Out Of The Office, a 100% sustainable fashion brand

Out Of The Office, also known as OOTO, is the new brand 100% sustainable men’s fashion that leads to revolutionize men’s fashion. Garments designed for those who enjoy the most, for those who value their time above all else. Here’s a glimpse of her first collection.

Who and what is OOTO?

OOTO is the new release of the Tendam group, already known for their brands Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Springfield, Women’Secret, Fifty, among others. On this occasion, there are two attributes that differentiate this brand from the rest of its “sisters”, it is 100% sustainable clothing and Andrés Velencoso is the creative director.

And what can you expect from the designs of this firm? As you can see in the photographs, these are garments designed for those who enjoy giving everything both outside and inside the office, so they are elegant and tasteful garments but with fit and youthful patterns, because maturity it is not incompatible with the casual style.

Sustainable Ego Fashion

As we told you before, one of its great strengths is that it is about sustainable clothing because, as Velencoso describes in Clause number 1, “We only have one planet. The more we defend it, the more we will enjoy it.”

They also create the sustainable ego concept, which means that responsibility, sustainability and care for the environment depends on you but not only for morality, but it will also be the only way you have to enjoy the world and of nature for a very long time.

For this reason, each garment that makes up OOTO is a defense and a fight against climate change. A proposal to wear comfortable clothes with an attractive design that does not subtract, but adds to something better.

What can you find in OOTO?

Within this firm you can find all the garments you need for your day to day: coats, shirts (dye, oxford, semi-dress, overshirt, denim), t-shirts, polo shirts, cardigans, sweatshirts, jumpers, jackets (jackets, vests , parkas, leather), jackets, accessories and caps, pants (cargo, chinos, jogger), jeans, underwear (pyjamas, boxers, socks), footwear (boots, trainers, etc.).

One of the aspects that has caught our attention about this firm is that, as it appears in its clause No. 83 “Time is the only thing that cannot be recycled”, these garments are designed to be versatile. They can be the great option to go to work with an elegant casual style and be the perfect garment for, after work, continue the evening without having to go home to change.

In the same way, they are garments designed to enjoy your relaxing days but without losing that touch of good taste, because you can enjoy the day off but without losing style and without losing comfort. Which is great in case one day a physical meeting or video call catches you outside of your working hours. Your outfit will continue to be casual and urban, perfect to continue offering a good image.

Where to buy OOTO?

Out Of The Office is a brand that will be sold in Cortefiel stores and the web as well as in the online stores of Pedro del Hierro and Women Secret online. If you take a tour of the OOTO website you can see all the designs of the new collection, their features and brand videos that you may find interesting.

If you like to buy more online, once you have found the garment that catches your eye on the web, when you click on the “buy” box, you will see that a new window opens towards Cortefiel. It will be from this online store where you can make your purchase of OOTO.

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