Micellar water, before or after soap?

Skin health is not based on the use of hundreds of expensive cosmetics in order to achieve a look younger and more cared for, but this depends entirely on the daily cleaning routines that we follow, using a good cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer, all this will ensure that our dermis is in an optimal state.

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Taking care of the skin has nothing to do with money, excess time or miraculous events, it is all much simpler than that and also essential, yes, the only thing we must be clear about is that perseverance will have to be our friend from now on.

Taking care of the face is not only an action that we have to carry out at night when we wash our faces and go to bed, but in the morning it will also be a key process to get rid of all the sweat and dead cells that accumulate on the skin.

Gender has nothing to do with facial cleanliness either, this is not just a matter of women or men, everyone needs to have clean skin for the body to function properly, we must not forget that the dermis It is an organ and as such it needs some care.

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In this article we are going to address some doubts about one of the most used products in facial cleansing routines, micellar water, we are going to see what its place is and how it differs from traditional soap, so stay tuned! very attentive! and you will all become experts.

Before continuing, I am going to leave you here a list with the best micellar waters on the market, so as soon as you finish informing yourself about the whole process, you can come back here and choose one of the best in the ranking: The 5 best micellar waters for men.

Skin and daily care routine

The skin needs care that sometimes we do not take into account, as you know our dermis is an organ and it is also the largest in our entire body, sometimes we forget it for the simple fact of being visible and external unlike of the others that are inside us and that we cannot see.

When we are sick it is reflected in our skin imminently, it takes on a more punished, flaky, weak appearance, etc., however when we are healthy and we feel well, the skin adopts the opposite aspect, we can see it juicy, nourished , radiant and illuminated.

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Therefore we could say that our inner health and our spirits are reflected in it, without a doubt a mirror that other people see of ourselves and that even we can observe.

How many times have you dreamed of having beautiful skin, free of blemishes and with a healthy appearance? I’m sure on numerous occasions, but you have always thought the same thing: “How am I going to get skin like that? of X actor, if I don’t have his money”…, a phrase that falls into error.

It is true that having a lot of money gives you the possibility of undergoing more expensive treatments and with more advanced results, but all this is not necessary to achieve that appearance that you want, everything is much simpler and yes, it is available! everyone’s reach at this very moment!

The question is, how do you take care of your skin? Do you carry out a daily care routine?

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Importance of cleaning the dermis

We have already said that a daily care routine is essential for the skin, but there is a step within that routine that is even more essential: skin cleansing.

So that the treatments we use every day can work well and penetrate into the dermis, it is essential that it is clean and does not have clogged pores or makeup, dirt or even dead cells that do not allow this process.

Cleaning should be carried out at least twice, once in the morning to remove sweat and dead cells that remain on the surface of the face after dermis regeneration while we sleep and another at night before going to bed to remove the accumulated dirt of the whole day, impurities, makeup if we have used it or particles that adhere to the face and that we cannot see with the naked eye.

This process will be the most important and the one that offers us a truly healthy state of the face, however, it should not be the only step since toning and hydrating will also play an important role in its state.

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Once we know this, the most common question of all may arise, which cleaner should I use? It is clear that there are hundreds of them on the market, but today we are going to talk about the famous micellar water, a cleaner which wins the best seller award.

Micellar water, the wild card of skin care

Surely you have heard of it, a cosmetic that has been at the top of sales for many years and that is not surprising due to the amount of benefits its use has.

This cosmetic appeared unexpectedly in the world of cosmetics but without a doubt it was a success that continues to reach its peak of splendor to this day.

Its main function is to cleanse the skin but not the only one, since it is known as one of the most versatile products on the market, at the same time that it cleanses it also offers its own functions as a toner, moisturizer, etc. Many people have made it a single step in their routine for this reason, although it is not recommended.

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Its main ingredient is micelle, a particle that together with many others form a kind of ball that, as if it were a magnet, attracts dirt, trapping it and dragging it to the outside of the dermis, thus eliminating immediately all the dirt that accumulates on the face, but also does so in a completely respectful way, without causing damage to the face or worsening any skin imperfection.

It is a cosmetic that can be used on all skin types thanks to its delicate treatment and the formulation that they usually have, so light and simple, so no one will have to do without it!

If you are more lovers of homemade cosmetics, you can also have your micellar water in very simple steps, in this article you will find some recipes that you will love: Homemade micellar water, learn how to make it with simple steps.

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Wash your face with micellar water or with soap, which is the best option?

Soap has always been the neutral product for everything, to wash the face, body, hair, and even clothes! It is clear that if we make it at home and choose good ingredients, the results will not be bad, and if This one is neutral, it will be suitable for all skin types and will treat it respectfully, but does it effectively remove dirt that accumulates on the skin?

Surely you remember your grandmothers using soap to clean the face but perhaps if you look now, there are so many cleaning products that this one has been left behind, even so there are still many people who bet on it, an aspect that makes us think about whether or not it will really be a good option.

Today we can say that soap is not the best option to remove dirt from the skin, for the simple fact that it remains quite basic in this sense. In the market we can find other products that today facilitate this cleaning and also offer better results, such as micellar water.

None of the options is harmful to the skin, but there is one that is much more effective and therefore will offer a much cleaner complexion, facilitating the penetration of other products and therefore achieving better results in general, and this is the beloved micellar water.

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However, in no case does one counteract the other, that is, there is no reason to choose one if what we want is to use both products, there will be no problem at the time of adding soap and micellar water to the daily routine, we will only be able to promote more cleaning.

Is it necessary to use both? No, they are not necessary to obtain good results, but can they be used without problems to enhance cleaning? well yes.

If you still think you need to learn more about micellar water, I recommend that you take a look at this article that will surely tell you everything you needed to know: Micellar water, what is it and what is it for?

So, if we use both, does the micellar water come before or after the soap?

If you have decided to leave soap in your facial care routine because you love the feeling it gives you or because you simply think it is the best option, great! But you must bear in mind that it must have a neutral pH so that it it does not harm the skin, also if its formulation is based on natural substances much better.

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Micellar water is a cleanser that can be used without any problem with another stronger or more powerful cleanser. Being such a skin-friendly cosmetic, there is no problem with it. Therefore with the soap it was not going to be less.

For a correct facial cleansing it is important that you know that micellar water should always go before soap, in this way with the first one we will eliminate the heaviest dirt and once the face is clean we can finish cleaning with soap that we have chosen.

This lotion does not need rinsing but if you use a soap later if it is necessary that you rinse your face and dry it very well, since it can leave residues or foam on the skin.

To clarify the skin we must use warm water, since if it is very cold or very hot we can damage the dermis, since the natural oils of the face are altered. The same happens when drying it, we must do it with a soft towel giving a kind of touch to the skin, without rubbing and without being rough.

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So you already know where each one of them belongs, now, do you know how the routine goes? It is important that we do not skip any steps so that the whole process goes correctly.

The place of micellar water and other products in the facial routine

To finish with all this information, I would like to leave you here an example of a complete routine so that you know when to introduce micellar water and soap, what to do before and what to do after, so pay attention!

  1. Make-up remover or micellar water: If you use make-up with waterproof paints or very sophisticated designs, the use of a make-up remover is recommended, but if you don’t do it or it is quite subtle, the first step would be micellar water. To do this, we will use a cotton pad soaked in the lotion and we will pass it over the entire face, we will not stop doing it until the pad comes out clean.
  2. Soap (optional): Right after this lotion comes the use of our beloved soap, to use it this time we will use our fingers, for this they will have to be completely clean so as not to contaminate the process. Once the face has been soaped, we proceed to the act of rinsing and drying, remember the conditions of these two acts.
  3. Tonic: This product will be in charge of balancing the pH of the dermis and getting the pores to close, so that it will leave the skin fully prepared for any treatment. To use it, we do the same as with micellar water, a soaked cotton pad.
  4. Moisturizing cream: This step cannot be missed, since after cleaning the dermis we must leave it hydrated and for this we will have to use our fingers and apply the cream gently and in circular movements.

If you want a deeper clean, it is recommended to use the serum just before the moisturizer, as well as the scrub that would be used just before the toner and finally (once a week) the facial mask that goes just after toner.

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Knowing this, we already know that soap and micellar water are compatible, so if you are a lover of soap to clean your face, you will not have to do without it, now, you should also know that it is not strictly its use is necessary to achieve a clean face.

Still, there are many people who like the feeling that soap leaves behind, so I hope you’ll be happy to know that you can use it whenever you want (as long as it’s respectful and neutral), so take care of your skin!

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