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Men have always dressed in pants, this is obvious, but current fashion allows them to choose from a wide range of samples that we are now talking about and about which we give you all the details regarding trends, styles or the season of the year in which we are. At Modaellos, everything about pants for men.

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Item Index:

  1. Pants for men according to the season of the year
  2. Styles of pants for men
  3. Trends for men’s pants 2016

Although for many men pants are a garment limited to two or three styles, such as dressy ones and more informal ones; We have to say that depending on the season of the year we are in or if we have to go to an important event, or to our daily work, we can change the type of pants. Currently you can even wear them based on the trends and thus also choose pants that allow you to dress in the right and latest way.

Men’s pants according to the season of the year:

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  • Autumn-winter pants: Jeans are perhaps the quintessential pants for the cold season, although you will also be right if you bet on corduroy pants, which were already a trend in autumn-winter 2015 and that you can still wear anywhere. next season.
  • On the other hand, leather pants are going to be a trend in the autumn-winter 2015/2016 season, so being an ideal style of pants for the cold months, you can bet on them without problem.
  • Spring-summer pants: Regarding the appropriate pants for the hot season, we have to say that bermuda shorts and shorts are usually essential during the summer, since currently you can buy them both in a formal style (as in Bermuda shorts that can even be worn with a blazer) or those that are more informal (such as Texan bermuda shorts).
  • Cotton pants are also ideal for spring-summer, as well as those made of fabrics such as linen or jeans.

We already see that it is not a matter of dressing with suit pants or jeans, and that each season new ideas for men’s pants can even arise and add them to the different styles that are given.

Men’s Pants Styles:

  • Jeans or jeans: The pants par excellence and that also combine with everything, even with a tie and a suit jacket. Although the most common are straight and somewhat tight, we will find them very varied and currently the “skinny” type is prevailing.
  • Wide pants: They are the least common, but very popular among young people. They are known by some firms as “baggy” and it is a type of pants that falls quite loose, with the leg somewhat wider than normal and with a low waist.

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  • Narrow or skinny pants: They are perhaps more popular among women, although in recent times they have also become fashionable for men. They are seen above all in jeans, as I have already indicated, and they can also be worn for suits for the 2015-2016 season.
  • Pants with darts: A style of pants that occurs a lot in men’s suits and dress pants.

Apart from the styles, men’s pants also tend to follow trends and they vary each season, so for example one year we can see pants of all kinds of colors, and the next with different prints.

Men’s Pants Trends 2016:

  • Colours: As seen in 2014 and 2015, pants of different colors will be in fashion in 2016. This year, and especially in summer, pants in colors like green, beige or mustard have been popular. . For the coming season, models in blue (color of the autumn-winter 2016/2016 season) as well as black and burgundy (also known as maroon or wine) will become very fashionable.

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  • Prints: They are perhaps more “difficult” when it comes to choosing them and combining them, although some fashion firms launch pants for 2016 that have prints such as floral (and that we have seen during the summer) or those models in which who wear military prints like the one we see above, from the firm Just Cavalli..
  • Leather: Leather pants have been all the rage throughout 2014 and it also looks like they’ll be making a comeback for Fall 2015 and Winter 2016. It’s a type of pants that seems to come back with a bang every winter.
  • Sports: Although narrow pants will continue to be present in 2015/2015, some firms have joined the trend of reviving a style of pants that to date was only used for practicing sports. In the season, tracksuit-type pants will be worn a lot to wear them with urban “outfits” and for more informal “looks” combined with sweatshirts, knitted sweaters, or varied t-shirts and jackets.
  • Raised bottoms: The great trend for the summer of 2015 has been to wear the bottom of the pants folded up. And for now, it seems that this trend will be repeated for the fall of this year.

More risky and modern options

As we have just seen, the world of men’s pants is much broader than many men think. In the previous lines we have shown you several options that you can use in your day to day. However, the world of fashion is constantly changing and is an area where risks are constantly taken. The world of men’s pants is no stranger to this, so we want to introduce you to some more risky and trend-setting options in this area so that, if you wish, you can go all the way from head to toe.

–The garish colors and prints out of the ordinary. In general, men’s pants do not stray from the most classic colors, such as white, black, blue or grey. Most men consider very few variants on this color palette. However, in the realm of fashion and among male trendsetters in the media, we are seeing this beginning to change. It is increasingly common to see how all kinds of celebrities choose pants in bright or deep colors, such as red, green or even yellow, and it is a trend that we can see more and more easily in stores. Along with the colors, there are also patterns, a very unusual trend in the field of men’s pants.

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Military print has been mentioned in the previous lines and, in the past, other types of prints were rarely found. However, this trend is currently under development and, in addition to the aforementioned military print, we can also find prints that imitate animal skin or geometric shapes. This type of pants has the objective of surprising the people who see them, so they are an ideal look for those men who want to give a modern, groundbreaking impression and far from the most classic canons.

–Opt for exoticism. If you want to surprise, but the previous option seems too risky to you, then another possibility that will be very fashionable in the coming months is that of exoticism. Looks related to clothing or outfits related to the general idea of ​​the traditional Far East will become fashionable and men’s pants will not escape this trend. Therefore, you can opt for pants made of fabrics that imitate oriental-type fabrics such as silk and, also, for prints representing traditional flowers, animals or trees, such as lotus flowers or cherry trees. This option will also allow you to impress people, as it is still a very little known trend, but it will be much more elegant than the previous one.

–If you have tattoos on your lower legs, show them off! A trend that is going to become very fashionable in the coming summer, especially among young people, is to give as much relevance as possible to the tattoos on their legs. In an area where more and more importance is given to the relationship between clothing and the ink that is worn, this idea is expected to be very successful. In this sense, the pants popularly called “fisherman” or “pirate”, which usually leave the leg exposed below the knee, will be the great kings. These will allow lower leg tattoos to show through without giving up the more flattering, streamlined impression that semi-long pants always give versus Bermuda shorts. Therefore, if you have tattoos on the lower part of your legs, the time has come to show them off in all their splendor. Take advantage of it!

–Don’t say no to “grandpa’s” pants. When we talk about “grandfather pants”, the image of a very mature man usually comes to mind wearing light-colored cloth pants with a very high waistband and that form various pockets at the back, in the pocket area. and the part of the thighs. Those are the kind of pants that younger people tend to stay away from. However, it is a concept that is being reviewed and, after characters as charismatic as Barack Obama have appeared publicly wearing them, this image has been adapted to the modern man. The latest men’s clothing shows that have come to light confirm this, so do not reject this type of pants because you still consider them only “grandfather’s”. With them, you’ll be in the latest fashion in no time.

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Men’s Pants Photos:

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