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Makeup is something that has always been reserved for women, and in the case of men it has been related to having to appear on television, for example. Currently everything has changed a lot and we can say that men also put on makeup in their day to day.

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That is why we want to talk now about men’s makeup, why men should wear makeup, how to do it and above all, what products are the most recommended.

Why do men have to wear makeup?

There is nothing to criticize men who want to put on makeup and it is that although it is not something that is still common, it does seem to be an alternative for those who want to be able to look with a perfect, nuanced face and in fact without traces of marks, dark circles, bags, etc…

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Men today take care of themselves as much or more than women, so if the different methods of hair removal for men that we can find no longer surprise us at all, why should the fact that a man wants to put on makeup? After all, men have the same problems with acne, dark circles, expression lines or open pores as women and if women put on makeup to look better, men have the same right to do so.

In addition, there are brands that are already dedicated to launching makeup lines or products for men, or in fact they can use any foundation or concealer that women also use.

Makeup brands for men

In any case, men do not usually have the same skin as women, for the simple fact that they grow beards and shave every day, so we can recommend brands such as the makeup launched by Jean Paul Gaultier , with his Monsieur line, in which we can find creams and others, but also a powder base for the masculine face and to avoid having shine. Or David Beckham’s House 99 line dedicated exclusively to launching facial care products for men. It’s not makeup per se, but you have good moisturizers and serums to use before, for example, you cover your dark circles with concealer.

On the other hand, for many the quintessential firm in terms of makeup for men, is the KenMen brand and that not only has all kinds of male beauty treatments, but you can also find makeup such as concealers on its website , powders, and even eyeliners.

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Biotherm is another firm that has makeup products for men and where you can find all kinds of concealers and foundations.

How makeup should be for men

If you are determined to start putting on makeup, you may not know where to start. The essential thing, first of all, is to have clean and hydrated skin, so apply a moisturizing cream (which in fact you should use daily) and after about five or ten minutes (so you leave time for the cream to filter well) you can apply the makeup base. Small amount since it is not necessary to “notice” that you are wearing makeup.

In addition to being able to correct imperfections such as dark circles or pimples, you can opt for some type of concealer and then when you finish, apply a little powder.

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This will be enough to get a uniform tone that will last all day and if you want to highlight something else, there are men who apply a light touch of gloss to their lips or who comb their eyebrows well and put on a light layer of mascara.

The best makeup products for men

Seeing the brands above, and with some guidelines to know how to apply makeup if you are a man, you may want to know something about products. Stay tuned because these are the best you can buy.

Face Fabric, Giorgio Armani

We have told you about Gaultier’s makeup line, but you shouldn’t miss the one launched by Armani either, in which this foundation called Face Fabric stands out without a doubt. A cosmetic with a really light and powdery texture that once applied you will hardly notice that you are wearing makeup. It can also be used by women.

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The tone of your face is unified and if you are one of those who do not have dark circles, bags, or wrinkles, you will be able to boast of a beautiful color, with a lot of light and perfect especially for photos. In the case of any imperfections or dark circles, the same brand has a concealer that is also recommended. Its price is about 40 euros.

Gel Bronzant, Kanebo Sensai

Men who are still reluctant to apply a makeup base can opt for another solution in order to show off a perfect face. The Kanebo Sensai firm markets this tanning gel that applied to the face results in slightly tanned and good-looking skin. Made with traditional Chinese medicine plants, this bronzer provides a lightweight finish that doesn’t show and doesn’t crack. Its price is 30 euros.

Terracotta pour homme, Guerlain

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In a special way we should mention Guerlain’s terracotta powder for men. Some compact powders that came out a long time ago and that are still one of the best makeup products for men. All you have to do is apply a small amount with the help of the small brush that it incorporates. The finish is really natural and they are even recommended for very light skin. The price is about 40 euros.

DTRT Boys Be Bold BB Cream

Finally, we want to talk about the famous BB Creams, since they have all the good things of a moisturizing cream, adding a bit of color so that it is not necessary to wear a foundation. Among the best for men we have to highlight the DTRT Boys Be Bold, a bb cream that is incredible! Once applied to the face, including the area of ​​the recently shaved beard, you will notice your skin smoother and with a uniform tone. The result is spectacular and best of all, its effect is capable of lasting practically all day. Its price is about 24 euros.

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