How to choose a good wristwatch

Did you know that there are basically three types of watches? Mechanical, quartz and electronic or digital. Each one has in itself its own merits, and also its advantages. Also, it is not appropriate to buy a watch on impulse, as you may later discover that it doesn’t fit well, that the grip material is weak, that the metal is fake… or that it was even possibly too expensive for its quality. Therefore, knowing how to choose a good wristwatch is as fundamental as it is important, especially if you are as passionate about watches as we are.

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The watch you choose should help you reflect who you are as a person. For example, if you are a stylish and modern man, the watch should also follow suit. But if you are casual, both at work and at home, then the most suitable watch will be one with a casual look. While if you like sports a lot, you should choose one that suits your needs. In short: you should choose a watch that directly matches your personality.

In the case of sports watches, for example, it is true that they generally tend to have a lower price compared to casual or formal watches. And the design is obviously also different in this type of watches. For the most part, sports watches are all about function: they need a stopwatch to keep time, and they also often come with other useful features like a compass, a temperature readout, or knowing what the diving depths are.

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Therefore, when choosing a watch, as with any other type of male item, it is necessary to take into account its design. When it comes to branding, it is known that more than half of the world’s good watchmakers come from Switzerland, so starting from this base is important.

The operation of the clock

Which operating mechanics does the watch have that you like? We must emphasize that this detail has an enormous influence on the price that it has. Fundamentally we can divide them into two groups: mechanical watches and electronic watches.

Mechanical watches work, for the most part, thanks to the presence of a spring system, together with a combination of fine watchmaking parts. There are also other somewhat more modern mechanical watches that work through quartz. In any case, they can be manual mechanical watches or automatic mechanical watches.

As its own name indicates, manual mechanical watches need the help of their owner so that they can work, since they must wind the watch. However, the automatic mechanical watch works automatically, since the main spring winds automatically, allowing it to constantly supply the energy necessary for its proper functioning.

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In the case of electronic watches, they work thanks to the presence of a microprocessor and different physical memories. They have a great diversity of new functions. Despite this, the image of the watch continues to be just as important, which makes the potential buyer buy it -or not-.

The brand of the watch

It is another of the vitally important elements, besides -of course- the appearance of the watch itself. And although choosing a good brand is essential, it will also depend on knowing what types of watches that manufacturer specializes in.

For example, Lotus or Festina stand out for being watch manufacturers that are somewhat more accessible to the pockets of many men, compared to other manufacturers such as TAG Haurer. On the other hand, Mark Maddox or Fossil stand out for having more casual watches, while Victorinox, Certina or Tissot stand out for developing a greater number of sports-oriented watches.

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The leash

It is another fundamental element, which completes the appearance that a certain watch can have. In fact, it helps to define the appearance that we want to give to the style of the watch when dressing it. For example, if you choose a type of leather or leather strap, you will enjoy a somewhat more casual but elegant look. While the metal will provide security and a more careful image.

Similarly, a watch can have different straps depending on when we want to wear it. Thus, a certain watch can have a leather strap at one time, and then be able to wear a fabric or leather strap. The key is in each personal taste, and in the specific moment in which we put it on.

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