Long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts

Short-sleeved shirts bring a lot of respect to the vast majority of people. Many people tell me personally that before choosing a short-sleeved shirt, they prefer to opt for a polo shirt or a long-sleeved shirt rolled up. That practical affections might seem the same, although it’s not.

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The short shirt has an informal cut, so by rolling up a long-sleeved shirt what we are doing is taking away that formality from a garment that in its first objective is to be a formal garment.

If we opt for short-sleeved shirts, all is not lost for those who like turned-up finishes. What’s more, many of them include them in their lengths and we can continue playing with this finish, and we can count on greater comfort and we don’t have to always worry about rolling up our sleeves or if it’s too high.

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These turned finishes can also be presented in a thousand different ways. We can make it ourselves, choosing a slightly larger length than normal to be able to play with the turns.

For a more sophisticated look, use tailored, white shirts with clockwork collars and the last button closed.

Many shirts incorporate a top button to button the shirt and roll it up, also the usual option we have of rolling it up the old-fashioned way.

However, if we prefer to take advantage of long-sleeved ones, we should know how to fold the sleeves to make a correct fold and not make a fool of ourselves with our rolled up sleeves.

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Now it’s up to you to decide which model of shirt you like best, whether the long-sleeved shirt or the short-sleeved shirt. Although what is really important is that you feel good about yourself and take the one that best suits the occasion, the time…

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