How to find the perfect perfume for you

Do you know what the perfect perfume is for you? Do you know how to choose it? Each perfume has a different value, be it strength, passion, mystery, provocation,… The great perfumers say that, in the field of perfume, there should be no fidelity, but rather there should be two or three “lovers” for each other. moment. Today in Moda Ellos, How to find the perfect perfume for you.

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I love perfumes, I used perfume since I was a child. These, of course, were cheap perfumes and I always asked my mother for one from a very young age for my birthday or for kings. Now that I am an adult, my passion for these perfumes has not stopped. They seem to me a detail that very few know how to choose, either for themselves or to give to someone.

Did you know that the scent of your body changes depending on your mood and the time of day you are? In the morning it is much softer than at night, which becomes much more intense, so using a men’s perfume or another can help you feel much better.

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Choosing a men’s perfume is not easy, especially if we want to choose it for someone we barely know. For the latter case, choosing a good perfume can be a very complicated task. Following some small guidelines that I am going to give you, you will be able to choose the perfect perfume for you. In addition, with online stores you will get cheap perfumes.

How to choose the perfect perfume?

  • The best time to choose a perfume and take it home is first thing in the morning since your sense of smell is much more sensitive than during the rest of the day.
  • Try not to try more than 3 men’s perfumes a day since, after smelling them, we lose odors and you will confuse the aromas.
  • Avoid smelling the perfume directly, spray a little in the air or on the typical cardboard. Plus try it on your skin or wrists.
  • Don’t buy a perfume because someone else is wearing it and it smells good. The same perfume can have different smells depending on the person.

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