for women.

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This was confirmed by the firm that, for now, will focus all its efforts on promoting the line that it prepares for young fashion. Thus, men are left without clothes in Stradivarius.

From July 1st you cannot stop visiting the Stradivarius stores, where you will find the latest fashion trends for 2021, with great discounts. And that is the day the Stradivarius 2021 men’s sales begin.

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The Stradivarius sales are an unavoidable date for this summer, since with little money you can be fashionable and boast of wearing the most trendy, without leaving much money.

Summer sales for men Stradivarius 2021

Although the firm is traditionally associated with women’s clothing, in recent years it has gained great acceptance among the male public who want to always be in style and wear the latest trends.

Stradivarius garments and articles usually have discounts ranging between 30% and 50%, when the sales begin and as the last days of the sales approach (end of August-beginning of September) you can find discounts of up to 70%.

While we look forward to the month of July, we suggest that you visit your nearest store to see what fabulous clothes you will fill your summer wardrobes with. From Modaellos we leave you some of the ones we liked the most.

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You can’t miss, like every summer, thin and cool linen pants in your closet. This year they continue to be worn just like the Chinese ones that continue to be a trend.

The novelty this 2021 is jogger pants, which you will wear daily. You can combine them with shirts or leather jackets, so you don’t use them only when it comes to getting in shape at the gym.
Slim-fit pants will continue to be the kings of the season, although oversized pants are still going strong, especially with the high summer temperatures.

The colors that are in fashion this year are blue and green, as well as white and brown military prints. Although if you dare you can also find the range of pinks and violets to give a little color to your wardrobe.

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Do not forget to stop by your Stradivarius store, on sale from July 1, and you will find all these items with discounts of up to 70%


If a man had to choose a garment to wear for the rest of his life, the chances that he would choose a pair of jeans and a T-shirt would be very high. For this reason, the enormous variety of styles that Stradivarius offers us this year is aimed at the male audience that continues to choose this garment year after year.

Horizontal stripes, in true Parisian style, are essential this summer. You can find them in ranges, ranging from blues and reds, through greens, grays and blacks. You can combine them with jeans, chinos or for a more casual look, with the very fashionable joggers and a pair of sneakers.

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Vintage prints with all kinds of inscriptions, and even the combination of photos with phrases, especially in English, will continue to be a sensation in recent years. These types of garments give a great personality, or speak of you without you having to say a single word.

But the undisputed star of this season, in the Stradivarius 2021 collection, is the Hawaiian surfer type print with a variety of pink, purple and blue colors, seasoned with all kinds of flowers and palm trees. A 100% summer look that invites you to grab your surfboard and visit the nearest beach.

While you’re doing this, don’t forget to visit your Stradivarius store starting July 1st for the much-wanted look at discounted prices.


Another of the garments that Stradivarius offers every year, in different styles and for different audiences. There is no summer without short-sleeved shirts, which dress the man and can be combined with both long pants and shorts, Bermuda shorts or pirate pants, giving a more refined style to the summer outfit.

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It is the best option to go out for dinner or a drink, after a long day at the beach, or enjoy an evening walk along the promenade in style.

This season Stradivarius offers us the classic linen, going through textures such as denim, which lately has become essential, year after year but in a more summery variant with short sleeves.

The styles are varied, highlighting the mandarin collar, which always gives elegance to a shirt..

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As for colors, the range of blues is essential this year, as are the vertical and horizontal stripes, and of course, just like in the t-shirts, the tropical prints full of colors.

Denim and the imitation of this material will also be the star of this season, being able to combine with a variety of colors.

You will find all these fantastic shirts in your Stradivarius store, and from July up to 70% discount will be applied. So go choosing the one you like and don’t run out of it.


As for summer footwear, Stradivarius offers a wide variety of styles for this season. We can find the classic boat shoe, although this time with the novelty that they are made of fabric which makes them much cooler for summer

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Also the classic Franciscan sandals, which give a hippie look to any outfit and the very fashionable micro-perforated leather slippers that can be used in both formal and informal outfits.

This year’s collection is characterized by offering comfortable, fresh and at the same time fashionable footwear. For this reason we will highlight, for complying with all these characteristics, the elastic jute shoes, which have been the star garment of the season.

Stradivarius offers them in blue, yellow and with prints, so you need to get a pair this summer, to combine them with your favorite Stradivarius clothes. There is nothing better than doing it from July 1 until the beginning of September 2021, when the fabulous Stradivarius sales will take place in which you can find these items with up to 70% discount.

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