New S-Tech jeans from Salsa Jeans

Can there be any garment more common than jeans? Whether for a day at work, for a daily one, for an informal or impromptu dinner (or even for the occasional formal one) the jean has presented such versatility that it has positioned it as one of the public’s favorite garments, beyond many others. And it is not the only quality that they have been wearing since they were invented, if something has also characterized this garment, it is precisely its resistance and life expectancy. All this with minimal wear and a long life expectancy.

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This has led to the emergence of the first blue jeans in the United States in 1871 and patented two years later. Since then, they have not stopped gaining popularity among the public. But beyond their life expectancy, their versatility and the little wear and tear they suffer, some latest generation men’s jeans have recently emerged that have brought some novelties and new models of jeans that, although we do not know it, are already among us.


The new S-Tech jeans are the latest generation classic garments that are more resistant, antibacterial and thermoregulatory. These pants are made of super resistant technological fibers (dyneema and graphene). This combination makes them stronger, more durable, comfortable and ultralight. In addition, this material makes the textile more resistant to abrasion and tears. And the new thermoregulatory quality allows to balance body temperature, as well as to regulate humidity. In addition, S-Tech technology prevents microorganisms from penetrating the surface, preventing bad odors from appearing.

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In addition, S-Tech has a wide catalog of cutting-edge jeans. Among all of them there are two models, the most demanded by the public: S-Repel and S-Resist.


The S-Repel jeans model are jeans designed to protect you from inclement weather and bad weather. The new S-Repel technology is a fabric prepared and designed to repel rain, prevent stains from transferring, as well as odors. This textile also prevents it from staining, allowing it not to be necessary to wash them so much. And, in line with the above, sweat does not leave marks nor do bad odors permeate.


The second model of S-Tech is the denim model of S-Resist. These jeans are reinforced with highly resistant technological fibers. It is a durable combination, with great strength comfortable and light. These are resistant pants with great traction, resistant to abrasion, tears and scratches. These pants also have a thermoregulation system to balance body temperature and control humidity. The S-Resist are antibacterial jeans that prevent organisms from expanding on the surface of the fabric, causing bad odors and wear.

In short, jeans are a garment that has been used for a century and a half and is becoming more and more popular. For any situation, whatever it may be, the cowboy will always be a good decision. And, all this, with the latest textile improvements to be able to enjoy your blue jeans that are more resistant, more durable and more versatile than ever.

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