Manicure for men step by step

The manicure for men seems to be in fashion. More and more, men take care of their hands in detail, but not only to remove dead skin and have well-cut nails, but we can even see that they wear them with different nail polishes. Let’s see then the different types of manicures for men and how to do a manicure for men step by step.

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The different types of manicures for men

Men may not yet dare with the manicures that women usually wear, but that does not mean that they cannot have clean and well-cared nails, something that is important considering that hands are somehow, the letter of introduction in many professions (for example, that of a dependent) and it is not good to wear nails without a uniform cut, without being filed and even with skin.

Women tend to choose between many different types of manicures, but in the case of men we could focus on these three that seem to be the ones they use the most at the moment.

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Transparent or natural manicure

That is, perform the hand manicure step by step as we are going to explain in the point below, and without painting or applying enamel. In the event that you do want to paint your nails, then you can choose a transparent nail polish so that your nails look very natural or, at most, one that is pink.

Hydration manicure

To hydrate cuticles and nails, we can also resort to this other manicure. A type of hydration manicure that is usually done in aesthetic centers and that consists of immersing the hands in a hot paraffin bath.

After the time has passed inside the paraffin, we remove our hands and proceed with a massage that will enhance hydration. After this you can choose to either paint your nails with a color that you like or apply a transparent nail polish for protection.

Manicure with lathe

For this type of manicure, a small special lathe is used, so that the process of filing and polishing the nails is very detailed and deep. A type of manicure that many men request to be able to show off beautiful and well-cared nails that last longer.

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How to do manicure for men step by step

Once we have seen the three types of men’s manicures that are most commonly worn, we want you to know how to do your manicure step by step and at home. A process that, even if you don’t believe it, is very simple.

Maybe if this is the first time you get a manicure for men, it will surely take you some time, but practicing it once a week will take you just a few minutes and will allow you to always have your nails cared for. Let’s see all the steps in detail.

Wash your hands

The first thing you should do is wash your hands or soak them. In fact, you have two possibilities:

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Prepare a small basin with typical water and soak your hands for about five minutes;

Or you can also take a hot shower to prepare for your manicure.

Do not cut the cuticles

Many people think that the cuticles are cut, but in reality it is not true. Therefore, do not make the mistake of cutting the cuticles, you would only favor the appearance of irritations and the development of cuticles that could cause pain. You have to do the opposite: first of all, soften the nails with olive oil and then, with the help of an orange stick, gently push them back.

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Don’t cut your nails

It may sound like an inconsistency to you, but the truth is that for men’s manicures it is not necessary to cut the nails as long as they are not too long. That is, if you usually cut your nails with your nail clippers on a regular basis, you do not have to cut too much. In fact, a man’s well-groomed nails should not have a white arc, that is, their length should reach the height of the fingers. Nail clippers can be a good ally when it comes to fixing nails that are too long, but we repeat, if they are already at a good length, what you should do then is focus your manicure on the next step.

File the nails

The key to a good manicure for men is to make the nails look well filed and polished. To do this, get a hard nail file (if you have weak nails you should use a cardboard file) and begin to smooth the surface of the nail, also focusing on the sides, so that you can give it the proper shape.

And what is the proper way? Well, it’s a matter of taste, although if we pay attention to the experts in manicures, we must give it a rounded shape but without exaggeration and also try not to exceed the aforementioned length, that is to say that it is never necessary to file as much as is usually done to the nails. feminine when, for example, we want to give it a pointed shape or that the tip is square.

Moisturize your hands

It may seem trivial, but within the manicure of the hands it is essential to hydrate the hands while also massaging your nails. To hydrate the hands and nails, all you have to do is apply a little oil or paraffin cream and also give yourself a good massage to enhance and maintain that hydration for longer.

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Paint your nails

Finally and after hydration, it will be good for you to decide whether or not you want to paint your nails. An increasingly recurring trend among men so why not? Pick a color you like and go with it. Even if you want to do some kind of drawing, don’t hesitate and experience everything you want.

Of course, do not forget that to always have clean and impeccable hands, you must perform a manicure for men once a week and with this you can say that you always look perfect hands.

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