Dior Homme Dermo System, the new line of men’s cosmetics from Christian Dior

The world of men’s cosmetics It has come a long way in recent years to the point that big fashion brands like Dior are launching their own beauty collections. That is why we present Dior Homme Dermo System, the new line of Christian Dior men’s cosmetics that you certainly cannot miss.

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Dior Homme Dermo System

Although at the moment we cannot say that men have cosmetic lines as elaborate or with as many products as those of women, we want you to get to know Dior Homme Dermo System, a line launched by Dior some time ago but that has been renewed completely through its products focused on facial skin care.

The firm has wanted to focus on a revolutionary system that consists of being able to combat the passing of the years and guarantee that male skin looks younger despite maturity. For this, Dior Homme Dermo System products have a specific action, cleansing the skin, followed by the importance of hydration and finally, dermo-cosmetic repair.

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For what has been mentioned, we have several products that make up the Dior cosmetics line, of which we can find one launched to cleanse the face well while the rest allow us to hydrate and care for the skin, so that the skin feels always fresh, cared for and younger.

These are the products that are part of the Dior Homme Dermo System line:

Nettoyant Micro-Purifying Gel

The first step for good facial skin care is deep cleansing and for this, nothing like the Nettoyant Micro-Purifiant Gel, which is made up of exfoliating micro-particles that penetrate the epidermis.

By applying a small amount of this gel to the face and performing a light massage, you will notice how the particles act on the skin so that it will be immediately cleaner. In addition, once you have rinsed off the gel and you have dried your face, you will notice the skin of the face smoother, more uniform and radiant.

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Thanks to the Vitamin E that is present in the formula of this gel, you will also notice how the face not only looks cleaner but also how it regenerates thanks to its anti-radical cell protection effect

Lotion After-Shave Réparatrice

The “Après-Rasage” lotion is the first of the Dior Homme products that we recommend to leave your face in good condition.

All men shave almost daily (even if you wear a beard, you will surely have shaved or resurfaced areas), so it is important to apply a facial lotion that allows you to hydrate the skin well after shaving.

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It is also a lotion designed specifically for those who have irritation after shaving. This product has among its components beta-ecdysone and vitamin E phosphate, capable of regenerating cells and repairing skin micro-lesions, so that you will notice immediate relief as soon as you apply it.

Essence Perfectrice Pore Control

Today it seems that cosmetic products focused on mattifying and reducing pores are proliferating more and more. Dior Homme has among the star products of its cosmetic collection this Essence Perfectrice Pore Control that you can apply daily on clean skin.

According to several studies reported by Dior, if you use this product you will begin to notice how your face looks more radiant and uniform. Apparently after 28 weeks of use, % of men who have tested this pore minimizer say that the skin looks clearer and less oily by 78% and also, shine is significantly reduced.

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Serum eyes Tenseur Défatigant

Along with the pore minimizer that we have just explained, this eye serum that, applied daily, will also eliminate any sign of fatigue on your face and specifically, in the area of the dark circle and the eyelid.

As we get older, the fatigue accumulated by getting up early, by the stress of day to day and by those nights in which you have not rested, cause the appearance of dark circles and bags that are also accentuated on mature skin. Some of the components of the Serum yeux Tenseur Défatigant include Cafexyl, which not only neutralizes the pigments that make dark circles look dark, but also helps the area to look attenuated and puffiness to reduce.

You just have to apply this serum daily, all over the eye contour, and you will begin to see your look more illuminated and without a trace of dark circles.

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Reparatric Moisturizing Emulsion

We also have to talk about this light cream. A moisturizing emulsion that has been created to hydrate, mattify and refine the face. Emulsion Hydratante Réparatrice is a masculine moisturizer that applied after cleansing the skin will help it not only feel hydrated, but also greatly mattifies the shine that the vast majority of men suffer from.

With shine, you will also notice that wrinkles seem to be marked more so apply this cream daily (both day and night) and you will notice the difference in the first month of use.

Lissant Jeunesse Serum

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We have already told you about an eye contour serum, but the Dior cosmetic line also has this other serum that you must apply all over your face to see the results.

The Lissant Jeunesse Serum has Retensium, an ingredient that redensifies and improves skin tissue, while the presence of ß-Zinc regulates excess sebum, in addition to extinguishing shine and helping you minimize shine.

With this serum you will also notice how as you apply it, you notice firmer skin, eliminating any signs of age.

Fix-It Foundation and Concealer

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Finally, we want to include in this review the Dior Homme Dermo System line, the concealer that was recently launched, with which you can hide those imperfections, pimples and dark circles on the face but also has a base effect.

Actually, it was launched for women, but Dior has realized that there are many men who also use it, so from Modaellos we also recommend it:

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