New ways of wearing a suit

For work, for interviews, for occasions where formality is required or because you like to wear it. If the suit has become the basis of your way of dressing or is going to become, at Moda Ellos, we want to give you the best advice on how to wear a suit. And we want to rely on the name Slim Fit, which is characterized by being fitted suits.

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I begin by explaining that this name, Slim Fit, was coined inspired by the “Mob movement” that took place in the 60s and that had an exorbitant success and that continues today among the youngest. This suit model is characterized by being fitted and with narrow ties, becoming basic guides on which this way of wearing Slim Fit style suits is based.

We have observed that young people between the ages of 17 and 30, who do not wear a suit very often, have been able to find in the Slim Fit, a way to go to their most formal or special events, such as attending events and ceremonies. , interviews, … in a fantastic way and that they begin to discover, how elegance can bring a detail of distinction to styles.

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The Slim Fit has become a magnificent way to make boys and young men discover the pleasure of wearing a good suit or even introducing a jacket into their closet for “flirting” weekends. Regarding the latter, the return of the sport-style jacket has set a trend and, I think, will last over time.

The problem that many young people encounter when it comes to shopping is that currently establishments and shops do nothing more than sell, and I mean sell, since that is the only thing they know how to do. Without making an emphasis on advising these young people they need to know to have a perfect aesthetic. But Moda Ellos is already for this, and that’s why we want to give you the best tips for wearing a suit.

Tips on new ways to wear a suit

When buying a new piece of clothing, I want you to examine the image that illustrates the header of the article. With this photograph we have chosen it with all the intention in the world, to show you what you should NOT do with your next suit, blazer, sport blazer, jacket, suit…

  • The tie is always narrow, the Slim Fit model does not allow ties that are more than 7 cm wide. If you don’t know how to tie a tie, with this video you will learn how to tie a simple knot.

If you find the simple knot too easy, you can learn more complicated knots, but much more beautiful, in this article: Learn how to tie a tie knot. We continue.

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    You must not allow the front to open, even if they want to convince you that this suit is the perfect size. A suit, no matter how Slim Fit it may be, always has to allow that front to “fall perfectly”, and to always be attached to the chest. If it separates from your chest, it means that the jacket of the suit is too small for you and it is not your size.

    The length of the sleeve: If you lower your arm and place it close to your body and it does not allow you to see at least 4 centimeters of the shirt, you should ask for the length of the sleeve to be adjusted. The cuff of your shirt always has to be seen.

    The length of the pants. With this type of garment, as the bottoms are 16cm wide, and may be less, an excess of fabric is usually produced on our shoe. This is a very important area to watch, since it can deteriorate our pants. Take care of that detail that says a lot about us.

    Waist adjustment. This is one of the most significant signs when it comes to wearing a suit, since it shows that the pants are narrow or, on the contrary, they lack draft, this means that the pockets open. A suit that fits perfectly, fits perfectly with your body and does not allow the pockets to open. Keep that in mind.

Errors to avoid when wearing a suit

A good suit can give a man a professional, attractive and elegant look. But that only happens when it looks good. Wearing a suit properly is not as easy as it seems at first glance, especially if you are not used to it. Therefore, we want to tell you about some of the main mistakes that men make when wearing a suit so that you don’t fall for them too and ruin the elegant look that you have worked so hard to achieve.

Choosing a jacket that is too long. Many times the mistake of choosing a jacket that is too long is made. This gives the impression that the suit is too big for us or that it does not adapt properly to our body. So, don’t make that mistake. An old trick told by tailors is that the ideal height for a suit jacket to reach is the same as the height of your fingertips at arm’s length. Be sure to put it into practice!

If your jacket has more than one button, the last one should always be kept undone. A very common mistake that is often made is to button the suit jackets completely. If your suit jacket only has one button, then you won’t have this problem, but if it has more than one, the last one should always remain undone so that both the jacket and pants present the best version of your body. And always remember to unbutton your jacket completely when you sit down!

Make sure your suit pants aren’t too long. If something looks bad, it’s a man in a suit with legs that are too long or even rolled up in an attempt to hide the length. The ideal length that the pants of a suit should have is the one in which its end touches the laces of the shoes that you are going to wear (or its equivalent in the shoe model that you have chosen). Neither more nor less, because too short pants, in which the sock is very visible when you are walking, will give an equally negative impression of you. Therefore, be very careful about the length.

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Be careful with accessories. A suit with too many accessories gives a very ornate appearance. For example, cufflinks and a tie clip always give a touch of distinction, but adding to all that, a tie clip, a handkerchief and a chain, is more than too much. Therefore, do not add too many accessories to your suit. Sober elegance is always one of the main values ​​of a suit, so don’t embellish it too much. With this, you will only get the opposite of what you want.

Take good care of your shoes and belts. Sometimes, we pay so much attention to the suit itself and its components that we forget about those fundamental parts of it that are considered foreign to it, that is, shoes and belts. Shoes and a belt that are unsightly, too old, or unkempt will prevent you from having the smart, professional look you’re looking for. Therefore, give these elements the attention they deserve. Clean them with specialized products for the material with which they are made and keep them in pristine condition. That way, they won’t clash with your suit and won’t give a bad impression of you.

Remember that the tie and the handkerchief should not be the same color. Unless you’re going to a wedding, of course. In daily life, it is currently considered a misconception that the handkerchief and tie you wear have the same color and tone. It draws a lot of attention and knowledgeable people frown when they see it, so make sure that both pieces match each other and the rest of your suit. Be careful with this!

Watch your shirt. Along with the jacket and long pants, the worst impression a man in a suit can give is having his shirt untucked. Whether it’s the entire shirt or just a peak, this little detail can totally ruin your look. If you want to give a modern touch to your suit, there are other means, but we assure you that going down the street wearing a suit with your shirt untucked will give a very bad impression. Therefore, make sure that this never happens to you if you want to succeed with your suit.

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Other ways to wear a suit

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