On sale at Jack & Jones

Have you not done your shopping at Jack & Jones yet? Today we present a selection of items on sale that can become the perfect items to get a ModaEllos look.

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In previous articles we have told you which are the best looks to flirt in 2013 and which are the fashion trends for this season, aspects that in our opinion you should not forget to achieve a sensational look.

Sales can be a unique opportunity to get the necessary items for seasonal looks or even to buy what we really need. Our proposals today are based on the sales that we have found in the Jack & Jones store, based on the items that you can buy in the Spartoo online store so that you can buy them wherever you live.

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On this page we have found an interesting variety of Jack & Jones items, from t-shirts to polo shirts, shirts, coats and sweatshirts.

One of my favorites is the shirt that we presented to you at the beginning of the article that you can now find for 35 euros when before it was worth 50 euros. A tip that I give you if you are thinking of buying it through the Spartoo store, you can always find discounts of up to an additional 20% on Happy Days, on their facebook or if you have made a previous purchase.

For informal dates, I loved the “come cocos” or “pac man” t-shirt, an excellent combination of colors and symbolism that can be fun for you. And if you want to give your look a casual touch, I have chosen this dark blue striped sweater, which you can also choose from other colors.

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