Pablo Escobar costume for Halloween 2022

There are fewer and fewer days left to celebrate Halloween 2022, and one of the best ideas you can choose is to make a costume by Pablo Escobar. This Halloween costume is easy, fast and we can make it at home in just a few minutes.

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One of the advantages of dressing up as Pablo Escobar is that many people will recognize you, due to the popularity of the Narcos series on Netflix which, at the moment, has two seasons and we already know that it will have a third.

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Stay reading this post to find out how to dress up as Pablo Escobar for Halloween 2022. What you will need, how you should imitate him and some of his history and life so that you can get the best costume for this party. If you enter a contest, be sure to win.

Pablo Escobar costume for Halloween 2022

To dress as Pablo Escobar, the first thing you have to do is be inspired by a chapter of the Narcos series or look for a photo of him on the Internet. Depending on the age you choose from this famous narco, you will have to dress one way or another.

We recommend that you search the web for two or three classic and mythical photographs of Pablo Escobar and that way you will have something to inspire you and people will recognize you much more easily.

Something you have to be clear about, for example, is Escobar’s gut. As usual, the years do not pass in vain and Pablo Escobar’s gut and kilos are not the same in the 80s as in the 90s. During his last months of life, the most famous drug trafficker in history had gained weight more than 10 kilos, so if you want to represent Pablo Escobar in his last stage, get ready to empty the stuffing of a cushion… and two. During this time he had also grown a full beard, but this is not recommended as it is not his usual look.

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Continue reading to know the different materials you need to dress like Pablo Escobar and the different options to dress like him.

Materials for the Pablo Escobar costume

Depending on what period of Pablo Escobar’s life you want to represent with your costume, you will need some materials or others. In general, and as the main elements that you will need are a short curly hair wig, and a mustache that, now we will see, will be less or more populated for the occasion. We have chosen three different options for your Pablo Escobar costume for Halloween 2022: Pablo Escobar in his mugshot, Pablo Escobar in jail and Pablo Escobar as Emiliano Zapata, Pablo Escobar in his day-to-day life and Pablo Escobar dead, although this may be something creepy, but more suitable for Halloween.

Keep reading this post to find out which option you like the most although, as you will see, they are all very simple and fast, offering you a very original and successful result.

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Materials for Pablo Escobar’s disguise in his mugshot

One of the most remembered moments in Pablo Escobar’s life is the one in which he had his first police record. In this photo, a defiant Pablo Escobar is seen smiling after being arrested. He didn’t last a day in this jail, so that smile said it all.

Here we put the mythical photograph of the boss of the Medellín cartel so that you can see all the details that we are going to teach you how to do later so that you are also the most wanted drug trafficker on Halloween night.

In this photograph we can see Pablo Escobar wearing a floral and tropical print shirt, with its neck very open. We already have the wardrobe we need. Then, as we have said before, we have to put on our curly hair wig and a less bushy mustache, since at this time, the boss did not yet have his mythical mustache. Also, paint with a pencil some stubble on your face, as if it were a couple of days’ stubble, as you see in the photo.

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Finally, you need to prepare a police file in which you put the full name of the jail where you are arrested: Cárcel DTTO Judicial Medellín; and the number with which it was recorded: 128482. To make this record, you will only need one black and one white card. On the white cardboard, make an elongated square, which will be where the name of the prison will appear; then make three smaller squares where we will put the numbers on the card. Finally, stick these squares on the black cardboard and you will have the mug shot of the famous Pablo Escobar.

Materials for the costume of Pablo Escobar in prison

After the fight that Pablo Escobar carried out against the new Colombian government of Gaviria, which proposed the extradition of Colombian drug traffickers to the United States, and having finished with this proposal, the boss accepted a deal with the government: he would enter in prison and would serve his sentence for the crimes committed, but he would do it in his own way and in his own jail. The government accepted on the premise that if they imprisoned him in an ordinary prison, they could end the life of the drug trafficker. In this way, Pablo Escobar ordered the construction of La Catedral, a luxurious prison where he and his hitmen enjoyed total comfort and spent the nights between alcohol, gambling and prostitutes. A little over a year after his imprisonment, Escobar fled from La Catedral along with his men.

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During his stay at La Catedral, we can see several photos of the capo, but there was one of them that became especially famous. In it, Pablo Escobar appears behind bars, which would only count for the photo, wearing a black Russian hat and a classic sweater with elbow patches.

To dress like Pablo Escobar at this stage of his life, you must first opt ​​for a perfect mustache, as he wore it himself. Then, get a Russian hat, with black fur, and a vintage sweater with a winter print and elbow pads. Layer this jumper over a striped shirt and you’ve got the right wardrobe.

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Finally, with some foam rubber or cardboard, we can make bars like the ones in the jail and take them anywhere with us. Make four ribbons that we will place vertically and one that will cross these four horizontally. Then spray everything with silver spray and you will have your portable prison, although less luxurious than The Cathedral. If you want to complete this costume, you can make a book like the one that Pablo Escobar himself wrote during his stay in prison and that summarized his life through press clippings and notes.

Materials for Pablo Escobar’s costume as Emiliano Zapata

Pablo Escobar loved his country and he loved Medellín, or so he said. If he was about to be president of Colombia, it is because the people loved him and although it may seem crazy to us now, it is not so surprising, when he spent entire afternoons walking through the marginal neighborhoods distributing money among the poor. However, the reasons why he did it were still business: He had no more resources left to hide the money he earned from drug trafficking. He also founded the Medellín sin slums project, through which he built, among other things, more than 50 soccer fields, a sport he was extremely fond of.

Another of the famous photos of Pablo Escobar, is this one that we see in which he is disguised as Emiliano Zapata, a leader of the Mexican revolution. Surely, El Patrón felt identified with him, since he really believed that he could take Colombia very far, which is why he ran for the presidency of the country.

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For this Pablo Escobar costume you will need more materials than for the rest of the proposals. First, look for a white shirt and some colored striped Mexican fabric that can serve as a kind of poncho, to put it across the body just like Pablo Escobar did for his costume.

Then get some cartridge belts, in which you will place fake bullets, and cross them through the middle of the chest, as a vest. You will also need the typical Mexican hat that, although it will be better if you buy one online at a low price, you can make it with cardboard, a balloon, cloth and some pom-poms. Finally, pick up a fake shotgun at any toy store and you’ll have your Pablo Escobar as Emiliano Zapata costume all set.

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Materials for the dead Pablo Escobar costume

Although this costume may be more gloomy and delicate than the rest, it is the most suitable for Halloween. To make a dead Pablo Escobar costume, you will need a bushy beard and a wig with longer curly hair. You’ll also need a polo-style sweater and rolled-up jean shorts, just like he was wearing on the day he died.

Finally, you have to take into account the shots from which he died: one in the heart and another in the right temple. Get some red paint and draw the shots in the corresponding areas.

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