How should a man take care of himself when he reaches 30?

When we reach 30 we leave the stage of greatest splendor physical. It is very important to take care of our physical appearance since it is essential to avoid too premature deterioration. We not only have to focus on the exterior, but also on internal health, since at this age health problems have not yet set in. Follow my advice on how to take care of yourself when you reach 30 years old.

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When we reach the age of 30, men leave the stage of greatest physical splendor. It is time to start taking care of our health to avoid possible premature deterioration.

When we are thinking about personal care, we are not only referring to the external aspect that we project, but we are also talking about health in general. At 30 years of age we still do not have health problems installed in our body, however, and although it hurts to admit it, our body begins a period of decline, gradually beginning to notice its effects.

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Sport at 30

The 30 years are the ideal stage to work our resistance and burn extra calories with cardio. We must strengthen our entire body, take advantage of the gyms, and continue burning calories with a good training circuit. We will train our body to always be alert to moments of stagnation.

You always have to try to overcome obstacles and change your routine every so often. We must weigh ourselves once a week, at least, to maintain our healthy weight and we will continue working to improve healthy eating, since our body will gradually slow down.

Balanced diet at 30

From the age of 30 our body’s needs for nutrients change. Our metabolism and the body now need certain foods that were not so necessary before. We must complete a balanced diet when we reach 30 to feel better, prevent the appearance of some diseases and, why not say it, feel much more youthful. These elements must be included in the daily diet:

  • Antioxidants

Incorporate antioxidants into your diet to combat cell deterioration and strengthen the immune system. It will help us delay aging. You will find antioxidants in Fruits and Vegetables.

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  • Proteins and Vitamin B

They are very good for skin care. Proteins and Vitamin B can be found in milk, yogurt, milk. We will include chicken, lean meats and a large contribution of oily fish.

  • Do not exceed carbohydrates

Carbohydrates will end up turning into fat for our body if we don’t do the sport we need on a daily basis. Watch a video from a sports nutrition expert.

  • Reduce levels of sweet foods

This is obvious, but not only for those of us who have reached 30, but for everyone in general.

  • Avoid alcohol consumption

A couple of cubatas a week doesn’t hurt, but don’t take it out of habit. Avoid these kinds of drinks.

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  • Drink a lot of water

We must be hydrated. Water is perfect for our skin and we must renew it from our body by drinking at least 2 liters of water daily.

  • Moderate salt intake

It’s hard but you have to get it. In addition, salt consumption can lead to fluid retention and a rise in tension. Be careful with that.

  • Introduce the fiber

Introduce fiber into your daily diet to regulate intestinal transit.

  • A piece of advice

Eat 5 meals a day, small portions each.

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